• EDCA suits coming


    Cover Girl of the May 28, 2014 Time issue is Li Na, a tennis star from China. A distinct merited honor.

    Chino Trinidad is heading a project to honor our athletic greats. I can only encourage the effort. I hope there is some way we can honor Victoria Manalo, whose musikero father migrated from Orani, Bataan, decades ago – to the US, where she was born. In 1948 she competed in diving  in the London Olympics and won two golds. A decade ago, she went to Orani on a sentimental journey home, to wild acclaim. A year ago I visited the two-acre park in San Francisco named after her, the two-hectare Victoria Manalo Dravies Park.

    But, nothing or not much in her Motherland.

    We cannot honor Manny Pacquiao enough as a practitioner of McGeehan’s Manly Art of Modified Murder. But, he has proven to be a Non-Performing Liability in the House and now threatens in 2016 to be a senator, where he will also be a Non-Performing Liability as he will continue boxing  up to then.

    For shame. The scandal continues.

    And now he threatens to minimize the popular PBA as Kia’s playing coach. He plans to train his players under a boxer’s regimen. This might mean his players may follow Red Auerbach’s fantasy of telling his team to let Michael Jordan fly in and then punch him in the solar plexus or wherever.

    We are not to underrate Manny’s capacity for subjective growth. He can start evaluating the startling notion that a husband could rape his wife. Would the ruling lead to more infidelity? Do we liberalize annulment? We may need to study absolute divorce. People with raging hormones have to deal with sexual tension. What do we do with women making kalabit and are rebuffed? The driver for her and the maid for the hubby. Is “conjugal debt” or “magkabiyak” a jurassic notion?

    Ayaw ibigay ni Misis, does the hot-hot-hot hubby scramble and invite a kulasisi to the nearest Sogo mini-hotel, using his senior citizen card?

    It seems to me the judiciary should stay away from the bedroom, as a general proposition.

    Courts may not be the best place to resolve family differences. I once had a case before Judge Corazon Agrava in the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. The son of my client, the mother, told his father, in open court, “I hate you.” The strong-man father wept like a baby. Everybody lost, I thought.

    These are modern times and the old-fashioned advice Ka Celing Munoz Palma got from her mother is anachronistic today. Nanay told her not to go back to her crying, complaining about her hubby. Those old family values that so stabilized our stronger society are passe today.

    My late Dulce was old-fashioned like her mother. Were she around today, she would not interfere with my decisions on big issues like EDCA and China but would confine herself to petty issues with my wonderful manugangs on what my many-splendored apos,

    Four of them, eldest, not quite six, jewels all, would wear, which school to go to, etc. I am not sure whether one should go to school once he is old enough to walk but it is in the “petty” category. I just enjoyed life and really studied hard only in my sophomore year in law school. Late? But, not too late.

    Manny Pacquiao should now study his position on the proposals of Rep. Fred Castro on dynasties (Manny has started his own)  and of Serge Apostol on antitrust, and on such issues as domestic rape.

    And on EDCA. The other morning, I met Harry Roque, Steve Salonga, Ging Ursua, Carol Araullo and Teddy Casino, among others, in the finest law school in the entire Diliman area. The Roque group plans to file on Monday (I may be a co-petitioner in my individual capacity), and then the Bayan group, with Edre Olalia of the National Union of People’s Lawyer as lead counsel.

    As a Lolo caring for my apos, I am polling my MABINI colleagues on whether we should file our own. The response so far has been unanimous in terms of lodging a separate petition for what some call MABINAY but Jojobama has been quieeeet on the lawsuit, or even supportive of PNoy and EDCA, in Washington, DC, where he was lately.

    EDCA is what Manny Pacquiao should be making tutok on, instead of the Philippine Basketball Association. The Do-Nothing-Non-Performing-Liability lawmaker should not walk into another Marquez punch that sent him to Dreamland. He should raise the bond the Court of Tax Appeals asked him to put up but, strangely, without a deadline, so another Let-Me-Call-You-Sweetheart punch?

    Matulog na lang tayong lahat? And dream on.

    If all would have gone well, last night (as you read this) I should have been with fellow Fulbrighters in the Embassy of the US, where I deepened my appreciation of a citizen’s human and constitutional right to differ. But, the best-laid plans of mice and men can go awry.


    I might instead be in Solaire’s Eclipse for ballroom dancexercising. Or both??? Life is short.


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    1. My god imagine manny pacquiao as a senator & he had to question someone like janet lym napolez. If the people vote for him it will show what idiots they really are. He might be a nice person & he might be a generous person, but one thing he isnt & thats an educated person. What ive seen here in the philippines is laws are ok but only when they apply to others. Mt wife was elected to our sub division HOA & they are going to be very strict on things like speeding & general things in the subdivision, i told all of the HOA you have to be prepared for when you introduce punnishments for these crimes as the people will hate you with a vengance. They will never vote for you again & that brings me to my main point. The filipino doesnt want discipline imposed on him,. its ok when it applies to others he agrees with it then but the minute it affects him he looks at who imposed it on him. You deserve the government you get & this is what you got.

    2. The writer covered a lot in today’s column. However, I cannot agree more on the last paragraph. On the other hand, I wonder how many of the corrupt government officials are aware of the last short sentence, to think of atonement; assuming that they are struggling Christians like me. Cheers!