Duterte’s program of government


For the first time this season, Filipino voters are getting a preview of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s “program of government,” very much ahead of the official campaign period, even though his candidacy is very much the subject of at least three disqualification suits before the Commission on Elections.

From his own rich and colorful utterances, Duterte has become the first “presidential candidate” to offer us the broad strokes of his “program.” Upon her launch, and long before her disqualification and the cancellation of her Certificate of Candidacy by the Comelec’s First and Second Divisions, Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares had earlier unveiled an incredible wish list, which she also called her program of government. That is nothing, compared to Duterte’s vaunted platform.

They’re all crazy
Judging by their “ecstatic” reactions to the Mayor’s inimitable manner of presenting his platform, many appear to have been wholly taken by it, and seem ready to embrace his presidential bid without any reservations. But far too many more seem mortally afraid of him and what he has to offer. In their view, his platform ranges from the illegal and criminal to the demonic and diabolical.

A young business couple, who are doing extremely well in their restaurant chain, approached me in church the other day to say that they have started preparing to migrate to New Zealand, should Duterte remain on the list of presidential candidates for the May 2016 elections. “He sounds crazy, but even crazier are the people, we thought we knew,” the wife said.

Praying for deliverance
On her part, one elderly woman who does not have the means to migrate anywhere has decided to fight it out simply by praying constantly to Saint Michael the Archangel the special prayer first introduced in the Church by Pope Leo XIII. This is now prayed in many churches after Mass in various parts of the Philippines:

“Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle,
be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
And thou Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the divine power of God cast into hell Satan
and all the evil spirits who roam throughout the world,
seeking the ruin of souls.

Many devotees are asking that more people pray it, as one of the most effective means to counter the forces of darkness. This is not meant to replace the actual effort to organize the voters on the ground to carry out the appropriate political tasks. But they dare not risk the possibility that the politician and his closest followers might, in fact, be “possessed” and need to be “delivered” from that state.

Neither fiction nor superstition
Demonic “possession” is not superstition or mere fiction. It is real. According to a slim handbook written by Fr. Jose Francisco C. Syquia, chief exorcist for the Archdiocese of Manila, it is the most extraordinary form of demonic attack where the demons act from inside their victim–they take full control of his body and speak and act without his consent or awareness of what is happening during, and even after the “event.”

The New Testament is full of accounts of how Jesus Christ, whom Christians worship as the Son of God, and whose birth the Christian world will be celebrating this Christmas, cast out the devil from possessed men and women. But it is the first time in the nation’s history that so many Filipinos have recognized that the devil has entered our electoral politics.

The battle has shifted from the merely political and electoral to the spiritual, and prayer has become the principal weapon against the possible demonic obsession and possession of some politicians. Many dismiss Duterte’s program as either illegal and criminal or demonic and diabolical.

Not even the State can kill
His proposed (extra judicial) killing of five criminal characters every week goes against every moral, political and constitutional norm, and should be promptly dismissed as unconstitutional and illegal, and its proponent barred from seeking public office now and in the future. Having done away with the capital sentence, not even the Philippine State can take away the life of any convicted criminal. How much more a mere city government official? How can he arrogate unto himself the right to execute any suspected criminal?

But far more demonic is the threat “to destroy the Catholic Church,” by whatever means Duterte has not chosen to reveal. By no means can he be more ingenuous than Satan, who told God to his face that he will not serve—non-serviam!—and tried to tempt Christ during his fast of forty days and forty nights at the desert. But we cannot simply ignore his threat, and pretend it does not exist at all.

Exorcism recommended
Whether it is pure intellectual or ideological conceit, or the Mayor is acting under the influence of some hallucinatory substance, the Christian individual must react. Someone must insist on a drug or psychiatric test, but that should only be the beginning. What if the man is actually “possessed”? We must ascertain that, and have a fitting response. Exorcism, which involves casting out the devil, is a highly recommended response.

In his own way President B. S. Aquino 3rd had tried to do to the Church what Duterte now wants to do to her. By paying off members of Congress to do his bidding, in an effort to please US President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Aquino railroaded the reproductive health law which violates the sanctity of human life, the family and marriage, and the freedom of worship of the people, in complete contempt of the teaching of the Catholic Church and the provisions of the Constitution.

Duterte to outdo Aquino
It was Aquino’s way of telling Catholics, “Don’t listen to your Church, just listen to your President.” But Aquino’s failures as a president are far greater than the Church’s failure to stop him. Now, Duterte proclaims the same contempt for the Church as the basis of his claim to high office. He reaffirms support for the same intrinsically evil “RH Law” and the pagan and hedonistic push for “same sex marriage,” which has been scandalously declared “constitutional” for Americans by the US Supreme Court. And he assures his wildly kinetic supporters, he will destroy the Church.

