• Eco-tourism thrives in Baler

    The tour include spelunking in Mt. Minoli’s Layang-layang and Tikbalang caves, waterfall experience in Diteki of San Luis

    The tour include spelunking in Mt. Minoli’s Layang-layang and Tikbalang caves, waterfall experience in Diteki of San Luis

    Filipinos today are confronted with many health issues, most of which can be attributed to stress. While having a sedentary lifestyle contributes to the emotional, psychological, and physical effects of stress, a study emphasized that walking outdoors is key to maintaining a person’s mental health.

    According to a study published in the Journal of Ecopsychology, walks, especially when you’re in a group, appear to mitigate the effects of stress when coupled with physical activities. The end result? People who walk outdoors tend to be significantly less stressed when compared with people who don’t.

    However, exploring the great outdoors with your families and friends will not be complete without the complete package of an ultimate adventure. While walking can greatly reduce a person’s stress levels, engaging in outdoor activities or sports can help an individual gain self-confidence, make better decisions, learn risk management, and take responsibility for his or her peers.

    With this, Primer of Group of Companies—the company known for bringing Columbia, Mountain Hardware, JanSport, The North Face, Victorinox, and many other brands closer to Filipinos—packs its outdoor tour packages in one backpack through Great Escapes.

    Great Escapes is a spin-off of Dispatch Media Group (DMG) whose thrust is deeply anchored on travel, adventure, and local tourism. This endeavor led to the establishment of Great Escapes Travel and Tours Inc. (GETTI), Primer Group’s first tourism business venture, with the vision of creating an avenue of a proactive outdoor, travel, and adventure appreciation and patronization.

    “We urge everyone to commune with nature, explore the great outdoors, and appreciate the planet better through outdoor recreation,” said Emmanuel Batungbacal, senior project officer—from Great Escapes/DMG. “We carefully drafted distinct tour packages that highlight outdoor activities such as trekking, biking, and city touring. Filipinos may now better enjoy their local travels with a complete package in place.”

    The package is now available to complement the vacation of tourists, both local and foreign, in Baler, Aurora. Baler is known as a surfing spot, driving surfers from the country and across the world to its shores. It also boasts a rich forest cover and other natural attractions.

    Its signature tours include spelunking in Mt. Minoli’s Layang-layang and Tikbalang caves, waterfall experience in Diteki of San Luis, and city tour around Baler. The city tour allows tourists to get a dose of cultural and historical excursion from Museo de Baler, Dona Aurora House, and Millenium Tree.

    “Our tour packages include exciting activities that promise to take your Baler experience to the next level,” Arce Jess Friginal, tour coordinator for Baler shared.

    Aside from the signature tour packages, Great Escapes also puts premium to its tour guiding services that ensure its clients’ safety, security, and fulfillment. With this, GETTI has partnered with Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition (CORE.), the advocacy arm of Primer Group, to train and equip Great Escapes’ tour guides with tour facilitation, customer service, and first-aid training.

    Through CORE’s Tubong Lokal, tourists gain the opportunity to learn from well-trained tour guides who not only introduces the history behind Baler’s natural beauties, but also educates them on the dos and don’ts of the trip.


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