EDC, GNS Science agree to expand research, develop geothermal energy


The Philippines’ Energy Development Corp. (EDC), one of the largest geothermal companies in the world, and New Zealand’s GNS Science have agreed to renew and strengthen their joint research and development efforts on geothermal energy.

Some of the areas that are included in the new agreement are the modeling of geothermal reservoirs, management of databases, and assessment of new geothermal fields in both countries.

For the past three years, the two organizations have been working closely under an old memorandum of understanding, with GNS Science providing specialist advice for geothermal developments in the Philippines and other countries.

They recently signed a new MOU to strengthen the current relationship between the two countries and expand the scope of the work to include new research initiatives in geothermal energy.

EDC is one of the largest geothermal companies in the world with 1130MW of installed geothermal capacity.

GNS Science Chief Executive Mike McWilliams and Richard Tantoco, President and Chief Operating Officer of EDC signed the MOU.

EDC has indicated it will support GNS Science’s bid to set up a regional research institute based at Taupo, New Zealand that would draw funding and expertise from numerous countries and focus on geothermal development in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific.

Greg Bignall, Head of the Geothermal Department of GNS Science said collaboration between the two companies could be traced back to the 1970s.

He added that GNS Science specialists had been involved in the discovery and development of several major fields in the Philippines that had helped to make the country into one of the world’s top geothermal energy producers.

“We have mutual interests in a wide range of areas, and we respect each other’s expertise.

EDC provides our staff with experiences that are not available in New Zealand’s geothermal environment. Some of this new knowledge can be applied at home to enhance New Zealand’s energy production,” Bignall said.

Hernando Banal, New Zealand’s Trade Commissioner to the Philippines said, “New Zealand and the Philippines have a long relationship partnering on geothermal energy initiatives both here and abroad. It is fantastic to see this cooperation continuing under an exciting new MOU.”


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