This is not Armageddon yet. But “Digong” seems determined to bring us to the brink. Therefore the Church and her faithful cannot afford to blink. The votaries of Satan must be exposed and put in their rightful place. The voters themselves must do it.

Archbishop Capalla’s oratio imperata
As early as 2009, the Archdiocese of Davao, under then Archbishop Fernando Capalla, now emeritus, had started praying for the “healing of our people” from the extra-judicial killings in Davao. On Feb. 9, 2009, the Archdiocese issued an “Oratio Imperata” (Obligatory Prayer), to be prayed kneeling after Holy Communion, in all the churches of the Archdiocese. This is what it said:

“Heavenly Father, our city is wounded in its soul. Our people’s wounds are deep and wide. These wounds are the hatred and dislike of drug addicts and drug pushers, the senseless disregard of due process of law, the violent killing of mere suspects, the crass taking of the law into one’s hands, the lustful greed in the hooded killers on motor bikes, the baseless claim that there are no witnesses, the inhuman disrespect for life from womb to tomb, and the unjust socio-political system that tolerates all these to happen.

“Lord, on bended knees, we too confess that our souls and spirits are wounded by our anger and desire for revenge. Yes we are angry because our loud protests and public outcry have fallen on deaf ears. Our souls are nourishing irresponsible suspicions and rash judgments on the real perpetrators of these crimes. We are wounded by our disunity and hopelessness which imprison our hearts and weaken our willpower. Most of all, Heavenly Father, our souls are wounded by our stark ignorance that we, too, are responsible for the existence and perpetuation of the systems that promote, condone and abet these social wounds in the soul and spirit of our people. For all these, we are deeply sorry and beg your mercy and forgiveness.

“God of power and mercy, since our collective efforts at peaceful protests have proven fruitless, we come to you for help. Yes, Lord, we come to ask for healing. Heal our souls and spirits of all the violent animosities that weaken our society and life. Give us light, give us strength, give us courage to believe and to trust in you. Make us realize that in each of us, from every walk of life, there is an inherent and inborn goodness. You planted this goodness and it is not, and cannot be, erased by our sin and crime. This is our reason for hope.

“For this reason, Heavenly Father, we beg you to give us your healing touch. Touch the hardened hearts of criminals, drug addicts, drug pushers, drug lords, law enforcers, and the hearts of us all. Open them to the healing power of your love and compassion. Give the grace of courage to the eyewitnesses of crimes. Awaken in us all a collective consciousness and support which are urgently needed by the witnesses and the grieving families of the victims. Convert us to you and to one another. Reconcile us to you and to one another through sincere repentance and mutual forgiveness. For without forgiveness, there is no future for our city…”

Inquirer editorial
This prayer provoked quite a reaction not only in Davao but far beyond. One such reaction was a strongly worded editorial in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which unfortunately is no longer accessible. But on Oct. 29, 2012, the same paper came out with an editorial, entitled “Dirty Rudy”, which recalls the 2009 incidents. This editorial speaks of Duterte, then vice mayor of Davao “after having served three terms as mayor, putting up a bounty for the “arrest, death or decapitation” of Ryan Yu, alias ‘Baktin,’ the suspected leader of a carjacking syndicate in Mindanao

“Two million ako kapag buhay si Ryan. Kapag pinatay ninyo four million ‘yan. Pag dinala ninyo ang ulo, balutin lang ninyo sa dry ice, dagdagan ko ng one million sa campaign funds…so it’s five mission,” the paper quoted Duterte as saying in a news conference. Translation for the non-Filipino reader: “I will give two million (pesos) if Ryan is captured alive. If you kill him, that’s four million (pesos). If you bring the head, just wrap it in dry ice, I will add one million (pesos) from the campaign funds.”

The editorial blasted Davao’s record of extrajudicial killings, many of them by the so-called Davao death squads. In this particular instance, it suggested that Duterte had offered the bounty on Yu after then Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, the current LP presidential bet, had confronted the vice mayor about reports that his son was personally involved in Yu’s criminal activities. It now appears that the Church and public reaction has failed to convince Duterte that the killings were wrong and that the public had no appetite for murder. The perverse applause he’s getting now from some people in our midst seems to suggest he may not have been entirely wrong.

The churches should speak as one
To its credit, the Inquirer has not trumpeted support for Duterte in any recent editorial. But its news coverage has served as a propaganda vehicle for some of his most outrageous statements. The entire mass media should now reexamine their position, and stand as one in solidarity with the truth and the Church. On the part of the churches, they should now close ranks. They should recognize that a threat to one is a threat to all, and take a common stand against any politician who threatens any one of them.

