• E. Visayas police chief relieved


    THE police commander for Eastern Visayas who infuriated President Benigno Aquino 3rd by saying that the death toll from typhoon Yolanda could reach 10,000 is due to be replaced, reliable police sources said on Thursday.

    An official of the Philippine National Police who asked not to be named said Chief Supt. Elmer Soria will be relieved as commander for the Eastern Visayas regional police office.

    The looming revamp came on the heels of Soria’s estimate that 10,000 people were killed in Tacloban City.

    But the police officials said that Soria’s relief is not connected with his controversial statement on the number of typhoon casualty.

    “He is due to be replaced, but was put on hold because of the election ban,” the PNP official said.

    However, the source said that Soria’s remark may have contributed to his early relief.

    Anthony Vargas


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    1. ay naku ok lang yan…..dapat…nakakapgpalakas siya kahit nakikita ang napakalaking problema…dumagdag pa siya…ngbigay pa siya ng trauma….siyempre..sabihin ba naman 10,000 yun mga kamagnak dito sa metro manila…matrauma na….hindi ngiisip. sana hinay hinay…

      wala naman dapat sisihin jan…lahat ng report ng pagasa bago pa dumating ang bagyo…sinabi na..dito sa fb..ang mga tao..jan sa leyte ang hindi kumilos. marami din ngsabi…mga ngiinuman pa….

    2. Ray Hammond,Jr. on

      Aquino is the one that needs replacing ! He and his cronies should be in Leyte helping the poor Filipino people !

    3. President Aquino should not relieve a police official for his statement on the number of deaths caused by super typhoon Yolanda. Whether he said the fatalities is more than 10,000 is immaterial. The police officer relief should be based on valid and just reasons such as poor performance, increase in crimes, etc.

      President Aquino should be fair and just in relieving government officials and employees.

    4. The government has got its priorities wrong, making this police chief a scapegoat, when they should be looking at themselves starting with the incompetent B. Aquino and his ilk.
      It is good that the foreign media are asking the top government officials some tough questions unlike most home-based journalists.
      Whilst I am in no way saying that the Japanese government is perfect but they at least had a far speedier response to their tsunami than the Filipino government.
      There has been a clear lack of leadership and conviction to help people affected by Haiyan.
      Funny how the Filipino government now pleads poverty as their excuse for the grossly inadequate disaster response yet just recently they were crowing about the country’s impressive economic growth rate! Aquinoand co should be using all of the pork barrel monies to reconstruct affected areas, build houses,hospitals, schools, orphanages, repair roads and power lines and invest in flood defences and storm drainage systems.