Eco-system: For a greener lifestyle


Eco-system(Easy and very simple tips for eco-friendly lifestyle; but enough to help conserve the treasures of nature.)

A couple of days more and Christmas Day is here. Most of us are probably scurrying for last minute shopping, menu preparations and parties to attend.

Let’s celebrate this season by living in the true spirit of Christmas, and give love to God’s most awesome creation—biodiversity.

Become a “Locavore.” Locavores are consumers who only eat food produced locally.

Besides supporting producers in our region, you are limiting the discharge of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when food is being transported. This also involves consuming fruit and vegetables in season. They often taste much better than their international equivalents, which require huge quantities of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, while transporting them is very polluting.

SOURCE: 52 Actions for Biodiversity. The original version of this document was published in 2009 under the title “366 gestes pour la biodiversite” and “366 tips voor de biodiversiteit”. Copyright 2009 Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.


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