This should begin not only with the leadership of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, but also with the Archdiocese of Manila, the most important metropolitan See in the Philippines. CBCP President Archbishop Soc Villegas has already spoken, but we need to hear from Cardinal Archbishop Tagle too. With the same facility and zeal that the good cardinal could issue an Oratorio Imperata on the El Nino, he should be able to do the same for the nation’s deliverance from politicians who haven’t got the slightest respect for the people’s faith and morality.


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  1. isipin mo nalang na pag bad ka patay ka kung mabuti ka buhay ka.. ikaw tadtad este tatad bad ka o good?

  2. Luis Antonio Roldan on

    This is totally insane.

    Someone who argues and reasons with religion will be engaged in endless discussions of faith relative to their own cultures and beliefs. Too many abstracts, judgments and discrimination. It all boils down to what do people value most?

    Do you value most character rather than political will? Or vice versa? Do you value more morals or ethics? Do you value your own rightness and or wrongness of deeds rather than other people rightness and wrongness? One could argue it depends on the majority to dictate as such in a democracy..but one could argue the pitfalls of democracy and ability to influence majority especially in religion aspect. Thus, relating Duterte to religion and its symbolism is irrelevant in nature.

  3. You’re afraid of Du30 and you’re not afraid of criminals and rug addicts who are freely victimizing innocent civilians. Our system of justice is only for the poor not for the rich people. Look what’s happening in our present society, for almost 30 years since EDSA 1 there is no concrete evidence that life of every Filipinos goes better instead it has created more gaps speaking of living condition. The poor are getting poorer while rich people becoming more richer. Generally, the massive government corruption which totally crippled the life of every Filipinos where there is no one able to stop it. Taking peoples money as well as Yolanda funds remains a question. Goods intended for Yolanda victims got expired an d undelivered, why??? what system of government do we have today. There must be a complete change and system of government must be corrected and enough of flowery words by politicians. Metaphor always be as politicians use to do it. We don’t need bright and intelligent person to run this country but all we need is a person who has the pragmatic approach to lead the country into better place to live. What we need is a good disciplinarian and a man with good vision.
    Only Du30 can make things happen and life of every Filipino will be change once he’ll be elected. I don’t care his issue on morality but what I care is the good governance and safety to all law abiding citizens. Remember what du30 said” I don’t care if I burn in hell for as long as the people I serve live in paradise.”

  4. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    22 December 2015

    Filipino voters are not world-famous for electing to office the best possible candidate, exercising their “democratic” right enshrined in the Constitution–and that explains why not only the incompetent but also certified crooks and criminals get elected.

    If Rody Duterte is not disqualified and he is a bona fide candidate for President, it would be pure folly to ignore him let alone discount altogether his chances of being the next President.

    It could be a toss-up or a close contest between him, even with all the baggage that he carries, and JEJOMAR BINAY, who is a certified crook.


    Those who are actually supporting the insane ambition of Duck Futerte to become the next president…please be adviced that…his braggadocious admissions of his past “vigilante activities thru extra judicial executions”, his total disrespect for and abuse of the sacred sacrament of matrimony, thru his philandering activities that he openly brags about, not to exclude his senseless and bestiaL endorsement of sodomy ( yes, that’s the same as anal intercourse) thru his support of same sex marriage ALL OF WHICH OCCUPY THE HEART, THE CORE, AND CENTER SPOT IN HIS POLITICAL PLATFORM…ARE ALL ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, IF NOT DEMONIC, DIABOLICAL AND SATANIC., and don’t forget, that he actually disrespected the entire Catholic Church by belligerantly cussing the Head of the Whole, One, Holy, Catholc and Apostolic Church, and then threatening that he will ‘destroy the Catholic Church”. Then he went on with his livid, rabid, insane rantic about rhe immoralities of the Catholic priests.

    Anybody who chooses to IGNORE, DENY AND DEFY all these facts and reality about the “devil in Duck Futerte”…ought to go down on his and her knees…and PRAY…that they will not continue to commit the most grievous of all sins…and crimes against humanity…of “voting into power a decided and determined anti=chirist!!! For if they do not heed the warnings from heaven, they too, will suffer the dire consequences of …doing the devil and satan’s biddings. MAHIHINDOT SILANG LAHAT, DESERVEDLY.

  6. The best thing to do is build more jails in an island for the hardened criminals, more boystown for minors and jails surrounded by crocodiles for the corrupt govt officials…

    • include all the corrupt government officials including political candidates who are corrupt and receivers of pdaf & pork………toast them there

  7. Let’s see if the Catholic Church in the whole country has the balls to defend itself from a blood thirsty presidential wanna be that even though he has not won is already declaring that he will become a dictator when he becomes a president of what?

