Duterte’s Pandora’s Box starts opening and it stinks


THE great Mao Tse Tung had a most uncanny, albeit funny while being ingenious and apt, description of revolution. It is more lucid and graphic when put in Tagalog: “Ang rebolusyon ay parang utot. Hindi maiiwasang sumingaw at umalingasaw. (A revolution is like foul air through the anus. It cannot be stopped and it stinks.)”

Quite in contrast to how the farting Duterte’s touted victory in the just-concluded presidential elections nauseatingly smells, yesterday’s Manila Times editorial is a welcome breather. It recognizes that there has been grave anomaly in the conduct of those elections and makes no bone about putting serious question on its results.

The editorial quotes at length a statement on the issue sent by computer expert Rene Azurin, a convenor of the election watchdog AES WATCH. The statement, according to the editorial, is “exactly about the danger that we suspected.”

A substantial portion of the statement reads:

“Everyone totally misses the point about a Smartmatic person changing a line in the canvassing program to replace a ‘?’ character into an ‘ñ’. The essential point in this matter is not that the change was ‘minor’; the crucial issue is that a Smartmatic technician had access to the server program while the canvassing was going on. This is a serious security breach and should not have been allowed. If that technician can change one character, he can change other things as well.

“Indeed, one can speculate that the so-called ‘minor change’ might have been deliberately intended to act as a trigger to launch a sleeping worm or Trojan horse already embedded in the system and programmed to make major changes, including the altering of vote counts. (Author’s note: So that’s why the sudden skyrocketing of the Duterte vote count to a very early 5-million lead!) Thus, the Smartmatic spokesman could claim with a straight face that the script change he made was ‘minor’, while neglecting to say that this trivial change was the trigger for another script that would make major outcome-altering changes.”

The editorial avers: “We are not experts. But the first thing that came to our mind was the suspicion that if Smartmatic’s men can make unauthorized alterations—while the canvassing is in progress—without anyone getting angry and calling for blood and retribution, then they can also make alterations on the results without anyone noticing and protesting!”

To this, in all due respect, I take exception. I did say in my column Saturday last week, titled “Why I am not giving up on Jojo Binay”: “One time in the past, I titled one article of mine in this paper this way: ‘Hitting Binay is a beating I can’t take without a counterpunch…” This time around I’d say, “Putting Binay down in the count is a cheat I can’t take without raising hell.”

As early as 8 p.m. Monday, just three hours past the stop of balloting, Duterte was reflected in the quick count by PPCRV covered on Channel 2 as garnering 11 million already out of 60 percent of votes cast or 32 million. I made a quick count of my own and discovered to my utter shock that 11 million is 35 percent of 32 million votes counted so far. Why shock? Because 35 percent is exactly the rating Duterte got in the surveys immediately preceding the election week. What did this depict? A perfect matching of extrapolated public preference of presidential candidates a week before the election and the vote count purported to be real on the day of the election.

35 percent survey rating, 35 percent vote-getting performance.

What magic!

As though Filipino voters were no different from clones acting according to pre-programmed orders. You just don’t do that to humans, 51 percent of whom had fixed their minds in February on who to vote for: 29 percent for Jojo Binay, 24 percent for Grace Llamanzares, 24 percent for Duterte, and 19 percent for Roxas. Up for grabs only after that period were the 7 percent in March, 9 percent in April, 14 percent on May 1 to 9 and, finally, 13 percent on election day.

Against the above statistics, it is highly inconceivable that Jojo Binay would drop to fourth place, especially considering that in the last Presidential Debate at the University of Pangasinan, in Dagupan, the Vice President’s performance was above park; Duterte at par with clowns, to wit:

“I will not involve the people in a war with China. So I will go to Scarborough by myself and fight the Chinese there and let me be just the one killed.” Now that he is passing himself around as the President of the land, let’s see how his touted single-handed skirmish with the Chinese materializes. You don’t need the powers of the President to do that, do you?

For my early questioning of the improbability of the result of the PPCRV quick count, I got the flak of Duterte cultist followers, mostly vulgar and insane, with one apparently level-headed rebuttal practically lecturing me on software technology. By practice, I let go of criticisms of my work at just the way they are, believing in the dictum: “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it.” Besides, I have no IT proficiency to put up with his too technical talk, the reason why I had my son shift from Mass Communication to Computer Science, sort of passing the buck for my learning of software knack. I entertained the idea of passing the buck as well to Kit Tatad, who on the eve of the election touched lengthily on the subject as he called for the rejection of the election for being farcical, precisely on account of the software component of the electoral process.

