• EA Guzman’s ‘secret’ on US vacay



    Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 Best Supporting Actor winner Edgar Allan Guzman (“Deadma Walking) should be back by now after a well-deserved break in the United States.

    Among the highlights of his trip was watching NBA superstars Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

    He also went from the West to the East Coast, making stops at San Francisco, Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe, and Washington, DC and New York to visit Times Square.

    What EA seems to have kept secret was that he traveled to the US with his actress girlfriend Shaira Mae dela Cruz, nixing rumors that they had broken up.

    Is Edgar Allan Guzman still in a relationship with Shaira Mae dela Cruz?

    How can Roving Eye be sure? Because Instagram photos don’t lie. EA and Shaira kept posting photos—albeit solos of themselves—from the same locations throughout the actor’s trip. Now these couldn’t have been a coincidence.

    The question is, why keep their getaway a big secret? Well, according to the grapevine EA’s family doesn’t seem to be too keen on his choice of girlfriend what with Shaira being a sexy star and all. It’s very likely the reason why too that he gets uncomfortable in interviews when asked about his love life. And while he gives the impression that he and Shaira are no longer an item, he still spotted with her in public place, and now all the way in America!

    Meanwhile, because of their trips to the US, two film projects they were each doing had to be put on hold until their return. EA is doing “Ang Mata-Tapang” for Cine Pilipino, while Shaira is shooting “Because I Love You” with David Licauco, which is being directed by Joel Lamangan and produced by Arnold Vegafria.

    EA’s request to take a vacation was permitted by his producers, but Roving Eye hears Shaira’s co-stars aren’t too happy to be waiting around for the lead actress.


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