    • How about you Filomer Lin, do you have any guts to say simply why you are supporting or encouraging the satanic, devilish, illegal, unconstitutional, and totally immoral actuations and affectations of Duck Futerte? Bakit ang Catholic Church ang hinahamon mo for Duck Futerte?

      What demonstrated leadership skills do you find and ascribe to Duck Futerte that you believe will make him an ideal POP (pres of the phil)?

  8. Daniel B. Laurente on

    Some people, they invoke God’s teachings as they go their evil ways behind the curtain of good spirituality. Immersed in hypocrisy.

    • How about your own life and lifestyle, Daniel B. Laurente. You are too quick to issue a general statement about hypocrisy, alluding to those who practice their religious faith “immersed in hypocrisy”…Liwanagin mo nga ng tunay, at husto ang in detail, exactly what you are agitated about?

  9. Akoy naawa sa Pilipinas sa dami ng taong byaran!wla pa tlaga pag-asa ang bayan natin sa dami ng taong atulad ni Tatad!

    • Mr or Ms OFW…Your posting does not have any rhyme or reason to back it up. It is easy to allege indictments of another individual’s character and background.

      But if your own life, together with those of your family depended on it, I doubt if you have any proof, any prima facie evidence, or even any CREDIBLE-believable and logical teleserye that you can share. But then I may be wrong. So given that, please post in detail exactly what you are accusing the author of the article of the subject matter under discussion. Or, maybe, just share here, ano ba ang nagawa sa iyo ni Kit Tatad that you are accusing him of such malicious, and libelous charges? Eh si Duck Futerte, OK lang sa iyo?

    • And let he and she who keep blind eyes about the satanic, demonic, immoral, illegal abuses committed by public officials like Duck Futerte…i.e., let those who ignore, deny and defy the anti-Christianity of Duck Futerte be reiminded by the biblical warnings…’if you are ashamed of Me…and if youj refuse to HONOR ME, and ACCEPT ME…before My Father…” eh que si joda ka rin. For as Ben David used to warn in the early days…”Huwag diniDIOS SI Satanas…at ng kanyang sampung alagad na demonyong kuba…sapagkat ang impiyernong hinahanda niya para sa inyo ay HINDI PARAISO ng kaburutan ninyo…mga HANGAL.”

  10. Hi All,

    I would like to post my opinion… baket po ba negative agad ang thinking ninyo??? As far as I know, bilang concern citizen ng Philippines, hindi na po kasi makatarungan yung mga nangyayari sa bansa naten, Philippines is one of the corrupt country in the world, Yolanda victim, nakakalimutan po naten, sa dami ng donations na binigay sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo may napuntahan po ba ang mga ito? balikan nyo ang mga housing program (pabahay) na pinangako nina PNOY at Roxas para sa mga biktima, makikita nyo na ginamit lang ang trahedya ng mga kababayan naten para sa kanilang pansariling kapakanan.

    Sa lists of presidential candidates, puro na lang boka-boka ang sinasabe ng mga ito, isa na dun si Roxas, bilang botante, kailangan ng proof ng paglilingkod ng mga candidates na mapakita nila ang genuine intentions nila sa bansa, isang halimbawa nito ay si Duterte, like what he did in Davao. Opo, sinasang ayunan ni Duterte na mabuti pang mamatay ang mga halang ang kaluluwa, baket po? dahil sa sitwasyon ng Pilipinas imbes na matakot ang mga kriminal eh mas lalong lumalakas ang loob na gumawa ng masama, baket ulit? dahil kulang ang justice system sa bansa na ito, wala ng disiplina, myself bilang isang tahimik na residente ng Pilipinas, hindi ako pabor sa ganitong pag patay. Pero sa positibong pananaw, baket kailangan may mamatay kung wala ka na mang ginagawang masama? hindi po ba? isa sa naisip ko na kadahilanan kung baket nauungkat ang ganitong paguusap ay dahil sa pagpigil na magawa ang tunay na may mabuting intention sa bansa.

    Minsan para masindak ang mga gumagawa ng krimen kailangan iparating sa mga ito na walang natatakot sa kanila. Isang paraan ay ang vocal o lantaran mong pagsasabe na handa ang sino man kung mahuhuli ito sa akto, gaya nga ng hamon ni Duterte, at kung talagang may pinatay sya baket walang makapag patunay nito? Pakiusap lang po sana…imbes na maglalag lagan tayo pababa pwede po bang iangat muna naten ang pride at moral ng bansa naten?

    Regarding faith and religious concern, please note that “When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself”… better to be known as a sinner than a hypocrite.

    Lets unite, vote wisely and be positive this time, for the sake of our country. Please?

