DYAN CASTILLEJO: She is a health and fitness authority

With her sidekick, her adorable 11-year old son Matthew

With her sidekick, her adorable 11-year old son Matthew

It is with very little doubt that anyone would dare deny sports broadcast journalist Dyan Castillejo the title of being a health and fitness authority.

An athlete since she was 10 years old, and at one time, the Philippines’ representative to the Fed Cup of tennis [the women’s equivalent of the Davis Cup], Castillejo has never been out of shape and always in the pink of health, even as she pursued a career ring- and courtside, reporting on sports events and personalities in and around the country.

Asked by The Manila Times if she felt comfortable being called as such at the launch of her new website on Tuesday (DyanFit at www.dyancastillejo.com) she graciously replied in the affirmative, and humbly added, “But I’m just one health and fitness authority.”

Forever fit, Dyan Castillejo

Forever fit, Dyan Castillejo

Castillejo followed on with a tour of her colorful, info-packed website, where she shares her passion for health and the active lifestyle.

Segmented for easy navigation, the “Dyanfit Workout” section carries videos of her most effective workout moves to shape and tone every part of her body.

“Since I always travel for coverage, these exercises hardly need any equipment,” she related. “You can even do them in your hotel room, at the most with a mat and a chair!”

She is especially proud of her arm exercises—what with her toned, tanned and sculpted pair—which she says are very important for women in their 40s, like herself.

“When we age, our arms really sag—lumuloyloy,” Castillejo proudly emphasized the last word, often teased she is more proficient in English and Spanish rather than Filipino. “But with these exercises, your arms can be firmer.”

She went on to show the healthy eating component of the website, “Healthy Eats,” where she has one-week diet plans, meal suggestions and even menu selections on what to eat when dining out.

DyanC520131103“To be fit and healthy also requires eating right, but I never use the word ‘diet’,” she shook her head. “It sounds like having to go hungry, and I hate getting hungry! I eat 85-percent good and 15-percent bad so there’s no need to deprive yourself all the time.”

In “Champions Talk,” Castillejo highlights fitness routines from top celebrities and up-close and personal chats star athletes, not just from the Philippines but the international sporting world.

“I currently have posted on the website interviews and workouts with Manny Pacquiao, of course, and Azkals goal keeper Neil Etheridge. I also have tennis champs Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic,” she enumerated. “Artistas like Xian Lim and Daniel Padilla are also there sharing their workout tips, as does G. Toengi for the women.”

Also in dyancastillejo.com, Castillejo shares adventure destination ideas for the whole family via “Dyan Recommends,” which features of her favorite things and places that go with the active lifestyle; food for the soul in “Spirit Life;” and behind the scenes and travel snapshots in her Photo Gallery.

Castillejo’s very precocious and good looking son, Matthew, also has a special section in the website where he posts his videos on thrills, sports and school life called “Matthew’s Corner.”

The Manila Times discovered that the 11-year old spitfire is not just a cutie pie but can also work a crowd with panache, sing and host with real talent, and even cross a 1,000 meter zip line jitter-free!

“He’s my side kick,” Castillejo lovingly rolled her eyes when Matthew said he had to go to the bathroom for a quick check before agreeing to pose for an Instagram photo for The Manila Times. He rightly deserves a section in his mom’s website.

For Castillejo, being fit, healthy and blessed in the sporting world for so many years is the perfect inspiration and motivation to finally having a website of her own. If she can change a person’s lifestyle for the better in the process, then she will have truly lived up to being a called a health and fitness authority.


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