I betrayed my heart again
By taking for granted what kept
My body from fading away.
I found a mirror, took a photograph
Of myself sleepless from pain,
Endangered by drowning dreams
With nothing to confess to my reflection.
My face, gaunt and pale with sadness,
Knew something in me will die
Though it was not yet time to say goodbye.
It was my duty to survive
In a strange room haunted by typhoons,
In a coast at the mystifying edge
Of my country’s memory, at home with the sea.
I returned from dying to life again
To those who have no fear of kindness:
Grateful for warm sunlight, smell of coming rain
Grateful for reasons to keep remembering.
I returned to brightness
To those who charted my homecoming:
Grateful for the tears and laughter
Grateful for finding ourselves again.


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