    • I am afraid Connie that an overwhelming majority of your observations are based on what you may have read from the internet media…or heard from your favorite radio and TV teleserye of “istori telling lies, at mga kwentong walang hangganan at walang katapusan”.

      What do you mean bakit “negative agad ang opinyon”…meaning, about Duck Futerte? You want a straight answer? Kit Tatad wrote a whole article of why a self-respecting Catholic (or Chrisitian) should heed the warnings from Duck Futerte’s own bragging mouth, at tongue ng intsik…non-stop. Burot lang ito. Panay kahambugan…At panduduro. Duck Futerte is the biggest bullfrog in the small canal of the Streets of Davao. But the minute he “jumps out of the smallest ponds in Davao City”…and tries to leapfrog into the lakes of, say, MMDA, and the oceans surrounding the Philippines, he would be nothing more than a BUTETE. You sound like you have first hand knowledge of the peace and order situation in Davao..Do You? How so? You talk abouit the graft and corruption that has been plaguing the Philippines, since the time the country got its independence in 1946…It continues on , to this date. all over. And Duck Futerte did not eliminate it completely from Davao. And neither does he have the skill and leadership power to do so, nationally. In fact, let me cut to the chase here…Our discussion is moot and academic, because, if Duck Futerte is NOT DQed from running for POP, he will not win the elections any way. Pareho lang sila ni Mary Grace Natividad Contreras Militar, a.k.a. Grace Llamanzares, the adopted foundling daughter of Da Poe King (ina naman ay banyaga talaga).. Let me stress my prediction…HINDI MANANALO SI DUCK FUTERTE sampu ng kanyang mga angkan sa darating na halalan. To win the elections, the new president elect needs a minimum of 20 million votes…And throughout his whole political career…Duck Futerte has no concept, has not idea, nor feel for the reality of what it takes to garner 20 million votes…and all your postings here cannot and will not change that predictable utcome.

  11. Swift justice applying the Sharia Law should be Duterte’s brand of criminal justice. I would like to see death penalty by beheading, stoning and decapitation applied to all, high and mighty, rich or poor. If Duterte can do this, governance will be easy.

    • Why don’t you live in Syria, Afghanistan and all those countries and places infested by and terrorized constantly by the jihadist muslim radicals and their caliphates, then?

      Ayaw mo pala ng DEMOCRACY…eh di duon ka tumira or magpirmis where SHARIAH LAW mo is applicable.

      Huwag mo kaming dadamay sa pagka RADICAL MUSLIM JIHADIST AND FUNDAMENTALIST MO. OK?

    • If that’s what you want to see then go live in Saudi Arabia or in the ISIS caliphates. You are free to leave this Christian majority country.

  12. Uhhh… OK… Since Mar is Kulelat, Grace Poe has been disqualified and chances are Brenda won’t last the campaign period, that leaves Binay to be the next president… Congratulations President Binay. I hope you will find the 3Trillion budget enough for the boys…!

    • Sounds like you posted your message “tongue ng intsik”. But not to be partial and partisan about it…the latest surveys have just been released showing that Jojo Binay is BACK ON TOP.

      I am reminded of Erap, who ran on the promise of “ERAP PARA SA MAHIRAP”…which, as events happened, as recorded, wala siyang nagawa pala kung hindi “lalong nagpahirap sa mga kapus palad na mahihirap.” You see, Erap is, in reality, an ELITIST of the worst kind.
      Wala talagang puso para sa mahirap yan. Magaling lang umarte. At madali naman matangay ang mga Pinoy…and I am not talking about the POOR PINOYS…because, unbeknownst to many…ERAP DID NOT BECOME PRESIDENT IN ELECTIONS 1998 because…”Kasi ang mga mahihirap ang dami nila, binoto siya…” Check out the statistics on the level and threshold of Poverty in the Philippines. Learn what is the Magnitude and Intensity of Poverty. And find out that in 1968…the total “poverty population” was no more than about 33%., TOTALLY of all ages. Minus the minority below 18 years old, the incarcerated, the unregistered…no more than 7 million registered POOR voters actually cast their ballots in 1968, Erap got almost 11 million votes to win the presidency…Even if we generously allowed that all 7 miilion POOR voters supported Erap…there were still over 4 Million NON POOR VOTERS who made it possible for Erap to win. Getz ninyo ang punto de vista…here?

      Look at Duck Futerte, saan ang balwarte niyang mga botante? And from what I know…dito lang sa sosyal media merong sumusuporta kay Duck Futerte…out of whom, I would dare and challenge, the overwhelming majority are not even eligible to vote. Go ahead prove me wron.

