Edca, PH-US war games to continue


FILIPINO soldiers will continue to hold military exercises with American troops despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncements that such engagements with the US will stop.

On Monday, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the President approved his Cabinet’s recommendations to continue the implementation of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and some joint exercises between the Philippines and the US.

“Practically in-approve naman nya lahat ng aming recommendations. Ang recommendation namin, the exercises will go on, except bawasan natin ng major exercises involving mga landing exercise (He practically approved all of our recommendations. The exercises will go on, except that we will cut down on major exercises involving landing exercises),” Lorenzana told reporters.

He added that the Balikatan (Should-to-shoulder) exercises that focus mostly on counter-terrorism, humanitarian assistance and disaster response will also continue.

“Ang balikatan… same, total 1,000 [troops]each remains the same,” Lorenzana said.

The President, he said, also agreed to continue the implementation of EDCA, which allows the US to use temporary facilities in the country.

“It will remain],” Lorenzana said when asked about the implementation of the defense deal between the Philippines and the US.

Duterte earlier said he might rescind the implementation of EDCA, noting that it does not bear the signature of his predecessor, former President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

EDCA, which seeks to boost the alliance between the Philippines and the US, was signed by Gazmin and US Ambassador Philip Goldberg in 2014.



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  1. At least, DUTERTE’S aides are using their common sense. It is not a brainer — The Philippines sooner or later will be visited by TYPOONS, TORNADOES, HEAVY STORMS, EARTHQUAKES,TSUNAMI, AND OTHER NATURAL CALAMITIES. For sure, EDCA (UNITED STATES SUPPORT) WILL BE THERE TO HELP THE PHILIPPINES. The implementation of EDCA will cost the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS THOUSANDS AND MAY BE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. At least the Filipinos must know that the American taxpayers are supporting the United States military. Every bullet that an American soldiers fires costs a lot of money for the American taxpayers.

    The other problems in the Philippines is the ABUSAYAP. That is another expense for the American taxpayers. The Russians and the Chinese taxpayers are lucky. They are paying nothing to help the Filipinos. For CONSUELO DE BOBO the Chinese military now allows the Filipino fishermen to catch fish at Scarborough Shoal, may be temporarily. THE BIG QUESTION: WILL THOSE “INSICK” ALLOW THE PHILIPPINES TO DRILL THE OIL AND NATURAL RESOURCES AT THE PHILIPPINE SEA?

  2. Somehow, Duterte trying to align with the chinks and ruskies (“three against the world”) has failed. He probably was told to get lost, since he could only offer bananas and coconuts, with open legs. by the two major commies. This is why he is backtracking on the war games and EDCA with the USA. It would serve the Ph government and its zombies followers right if the USA would say that Ph is an independent nation, does not need any help from anybody, more or less from the USA, and that the USA has better business to tend. to elsewhere in Asia

    • Nah, no backtracking necessary – the EDCA is an agreement that Noy signed. We’ll honor it, then not renew it, then Pres DU30 will know what to do.