• EDSA and the Frailties of a Woman



    DE LIMA: Decision to arrest was rushed. Yeah right, the decision to impeach CJ Corona and transmit it to the Senate was not rushed by 188 congressmen, the decision to arrest PGMA for electoral sabotage was not rushed, defying the TRO of the SC and issuing HDO were not rushed, the decision to arrest her for PCSO conspiracy to commit plunder was not rushed. The only decision that was not rushed is the trial of PGMA that kept her languishing in detention for five years at VMMC.

    * * *

    To refresh the memory of Senator de Lima when PGMA was arrested for electoral sabotage:

    Date: November 18, 2011
    Senior Sup. James Bucayu:

    The arrest order, issued by Judge Jesus Mupas, came JUST HOURS after the Supreme Court (SC) reaffirmed its decision TO STOP the Department of Justice (DOJ) from enforcing its travel ban on Arroyo.

    Senior Superintendent James Bucayu, Southern Police District deputy director for administration, said Arroyo looked like SHE HAD JUST WOKE UP when a team of policemen arrived to serve the warrant.

    He said Arroyo had to lie down when her fingerprints were taken.

    “The arrest warrant has been served. We tried to read her rights but her lawyers waived it because of her conditions. She SMILED at us and said she was expecting it.”

    The CIDG [Criminal Investigation and Detection Group] took the mug shots but it was LEAKED TO THE MEDIA swiftly.

    See the difference, Ma’am?

    And now as a senator, you have so many things to complain about and demands for your arrest which were never given to a FORMER PRESIDENT, thanks to you.

    * * *

    Former Sen. Rene Saguisag brands President Rodrigo Duterte as the “new Macoy.” Mr. Saguisag, if what you said is true, you would have probably been “invited” by now and placed behind bars for saying those lines.

    * * *

    Robredo to Duterte: Be the leader you promised to be, stop the lies. “Some leaders want to raise the fist of authoritarianism, to sow fear and discord among ourselves, to divide us with lies, violence, and bloodshed. It has begun,” she said.

    And she wonders why she does not get invited? Hmmmm.

    * * *

    One news item said, ‘No group owns People Power’ – Duterte. Sorry Mr. President, it seems a color-coded entity have registered it under their name, including the bragging rights.

    * * *

    De Lima: “I won’t be silenced.” We agree Ma’am, the public knows that keeping quiet is not in the list of your best traits.

    * * *

    I have to borrow excerpts from Richard Javad Heydarian. His ideas point to a relevant panoramic view of neo-politics including Asian leaders.

    “From Lee Kuan Yew to Deng Xiaoping, we see examples of good (but not perfect and often autocratic) leaders who showed a constant penchant for self-education and asceticism, learned from the best minds, and employed a competent cadre of subordinates, who — leveraging the vast bureaucratic machine — deployed a sustained stream of innovative policies geared towards national development. Instead of mindlessly listening to (self-serving) foreign or Western-trained advisers, they tried to understand the unique developmental challenges they confronted and dedicated their lives not to narrow interests, whether ethnic or sectoral, but instead the wellbeing of the entire body-politic. Thus, they served as true “national” leaders.”

    “There are, however, certain things that Duterte can learn from not only Lee Kuan Yew, but also other visionary Asian leaders who took their nations from the Third World to the First World. What all these successful leaders shared in common was their simultaneous reliance on and empowerment of state institutions, which competently handled the day-to-day challenges of governance and nation-building.”

    “The 21st century, with its dizzying array of policy conundrums, is after all about strong institutions rather than strongmen. It’s about rule of law, rather than the rule of men. Without a robust and capable state, the Philippines stands little chance of upgrading to the next stage of development.”

    * * *

    These thoughts are definitely suited for third world countries who continuously search for strong leaders as the entry-level ticket to a paradise of reform-land. We all have experienced the magic and excitement of the first few kilometer train rides but heard the engines falter after every subsequent turn. Ever wondered why? It is because the train driver-engineer forgets the harmony of the engine, coaches and tracks and started glorifying himself as the “divine conductor” of the unchartered symphony.

    * * *

    In today’s world, great leadership is about acknowledging the limits of power and, accordingly, just pursuing necessary reforms within the coordinates of possibilities.

    * * *

    Rome was not built in one day and so is paradise.

    * * *

    The guilty as well as the innocent are entitled to due process of law. They are entitled to a fair trial. They are entitled to counsel. They are entitled to fair treatment from the police. The law enforcement officer has the same duty as the citizen, indeed, he has a higher duty-to abide by the letter and spirit of our Constitution and laws. You yourselves must be careful to obey the letter of the law. You yourselves must be intellectually honest in the enforcement of the law.
    – Harry S. Truman.

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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    1. De Lima. Isn’t she a spoiled brat? Name-calling the PRRD. Behaves like “bastos” in the Senate. Can easily replace lovers (or have them all at the same time). .She screams in public, very unlady-like. She lies most of the time. Can she still separate her lies from her truth. But she has captured the media. Or bought?
      Robredo: Someone must be writing for her tirades against the PRRD. Does she possess some smart and wit? It doesn’t show on ambush interviews – she’s not even articulate and her English is elementary. But her press releases show professionalism.
      Saguisag: A has-been. Sad to note that he did not grow gray hairs as prestigious and noble as the Davidish CPR.