  13. When one is victimized by a crime and justice is beyond reach, who do they call… D’dirty!When corruption is imbedded and always the name of the game, who people will call…D’dirty! Mabuti pa si Duterte confessing his sins in public while the true friend of Satan are those who lie and fool the people with their lies. God forgive those who confess thei sins and repent.

    • Wrong logic and reasoning on both counts. The criminal and peace and order situation in the Philippines is NOT A DESPERATE SITUATION. It needs to be controlled, no doubt. Agree ako diyan. Manage and control the damn thing. Nobody in his right mind will disagree with that,.

      You started with a premise and observation that you have not proven. Nor provided any logical explanation why we should believe and accept your perception of DESPAIR. You make it sound as if the COURT OF LAST RESORT IS THE IRON FIST, THE FIST OF OPPRESSION AND FEAR, AND THE ANARCHY OF DUCK FUTERTE.

      And I totally disagree with this characterization. Therefore, too, I cannot allow your conclusion that “mabuti pa sa Duck Futerte, he confesses his sins in public”…LAHAT NG KASALANAN PINAGBABAYARAN. May takdang araw at situasyon kung kelan …the long arm of justice will catch up with those who break the law and criminalize “their observane and perception of what is just”.

      You are advocating ANARCHY?? SEDITION AND REBELLION, and the DESTRUCTION OF THE VERY FUNDAMENTALS OF DEMOCRACY…and this is all because in your perception, the SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK…Then, to be logical FIX THE FCKNG SYSTEM. The system of check and balance is flawed. The lack of implementation, the unsatisfactory implementation, and the total refusal to implement all add up to the commission of crime with impunity. So, let’s fix all of that…

      And none of that can nor will be fixed by putting in power another asshole who thinks and does things his fucking way because he thinks he is ABOVE THE LAW.

      Other than the propagandas and urband legends and mythis about Duck Futerte’s bravery, courage and abitlity to deal with criminals, suspected or proven….I know of no accomplishments and achievemenets that Duck Futerte can be credited for…FOR THE GREATEST GOOD OFTHE GREATES NUMBER., Do you???

  14. Venerando Desales on

    Thanks you wrote about exorcism Mr. Tatad!Many dismiss this as nonsense and purely religious allegory. For those who share this kind of unbelief, Satan has triumphed for it is his strategy to remove from our consciousness the tenets of our faith. First, he almost succeeded in removing from our belief system the powers of the guardian angels by drawing kitschy pictures of them just like fairy tales. Second, by reducing the powerful role of Mama Mary and the saints in salvation history as being taught by the charismatic movements that they can go directly to God by will power alone without any intercession and sacraments; and, Third, by reducing God the Father as a mere energy which we can plug on just like charging our gadgets as being widely taught by the New Age Movement, and that Lucifer is the true God! It is easy to detect the devil and his subjects: by their obscenities, profaneness, brutalities, slander, cussing, and in influencing our egos and imaginations to commit sin. When we laugh at these, says Bishop Socrates, then we are really going to the dregs! Politics should be exorcised and consecrated to God as it has already become an abode of evil. Look at the values of our politicians! I feel very much ashamed! May God deliver us from them!

    • And with dedicated prayers as suggested in Kit Tatad’s article today…let’s hope Duck Futerte will be DQed for all his shams, scams, scandals and shenanigans.,,I am reminded of Dr. Faustus who sold his soul to the devil…only to despair as he finds himself alone, in his self created foxhole, while midnight and his damnation apprached…”O lente, lente, curite noctis equi…Time still moves, soon it will be midnight…and Faustus will be damned”.

      Mr. Kit Tatad, congratulations on you persistent efforts to RIGHT THE WRONGS that have long been ignored, denied and defied, thru the generous and able assistance of Satan and the “sampung demonyong kuba” which Ben David warned us all about. Your expose’ of Grace Llamanzares , in aid of and in pursuit of justice is finally settled. And I agree with you that at the precise moment when Grace was DQed, her name should IMMEDIATELY HAVE BEEN DELETED FROM THE LIST OF CANDIDATES. iL FAIT ACOMPLI. CONSUMATUM EST.

      Comes not Duck Futerte…Let’s put our resources and support together to PURGE and CLEAns THE TARNISHED SPIRIT OF THIS CHARACTER.

  15. Edgar G. Festin on

    Very very correct, Mr. Tatad.
    Archbishop Cardinal Tagle should do an Oratio Emperata for the safety of our nation from satanic politicians like Duterte.
    Have a blessed and happy Christmas season and celebration of Our Lord’s birthday with your family.

