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    Edray is one lucky girl.

    Though she didn’t bag the first season’s “The Voice Kids” tilt the year Lyca Gairanod won, executives from MCA Music still saw her potential and signed her up for a management and record deal.

    This girl from Team Bamboo was saddened by her early sixth place finish, an emotion quickly replaced by surprise and elation upon hearing the good news.

    She then released her first single in 2015 entitled “Puedepende,” which became an LSS hit, penned by veteran hitmaker Jungee Marcelo. This was followed by another Marcelo composition, “Bwelo Lang,” that featured her teammate from Kamp Kawayan, Juan Karlos Labajo.

    Turning 17 years old this September, Edray is ready to take on the next step as she releases her self-titled debut album, bannered by another LSS ballad teenagers and millennials can relate to titled “Wala Lang.”

    Music Geek sat down with The Voice Kids alumna where she talked about life after the reality show and her new album.

    How have you changed since you’re Voice Kids days?

    So many wonderful things have changed since I joined The Voice Kids. Some of them are restoring my confidence and self-esteem. That experience thought me that I am capable to sing in front of so many people. I’ve gained lots of good friends from the industry who share the same passion as I do.

    How does it feel to be 16 and having a music career?

    I’m very happy and thankful. Until now I can’t believe I was able to get into the music industry. Unfortunately, at this age, very few are given the opportunity to explore and enjoy their passion in music. That’s why I am very thankful to MCA Music for accepting me and for believing in my talent.

    Can you tell us about your first single Puedepende? How did it change you?

    My first single Puedepende changed everything in me. After TVK, I strived to prove to everyone that I still have the talent even if I didn’t win. When MCA open their doors for me, and gave me the single, a lot of opportunities had come my way. People got to know me more, received an invitation for TV guestings, radio guestings and mall shows too. And I am so thankful that everyone likes my song.

    What about the following single Bwelo Lang? How was it working with fellow TVK alumni Juan Karlos Labajo?

    Bwelo Lang is a song that signifies love that has started from friendship and it blooms unexpectedly. It’s like puppy love that often felt by young people during their teenage years. JK, I had so much fun working with him since were both from Team Kawayan way back TVK days. I am very happy that MCA had given me this chance to work with him again and do a collaboration of this single. It’s like were just playing and enjoying every moment of it. We learned from each other strength and weaknesses during that collaboration and we had applied what we have learned from Coach Bamboo. And it turns out to be fine. It is also composed by Jungee Marcelo.

    What can you say that after two singles, you finally have a debut album.

    I’m just so happy to finally have an album I would like to thank my recording company for this chance and also my fans for supporting me from the start. I’m just so proud of everyone who helped us to produce this album and I would like to thank them for trusting me. Not all people at my age were having this opportunity, so I am very lucky that MCA had chosen me and trusting me for this.

    And the carrier single for this is “Wala Lang”?

    The song “Wala Lang” is about a person that is very much in love. Hindi makatulog at hindi mawala sa isip nya ang taong mahal nya. Sobrang light lang ng lyrics pero madaming laman na emotions.

    I heard that you composed a song for this album, can you tell us more about it?

    Yes I did. It’s called ‘La La Lang.’ Since I was child, I am passionate with music and here’s why I love composing songs too. Every time I am happy or sad, I’m putting it into words and will turn out to be a nice song. This song best describes how simple and wonderful life it is. Enjoying every moment that counts and being happy with life.

    You also have song from foreign composer Roxanne Seeman. Can you tell us more about it?

    It is my privilege that MCA chose me to sing her song and include it in my album. It is about girl who likes someone and is very eager and interested to know his whereabouts. She keeps on thinking about that guy and can’t get him out of her mind.

    How was the recording process?

    The whole recording process was fun. We enjoyed every moment of it. I got to bond and meet different kinds of people inside and outside the studio who helped me finish this album. They taught me a lot of things about life and about the music industry. I’m very happy to have worked with all of them.

    What does music mean to you?

    Music means a lot to me. It is my way to express myself and my feelings. It’s something that I can go to whenever I need it. It’s something that inspires me. In short music is my life.


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