E-cars gaining popularity inside Villamor Airbase


Battery-powered vehicles are now slowly gaining popularity at the Col. Jesus Villamor Air Base (VAB) and available for free rides inside the military base.

And due to the restrictions that have strictly implemented inside the VAB, where military police prevented taxis from entering the base, e-cars ferried civilian employees and servicemen to their offices that don’t have cars.

According to Philippine Air Force (PAF) spokesman, Col. Miguel Okol, there are at least eight 14-seater and 10 6-seater electric cars that PAF have in their fleet.

“The primary reason is that there should be a service, transport service within the base at less cost. Makakatipid ito for government vehicles,” Okol said on Saturday.

Okol added that the PAF have not only save fuel but also save the operating cost of a particular vehicle, and also although minimal, the PAF contributions about clean energy.

Over 90 per cent of fuel used for transportation is petroleum based, which includes gasoline and diesel that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, according to a website.

The use of e-cars is strongly encouraged by Philippine government to help reduce gasoline consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, reports said.

PAF’s e-cars was launched on July this year, where it also serve as service vehicles to many civilians who volunteered in repacking relief items at the VAB’s base operation when the “bayanihan” operation started after super typhoon Yolanda struck the eastern Visayas region.

On the other hand, the Manila International Airport Authority, the operator of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals, has operated electric golf cars for towing push carts.

It was first utilized for passengers who had difficulty of walking inside the NAIA terminal 1 but the MIAA shifted its service to picking up push carts outside the terminal after the authority managed to add more wheelchairs for the convenience of elder people and passengers that have arrived with minor illness. BENJIE L. VERGARA


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