  16. francisco constantino on

    Why do we still have to cast our vote when it all seems lost for the country? future looks so bleak…. Elections can at times be just a waste of time and money…

  17. Ang mga religiyoso ay siyang tunay na demonyo(kasama na si Tatad at mga kamaganak kong binulag ng religeyon sa pananampalataya), na matagal na na naghahari sa bansa mula pa noong panahon ng kastila, pinagpatuloy ng Kano, kaya ang Filipinas ay mistulang impierno ng kahirapan, kasaganahan sa sa mga hinayupak na mga magnanakaw na maka diyos na politiko, Heneral, Burukrata at negosyanting mapagsamantala.

    Ilalagay Kayo ni Duterte sa Kulungang na may pugon sa ilalim kaya takpt na takot kayo.

    • You post like a woman scorned and spurned. You are so full of feigning, fawning and frothing rage…galit ka ba sa CATHOLIC RELIGION, any RELIGION, or RELIGION NG MGA KAMAGANAK MO>

      Masyado ka namang maghusga. You have OVER GENERALIZED…wala ng rhyme or reason or an iota of logic ang mga paratang mo.

      Sige nga patunayan mo dito na ang MGA RELIHIYOSO AY MGA TUNAY na DEMONYO>???? yOU DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.

      Gusto mo lang yatang magyabang na ang angkan mo ay may SOCIAL RANKING, eh. Sabihan mo na sino ang kamaganak mong RELIGIOUS, na sikaat (na kunyari kinasusuklaman mo).

      You don’t know Duck Futerte. You have no idea what his motivations and intentions are. NONE. Pero you are willing to make him THE BERDUGO of the sins of others. What about your and your relatives’ sins. OK din sa iyo kung BERDUGOHIN ni Duck Futerte ang buong lahi at angkan ninyo? Madaling magsalita ng padaskol daskol…Pero, when the moment of truth comes and reality stares at you in the face…ano? THERE IS NO ATHEIST IN THE FOXHOLE…NOR AN AGNOSTIC…for at the last moment of their miserable “godless” lives, their last prayers would be…OH MY GOD, IF THERE IS A GOD…SAVE MY SOUL, IF I HAVE A SOUL…If you have no heard that before, I strongly urge, you commit that to memory. But if you already know that…then STOP this ‘holier than thou” morality….for I ask you know…WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE PHILIPPINES, that you feel so righteous of blaming anybody and everybody you do not approve of?

  18. Mr Tatad , this is certainly one of your worst efforts for a long time. Fancy referring to “A young business couple” and “one elderly woman”. Really, In a Country of over 100 million people you manage to pull 2 out of the hat. !!!!! Also ,pray tell who you suggest out of the current crop of candidates. !!!!!

    • John, I don’t know how many of Kit’s work you have read and analyzed. I know I have followed Kit’s public and official political involvement.

      And i totally and absolutely DISAGREE with your perception that this is the worst article of Kit? And all because of his “example” of a couple…

      What about it, to your way of perceiving things, makes the present published work of Kit, “the worst”?

      I don’t see it. I don’t share it. In fact, I would say this article of Kit OPENED UP and EXPOSED the MYTHS AND URBAN LEGENDS…about Duck Futerte. And judging from the posstings here of some…rather gullible …”wannabee political mavens” or “political gurus”…they have already been victimized by the BLACK PROPAGANDAS that Duck Futerte has clothed himself (read Black Propagandas as demonic, satanic immoralities and unconstitutional and criminal proclivities, predilections, and propensities).

      So, Kit, keep it going. Keep up the penetrating, if explosive, exposes’ of all those who propagate deceptions…fraud and misrepresentations. Konting banat pa Kit.

  19. This is a conceited and evil person that the Filipino voters beware of. Foremost of this will be the media for whatever comments they might say negative about Lucifer Duterte and his family will mean their end. Bewarealso of Duterte’s daughter and son who are abusive to the poor Filipinos. These children of his will worst than the children of Sadam Husein and Khadafy.

    • the Dutertes are evil to those who oppress the people. that’s why they are love by the ordinary law-abiding citizens, they clear the streets from criminals and hoodlums…and those who pollute the minds of the young through drugs. They protect people so that at the end of the day they can go home safely and be with their families enjoy their meals and sleep soundly in the night.

      so this is what you call… Lucifer Duterte.

    • ED…AGREE AKO SA IYO. Tama ka. Mali yung mga nagaakala na si Duck Futerte is a “nice guy”…and a good “role model”. He is not. Never was. Never will be.

      Siga sigang kanto boy. Asal hoodlum. No. I don’t want him for president. In fact I don’t want him occupying a public office in a DEMOCRACY. Padala mo si Duck Futerte sa Syria and all the middle eastern countries where he can exercise their shariah law with those assholes who are nothing but radical muslims and terrorists. Tignan nating hanggang saan ang tapang at galing niya.

