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    PLUS: Derrick Monasterio soars to greater heights; and Megan Young and Mikael Daez dismiss wedding rumors
    It’s just been proven anew that the magic of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is as powerful as ever. On Monday, the pilot episode of their very first primetime series, Destined To Be Yours, surged up the ratings, and more significantly placed the love team back at the top of social media as they trended No. 1 worldwide with 2.74 million tweets.

    What’s good with Destined To Be Yours is that it fulfills its promise of a good storyline and an exciting show. Thousands of viewers were thrilled to see Alden and Maine at the opening scene of the series—an unforgettable MRT moment for their fans.

    “What they saw in the pilot episode was just a preview of what they can expect in the series,” Alden quipped.

    Meanwhile, Maine is so happy with the outcome of the series’ first week. When Showbuzz talked to her the night after the premiere episode, she was still beaming.

    “More than the high ratings, I’m thrilled about the good feedback that we’re getting. I was kinda nervous before Destined To Be Yours aired because it’s my first time to act in a soap, so I wasn’t sure if people will like my kind of acting. So far, there are no negative reactions and that alone makes me happy,” she averred.

    Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, via ‘Destined To Be Yours,’ are back at No. 1 in trending topics while quickly climbing TV ratings

    Showbuzz met with Maine that night at a dinner with fans who won a date with her, sponsored by CDO Funtastyk.

    “I’ve been wanting to do this with them and I’m so impressed that some came from far places like Davao, Zamboanga, and Ilocos. It’s like my pre-birthday dinner and I want to make them feel that I really appreciate their untiring support.”

    Today, Friday, is Maine’s 22nd birthday. She doesn’t have any big plans except for a simple dinner with family and close friends. Given the chance, she would also love to celebrate with her Eat Bulaga family and on the set of Destined To Be Yours because she has gained new friends with her co-stars and the staff of the series.

    Asked what gift she would like to receive, Maine replied, “I feel so blessed already with all these things happening in my life. What more can I ask for? To be with people close to me, to be with my loved ones, is enough for me.”

    Word has it that Alden is preparing something special for her but the celebrant remains clueless about her leading man’s plans.

    “Wala naman akong alam du’n,” Maine said. “Both of us love to give surprises so we’ve learned how to keep whatever we plan a secret. Si Alden, naku, mahirap paaminin yan if he’s planning something.”

    * * *

    It seems that there is no way but up for Derrick Monasterio. As his weekly comedy fantasy series Tsuperhero flies high in the ratings game, he is set to soar higher as he is set to start taping for GMA’s gigantic and most expensive telefantasya for 2017, Mulawin Versus Ravena.

    Derrick Monasterio

    The Kapuso young actor is presently in the thick of training for his action scenes in the telefantasya where he will be playing a very important role. Showbuzz visited him during his sword fight training, and witnessed a very serious Derek learning the different routines. His effort was a hundred percent.

    “It’s actually hard [to do],” he volunteered. “You need to focus because one wrong move and you either get hit or you hit your instructor. You have to consider a lot of things during training. You have to learn the footwork because du’n nakadepende yung movement ng body mo. Aside from that, you also have to be conscious of your form because you’re doing the fight scene for TV.”

    Getting such good breaks from his mother network is, of course, very heartening for Derrick.

    “Playing the title role in Tsuperhero is already something to be proud of for me. Wherever I go now, kids call me ‘Tsuperhero,’ and it really feels good that children recognize you because of your superhero character. You feel they look up to you,” Derrick said.

    And as if playing the title role is not enough, now comes an even bigger one in Mulawin Versus Ravena. Derrick confirmed that they already had a cast briefing and he has met his co-stars in the iconic telefantasya. But the young actor remains mum on the details of the series. He doesn’t even want to talk about his character.

    “I am not yet at liberty to discuss my role and the whole project. What I only just say is I’m so happy with my character,” he beamed.

    Indeed, Derrick’s career is on the upswing. Besides his big TV shows, he is also slated to shoot a movie under Regal Entertainment. Producer Roselle Monteverde herself confirmed this to Showbuzz. They are now in close consultation with GMA to iron out the details of the movie.

    But wait! Here’s more good news for Derrick’s fans: Advertisers have taken good notice of the boy and he has just finished shooting his first TVC. The pictorial for the billboard was done a couple of weeks ago as well for this perfume line. He has further signed up as the new endorser of a shoe line, replacing a popular matinee idol whose contract with the company expired.

    With all these good things happening in his career, Derrick, isn’t forgetting to thank the heavens for all his blessings. He believes to whom much is given, much is expected so he says it’s also time to give back.

    With the help of his fan groups like the Dreamers and the Creamers—and without cameras focused on him—Derek visits charity institutions and does what he can for those in need. In fact, he just spent an afternoon with his fans at a gift-giving at a home for the elderly in Amadeo, Cavite. He also visited charities in Bulacan housing minors who ran in conflict with the law. Besides giving them gifts, he also talks to them and encourages them not to lose hope and to make their paths straight.

    “I believe that people in entertainment like me have the responsibility not only to be a good example to people but to be encouragers as well. Since the public looks up to us, we might as well make good use of our position in the society,” said Derrick.

    * * *

    Now that Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Mikael Daez have admitted that they have been officially together for six years, everyone wants to know when they plan on getting married. The pair insists, however, they’re not going that road yet. They are happy with the way things are going between them and haven’t talked about tying the knot.

    Megan Young and Mikael Daez INSTAGRAM PHOTO

    “As of now, we’re enjoying travelling together. We’ve been travel buddies and I believe our adventures make our relationship stronger. We get to know each other better when we enjoy doing a lot of things together. I think that’s very important for two people in a relationship,” said Mikael.

    He also said they will not allow themselves to be pressured with all the talk about marriage After all, it’s their life and they’re the ones who can tell when they’re ready to exchange “I do’s.”

    “Of course, I don’t see myself ending-up with anybody but Megan. But I believe we still both want to do a lot of other things. I give it a few more years before we settle down.”

    As of now, Mikael and Megan’s travel plans are on hold. Both of them are busy with their respective careers. Megan has just wrapped-up work for Alyas Robinhood and is busy preparing for her next project. Mikael is now preoccupied with the taping of his afternoon series Legally Blind with Janine Gutierrez. He is so happy that their show is getting a lot of praises on social media from viewers, and rating high.

    * * *

    Marx Topacio (leftmost) joins the cast of ‘Encantadia’ here with Arra San Agustin (center) and Joross Gamboa INSTAGRAM PHOTO

    SHORTS… Model Marx Topacio is now part of showbiz as he joins the cast of hit fantasy series Encantadia as a new major character. Marx is of course the boyfriend of Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Is it true that a female personality of a popular series is being avoided by her co-stars? The reason: the female personality’s co-stars found out that she’s the one spreading false rumors about them. One of her victims is a male co-star whom she says is carrying an affair with another female cast member. The male co-star is now contemplating on confronting the female personality for fear that his strong relationship with another popular personality might be affected.


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