A couple of weeks more and Christmas Day is here! Most of us are probably scurrying for last minute shopping, menu preparations and parties to attend.

    Let’s celebrate this season by living in the true spirit of Christmas, and give love to God’s most awesome creation—Biodiversity. Starting this week, Haribon Foundation will give tips on how you can do your part in conserving the environment while enjoying the holidays.

    Buy eco-cosmetics!

    Gift packs are very common during this season. Almost every beauty, or bath and body brands have their own bundle for the holidays, probably because it’s a safe bet when giving gifts. Who doesn’t need loofah and shower gel anyway? With many parties to attend, females are most likely to stock up on new makeup colors, and use it more often, that’s why it’s important to be wary of the ingredients of the cosmetics that we buy. Most cosmetics sold today contain chemical products (preservatives, synthetic perfumes, surfactants, etc), which are not biodegradable and are even harmful to the environment, particularly the aquatic environments where these products often end up.

    Why not make your own beauty product by using natural ingredients found at your home and wrap it with a pretty recycled box? Oat bran makes great scrubs as well as sugar crystals.

    SOURCE: 52 Actions for Biodiversity. The original version of this document was published in 2009 under the title “366 gestes pour la biodiversite” and “366 tips voor de biodiversiteit”. Copyright 2009 Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.


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