  20. Ano na ang nangyayari dito kay Mr,tatad? Dapat isa-isahin kung ano ang tunay na Diablo at demonyo! Sa bible ang mga sumasamba sa rebulto ay sa devil!
    Ang gumagawa ng exorcism ay sa devil!
    Mataggal ng napasok ang gobyerno ng Diablo,kaya puro magnanakaw ang opisyal dahil kontrolado ng katoliko!
    Matutuwa ang maraming tao kung totoong mag lalayasan ang mga manang at manong! Ngayon lang sila nakakita ng taong lumaban sa mga pari na kapwa pa nila katoliko!
    Kapag nanalo si duterte magiging maayos ang bansa dahil matutunan nila ang maging desiplinado at magiging masunurin at may takot ang tao!
    Tama lang na umalis ang mga hadlang sa kabutihan! Mga mapagmalinis at mapagmabuti at mapagmataas!

    • Like a fool, an idiot, who struts upon the stage, huffing and puffing…signifying absolutely nothing except his own egocentricities.

      Anong religion mo ba??? Easy ka lang sa pagdidisrespeto sa relighiyong Catholico christiano.

      You sound like you have a big chip on your shoulder about the Catholic Religion. What is it?

    • Justaskingseriously on

      Mark 3:22-30 — “while the scribes who arrived from Jerusalem asserted, ‘He (Jesus) is possessed by Beelzebul,’ and ‘He expels demons with the help of the prince of demons.’ Summoning them, he then began to speak to them by way of examples: ‘How can Satan expel Satan? If a kingdom is torn by civil strife, that kingdom cannot last. If a household is divided according to loyalties, that household will not survive. Similarly, if Satan has suffered mutiny in his ranks and is torn by dissension, he cannot endure; he is finished. No one can enter a strong man’s house and despoil his property unless he has first put him under restraint. Only then can he plunder his house. I give you my word, every sin will be forgiven mankind and all the blasphemies men utter, but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. He carries the guilt of his sin without end.’ He spoke thus because they had said, ;He is possessed by an unclean spirit.”

      The scribes, the Jewish religious teachers, were against Jesus Christ; they were anti-Christ. Marcospolo does not hide his being against JesuCristo.

      There is a religious group that puts a premium on fear. Marcospolo belongs to this group; he likes a leader who can make people fear. 2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV) “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

  21. I, as devoted Catholic will not vote for duterte, The Catholic members should have convinced and decided fo themselves not to vote for him in any political positions he may seek into,” he is a son of a bitch!” And I urge the Catholic members not to vote any candidates who are being supported by INC-iglesia ni cristo ( iglesiya ni Manalo) we have the majority if we only use our voting powers no one will defeat our chosen candidates. Our freedom of speech, expression and to chose the right candidates is based on truth and if the candidates is the right person, we catholic should be united to vote for him.pardon me, for saying I will not vote any candidates that belong to the Liberal party.

    • wow, a devoted catholic who judges somebody to be a son of a bitch. even members of the church have devils in their mids, so, let us not be judgemental.

    • You’ve got my vote, too, buddy. Nice post. Lab it. Keep firing…Fire when ready, fire at will…let’s take no prisoners.

      St Michael, the Archangel is on our side.

    • Woow… Icant imagine how you call saints when you dont watch what is coming from your mouth.. How many times you call Duterte “Duck Futerte” when you can just address him by his name. You say you are devout catholics when you yourselves act and seem righteous your way? Who gave you the right to judge? I only know one who is righteous, God. Not you or me or Duterte or anybody else. Being Catholic doesnt mean you are entitled to be righteous, what a shame. We are all sinners nobody is exempted. And what makes you think you are also entitled to discredit Duterte abouy what he did in Davao. Ask me i am from davao, i can tell what he has done for 21years serving his constituents, if Davaoenos do not believe in his capacity as leader he wouldnt be there for that span of time.. And you dpnt ask if i am a catholic or not because i am. And the way how you say things i bet you are way underground by hipocrisy.. Pray for the country and most especially pray for yourself.. And shut the ducking mouth you have.

    • It is your right to vote for anybody you decide would be good for the country, and who would serve the greatest good for the greatest number.

      I also share your observations I agree with your explanations, too.

      Tama ka. Besides, the overwhelming majority of voters will not vote for Duck Futerte. Even if he is not DQec, he will not win anyway.

      He has not viable political party. No political network that can work with COMELEC to protect their votes. They have no big funds to support the PDP Laban Bayan campaign…Tapos na ang bokising nito. Mas mabuti nga sa kanya maDQ na lang. Yunganak niyang siningit niya as mayor hindi siguradong mananalo yun.