One reaction that got me nursing high blood was the threat: “Isang bala ka lang.” How I wish I could take that sonnamagan down memory lane, to that May Day event in 1971 when upon the arrival of Marcos at Congress, ratatat from M16 fired by hidden snipers sent the crowd of revolutionary workers scampering in all directions, mostly into the Intramuros sunken gardens, where fearless female union leader Liza Balando got blasted by an armalite bullet smack on the chest, shattering her heart; a comrade thrown to the grass with a cracked shoulder, with me diving for safety but catching a bullet just the same skimming on the skin of my shoulder at the back. And to that smart Duterteist’s challenge: “Isang bala ka lang.” I’d say, “Takot ang bala sa akin.” Put it on and prove just what kind of fiendish president you are poised to put in place. As for me, I have nothing to lose but my age. I have the future of my darling apo to gain.

To The Manila Times, many thanks for, though unwittingly perhaps, taking up my stand against the corruption of the people’s true will in the last presidential elections. You have put the issue in the correct perspective: “This now puts the entire canvassing process in serious doubt. The integrity of the automated results can now be reasonably questioned.”


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  1. To add Mr. Mauro.
    Binay is the beneficiary Sa smart-matic. He paid 1.4 Billion Sa VP. during that time no one owns or controls the comelec because it was a transition change at first time to have automated elections. ngayon andaming pera ng admin. Hindi kaya tapatan ni binay ang bayad Sa smartmatic at comelec ngayon. leak reports that roxas paid a staggering 9 billion. pero talo parin .. DAT explains why the government have lost billions of billions that are unliquidated and unaccounted. dapat hulihin run hang comelec officials dahil andaming nilang pera.they could live anywhere outside the country na parang mga hari!

  2. Danny Cascolan on

    Xlol this is idiocy to find a de facto government appealing. Well until the nation is finally collapsed by yellow neoliberalism of failed states, balkanization and maximum exploitation.

    If Noynoy Aquino demonstrated that he can cheat the pcos vcm to make his candidates win, don’t be some dimwit not to realize that duterte is noynoy’s man too.

    Puro Dilaw na talaga ang uupo resulta kahit sa senador.
    Moro-moro na hocus-pocus pa.
    Ang resulta kontrolado pa rin ng Dilaw ang direksyun ng Pilipinas para mabenta.

    Ang sistema dinamihan ang raffle na kandidato, pinaigitng ang deceptive media hype, makinarya suhulan at pekeng survey, kahit sino manalo kila roxas, poe at duterte, pareho lang maisusulong ang programa tuwad na daan. At malayo na manalo ang kalaban ng Dilaw kasi naging buffer for manipulation ang tatlong yellow candidates kung sakali. Tatlong kanto pa dadaanan ng mga tunay na oposisyon sa bilangan na di naman nakikita talaga. Well walang magagawa ang taong Bansa kundi tanggapin ang manipulasyun dahil marami din naman ang may gusto nang gayun dahil sa kakapusan ng karagdagan impormasyun at lohiko.

    Remains to be seen ang future ng Pilipino at ating Bansa.
    – –
    Flashback repost,

    excerpt commentary,

    In fact, the yellow syndicate was not sure kung mapapalusot nila si poe sa sc kaya pinapasok si duterte, noynoy wanted to fulfil his promise to roxas, pero failing si roxas, then theres the pcos, hindi totally plantsado un plans kaya nagkarun ng options.

    I think nervous si noynoy and syndicate, so they made alternatives, the problem each of his hidden candidate has the strong urge to win and each has compelling attributes and support.

    Poe has very strong backing foreign and local, duterte is boasting he can make the shortcut to yellow schemes which the people would even be willing to embrace like idiots will do, roxas maintains the yellow name but really losing, and they all have the money to support the venture.

    those are povs, intelligent opinions are naturally neccessary to make sense out of the facts.

