• ‘EDSA reflects Pinoys’ freedom’


    Malacañang urged the public to be one in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the EDSA people power revolution amid skepticism that nothing much has changed since the revolt in 1986.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. on Wednesday said the world’s first peaceful revolution should be celebrated as it reflects the freedom that Filipinos now enjoy.

    “Filipinos celebrate and rekindle the spirit of EDSA as it represents a high water mark in our history: the triumph of democracy and the defeat of dictatorship,” Coloma noted.

    “Demonstrating the primacy of people power is the Filipinos’ gift to the world: We paved the way to the peaceful dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the return of democracy in South Korea and Romania,” he said.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd will lead the celebration today, a special non-working holiday.

    Coloma gave assurances that the government is doing everything to address complaints by martial law victims about slow justice and failure to recover ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses.

    “The executive branch will continue to work closely with the judiciary to ensure that justice will be served for all those that suffered under the dictatorial regime,” he said.

    In fact, Coloma added, the Human Rights Violations Claims Board is processing more than 76,000 claims from individuals and surviving families of those who were killed, tortured or who disappeared during martial law.

    “Funding for claims is from the proceeds of the recovery of ill-gotten wealth that was made possible through the PCGG’s efforts,” he said, referring to the Presidential Commission on Good Government.

    “The Philippines is probably the only country that has set up this institutionalized recovery and compensation processes through official government bodies,” Coloma added.


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    1. EDSA for me is a big mistake as an ordinary citizens like me, since the Marcos regime left , poor more poorer and the rich became more richer. The lives it’s look like more miserable, They accused the latter for wrongdoings but nowadays crimes is everywhere, and even the irresponsible act of the Executive to the SAF 44, DAP PDAF as the SC declared unconstitutional, the mendiola massacre of the farmers who just expressing their grievance to their unfulfilled land reforms that was initiated and became law by the Latter. Then this current govt has the balls to say Democracy from EDSA, freedom to connive the legislature to convict CJ Corona and Etc. My conclusion life during Martial law is better. God bless and save Philippines…

    2. Yes, freedom na ineenjoy ng mga kasama ni Aquino para makanaka, makapagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan…kasama na rin si Aquino diyan at siyempre mga LP members.

    3. Huwag mo ipagyabang yung fundings para sa claim ng martial law victims,kasi hangang ngayon wala pa rin nangyayari…puro lang kayo satsat,,numero uno yang amo mo na Abnoy..