• Economic decline hits ‘masa’


    THE masa or those belonging to class D and E of the country felt the deterioration of the economy last year at 62 percent and 71 percent, respectively, as of December 2013, according to the latest national Pulse Asia survey.

    The survey, covering a sample of 1,200 adult respondents (18 years old and above) with a margin of error of +/-3 at a confidence level of 95 percent, showed that those based in Luzon (58 percent) and the National Capital Region (51 percent) felt the economy’s deterioration strongly.

    In the Visayas and Mindanao, those that said that they felt the economic deterioration were at 79 and 57 percent, respectively, and understandably so as these were the regions that experienced successive calamities (natural and man-made) last year.

    Quite surprisingly, the upper classes (ABC) also reported feeling strongly the economic deterioration last year, with 65 percent in June and 56 percent in March.

    Those that said that they “somewhat felt” the economic decline in December were 50 percent from ABC; 34 percent from D; and 25 percent in class E. In June, the numbers were 35 percent in ABC, 35 percent in D and 44 percent in E; and in March these were 39 percent in ABC, 33 percent in D and 21 percent in E.

    Those that did not feel the economic decline in December were 8 percent in ABC, 5 percent in D and 3 percent in E. The figures in June were zero percent in ABC, 6 percent in D and 7 percent in E, while in March, these were 5 percent in ABC, 10 percent in D and 5 percent in E.

    Quality of life perception
    The perception on economic decline was bolstered by how the respondents perceived their quality of life improving, or not. In December, 43 percent of the sample, they said that their quality of life got worse compared to the previous year; 41 percent said that it was the same but 15 percent claimed that it improved.

    By income class, those that said their quality of life got worse in December 2013 were 42 percent from ABC; 43 percent from D and 44 percent from E.

    Those who said their quality of lives got better in December 2013 were: 24 percent from ABC; 15 percent from D and 14 percent from E.

    Those who said nothing changed in their quality of life in December 2013 were: 34 percent from ABC, and 42 percent each from D and E.

    Going by their perception of quality of life in 2013, the respondents were asked if they see their lives getting better in the succeeding year. Their responses were: it will be worse for 9 percent for ABC, 20 percent for D and 18 for E; b) no changes 43 percent in ABC, 42 percent in D and 51 percent in E; and it will be better (optimistic) with 48 percent for ABC, 37 percent in D and 32 percent in E.

    The Pulse Asia survey of the national perception on quality of life improvements showed that 55 percent said it became worse, 36 percent said it was unchanged, and 9 percent said it became better.


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    1. Also means that all the optimism by the masa has been lost. Even they have come to the realization they’ve been massively fooled by lying yellowists. Abnoy was just one big PR bull meant perpetuate the stranglehold of KKK, crony capitalism and oligarchy.