    Now it is our problem how to foil the pcos fraud by comelec and yellow candidates );

  3. Direk, “the best thing to do now is to accept defeat, accept that more Filipinos prefer him to be the country’s leader, and cooperate where we can to bring about the change that everybody wants to have. Let us give Duterte a chance to prove his projection as a doer, and the nemesis of criminals and drug traders.”

  4. Binay is also a beneficiary product of HOCUS PCOS in 2010. I dont mind who won the election all I want is that the correct nos.of votes were counted for each candidates. DAGDAG BAWAS is a norm in our election life.

  5. emmanuel mallari jr on

    i am just wondering why comelec would not open its server to IT audit to determine that the sanctity of the votes are not compromised? perhaps they maybe hiding something and perhaps the cosmetic changed made is indeed the trigger in activating the sleeping trojan horse already embedded from the very beginning. if they won’t do the IT audit, ibalik nila yung dating hashtag at bilangin ulit nila yung mga boto. ang last solution siguro ay balik sa “jurassic” manual vote counting.

  6. Alexander F. Pena on

    Mario Gia Samonte is just a plain fanatic of Binay, I really wonder what the VP gave to him that made him to worship Makati’s Biggest Thief?

  7. In your heart.Have you hate corruption that so big…If not wake up…How about crimes.Do you love it or hate it.Droga . Abuse of power in the entire administration.
    Cheating like what happen lately on election.it troubles and confusion,even Binay hate it.Duterte is not against you..He is against on crimes and violence,the logic answer to reduce it to nothing is due the bullet.He will introduce the death penalty to all violent criminals or even authorised the police to shoot.Biblical law authorised it,Islamic authorised,the law of the barbarian authorised,even the law of the jungle authorised it.I know you are good man.Prove it.

  8. Binay will never one again. Ang daya dito ay yung 9 million ni Roxas. Sino yung 9 million na ibinoto sya?

  9. i agree with what you said mr samonte about the 2016 election but i don’t see how the faults of the comelec can be attributed to du30?? or your column titile was just to attract attention?? du30, after all, is not in power and has no power to order the comelec commissioners to manipulate the elections. it is only benito boy sisi and the LP or LAPIANG PORK who has the capability to do so since they appointed these commissioners.

  10. Allen Llamar on

    Oh, please Mr. Samonte your candidate Binay loss because of his dealings in Makati and you know what it is, hands down even before the elections Mr. Dutertes` number higher than Mr. Binay and in fact people in my province are excited about Duterte than Binay.

    While Mr. Binay has an organization well run. Duterte are manned by volunteers… People were watching that there votes are being counted for Duterte and for, Binay, Roxas who cares.

  11. jessie corrales on

    Duterte’s votes actually reached 18 million, they tried to transfer votes to Roxas, but it was too huge a lead to manipulate so they gave up on Duterte and worked on BBM’s instead. I don’t believe Roxas got more than Grace Poe.

  12. Marc Orcullo on

    Hello mr. Mauro

    election is over let us respect te will of majority. If you have nothing good to unite our country please shut up. I think you are one of few journalists considered attack and collect.

    good may God bless you.


  13. Can man 100% predict the future of his fellow just by basing the history of his experiences? Are you sure that what will happen before will the same event to be happened again? Or, is your article is intended only o the benefits of the people around you not minding the people who live their life in violence and chaos? Does you Mr. Samonte has the alternatives to solve the tragedy of many Pilipino experiencing crime and violence? or, you will just remain spectator to the events of the society, then write it down to this website? Though the whole article itself is worth reading.

  14. Felino Jr Torrente on

    I somehow agree with you. The camp of Bongbong Marcos doubted the quick count because, in the early morning of May 10, the total number of votes for all presidential candidates exceeded all votes for VP candidates by 1.2 million votes. It might be argued that some voted only for president but not for VP. But really the difference is too large to raise questions. Conversely, it could be said that the figures for VP was correct but 1.2 million votes were added to one candidate or invariably to some candidates for president. At any rate, let us wait for the official canvass of Congress for these candidates.

