• Duterte’s son flagged down for speeding


    DAVAO CITY: For rushing home to a waiting wife, a presidential son and Davao City vice mayor was flagged down by traffic enforcers for speeding on a highway here on Friday.

    Paolo Duterte said he was issued a citation ticket for violating traffic laws.

    He admitted that he was driving at 57 kilometers per hour, way beyond the 40 kilometer-per-hour limit.

    “I was late and rushing home because my wife’s already enraged,” Paolo said.

    He, nonetheless, praised the traffic enforcers for doing their job.

    “It was an ambush in Bangkal,” he jokingly said, referring to how the traffic men managed to track his speed on the highway.

    Traffic enforces here are armed with a speed gun to be able to track down motorists on the highway.

    Paolo posted on Facebook the citation ticket he got for violating traffic laws.
    “It was my first offense,” he said.

    His father, Rodrigo Duterte, was also flagged down in the past for riding a motorcycle without a crash helmet, and so was his sister, Sarah, the mayor of Davao City, for speeding.

    But despite their position in government, all of them had acknowledged their faults and did not use their influence to escape liabilities.

    The vice mayor did not say how much penalty or fine he has to pay for overspeeding but the Land Transportation Office has over 70 traffic rules and regulations, and violating them has corresponding fines and penalties.

    One taxi driver said he paid a fine of over P1,700 for overspeeding.

    In October 2013, the elder Duterte–then-mayor of Davao City–signed Executive Order 39, an order setting speed limits for all kinds of motor vehicles within the territorial jurisdiction of Davao City.


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