    • ppcrv should not be trusted. it always take the side of the comelec even if it should protect the integrity of the ballot and see to it that the people’s vote are counted fairly. it seems it protects the comelec and even side with comelec when comelec refuse to comply with the safeguards provided by the automated election law. it kept quiet about the 20% or so unaccounted votes last 2013. this is very large and some senators could be not elected. this fact was brought out by enrile in his objection on the confirmation of andoy bautista as comelec chief but due to dengue he was not able to compel bautista to explain this. bautista was confirmed via the drilon express when enrile was in the hospital for dengue

  15. Does your candidate Binay’s loss still hurt?

    ## 46 more days until the end of Hypocrisy, Plunder and Incompetence ##

  16. Seriously, every body that uses a computer can be called computer expert. This Azurin is full of hot air. Are you Azurun knows the computer program by Smartmatic. If you do not know the program , then you are just like me that uses the computer and call myself a computer expert. Azurin, I do not know who paid you but it is better if you just SHUT UP.

    • Because majority of British are not passionate about Politics and you have to bear in mind the FOI here in the UK helps a lot in stopping corruption.

  17. Greg Paniay on

    First, I even believed that the administration and COMELEC tried to cheat on Duterte’s votes. But even with the cheat planted, they could not surpass the votes he got from the people. I even believe that it’s not only a 6 Million difference between Duterte and his closest rival. It would have been at least 8 Million and I don’t believe that Roxas would even make it to be the 2nd highest voted presidential candidate. He almost got the least in Mindanao. I won’t even believe that Visayas would even overwhelmingly vote for him. He’s still an outsider even if he claims that he came from Visayas—he could not speak Cebuano, Ilongo or Waray and he failed numerous times in assisting them when calamity struck them.

    2nd, I don’t believe that the Smartmatic script changing scandal is the only thing they did to change the outcome of votes. With this scandal broadcasted all over the country, majority of the voters would actually think that cheating came about.

    3rd, Leni is strong only in Bicol and ARMM regions. I don’t even think that she would be recognized in most provincial regions. I would even believe that Cayetano and Marcos would be closely rated high in the election, but something behind the those vote counting machines, the transmission and BGAN changed some votes that initially many of the electorates believe that there was no cheating involved. but there was with the new Smartmatic scandal was uncovered. It is quite obvious now that COMELEC, Smartmatic and the current administration have something to do with this as the latter was insisting(during the campaign rallies) that a Marcos descendant should not be elected again to one of the two highest position in government leadership. It might be that the same formula of cheating they try to implement against Duterte is the same one they tried on Marcos. Duterte’s votes easily surpassed their VCM(vote cheating numbers) with Duterte’s overwhelming votes unlike Marcos numbers few that might surpass Leni Robredo’s manipulated votes.

  18. tony de leon on

    you are the one who stinks. you be glad Duterte is our new president. how about if Binay won? or Poe? lol. Duterte being the wild card is a calculated risks for us. we are tired of all these BS red tape in the government and non ever ending debate and investigations that last for decades. Duterte is an action man, hands on, take it or leave. that’s what we need. if you don’t like it then be an OFW somewhere and leave. While we rebuild this country back on line.

  19. Dream on, Mr. Samonte! You got to be the most delusional person in the world to imagine things as if you haven’t seen it coming. I’m sure if Binay had 1% in survey rating and he suddenly got a 50% come election day, you would go out jumping up and down proclaiming “See, the survey rating was rigged. The election result confirmed my earlier columns.” None of you are IT experts. That’s a fact! So you better plant camote than bother yourself with things that you guys do not even come close to understanding, Binay outmatched Roxas way back in 2010 with very narrow margin and it was supported by a pre-election survey result. Roxas still contested it because he was on top the surveys for many months. What did you say way back then? Well, as they always say in Philippine politics, no one really loses. Every loser was just cheated! But come on, Mr. Samonte! Roxas, Poe and Binay already conceded. You, on the other hand, can’t take how you will have to eat all your delusional columns prior to the election. Move on, Mr. Samonte! Life is to short for your to go nuts over a contest that is now over and done with.

  20. The rest of the free world seems to have electronic elections without controversy…. the Philippines can’t even have manual elections without massive cheating.

    Democracy is freedom of choice… this country is only cheating itself.

  21. This is just a ridiculous article. The Duterte numbers accurately reflect the polls – you smell a rat. If the numbers had not reflected the polls you would have presumably smelled a rat. As the pre vote polls, the exit polls, and the actual poll, all show a massive win for Duterte most of us will buy it. (Now the Vice President poll is another matter, although a part of me is thoroughly enjoying the irony of a Marcos complaining about being robbed).