• Edsa revolution unfinished – Binay

    REMEMBER THEM  Relatives of those killed during the martial law years offer candles and flowers at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the EDSA people power revolution. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    Relatives of those killed during the martial law years offer candles and flowers at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the EDSA people power revolution. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    THE EDSA people power revolt goes on as Filipinos continue to struggle against poverty, Vice President Jejomar Binay, the presidential bet of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) in the May 2016 elections, said on Wednesday.

    Speaking on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the popular 1986 uprising, Binay noted that poverty remains the country’s “greatest shame” and the next administration’s “greatest challenge.”

    “We have achieved political freedom, yet economic freedom is still beyond our grasp. The fight for freedom from poverty remains,” said the Vice President, a human rights lawyer during the martial law years and an active participant in the revolt that toppled Marcos’ strongman rule.

    He described the revolution as “far from complete.”

    “Democracy is nothing if it does not democratize wealth. Democracy cannot thrive in a society whose population groans in abject poverty,” Binay said.

    The UNA presidential bet cited the need to provide more economic opportunities for majority of Filipinos who remain poor.

    The Vice President said the challenge for the next administration is to restore the dignity of the poor by redistributing economic opportunity.

    He pointed to the experience of Makati City (Metro Manila) as proof that the fight can be won.

    Binay was named acting mayor of Makati in February 1986, the first local official to be appointed by the then-revolutionary government of President Corazon Aquino.

    He would later be elected to several terms by the people of Makati.

    Binay sided with and defended the Aquino administration, earning him the monicker “Rambotito” when he appeared in full battle gear during one of the many coup attempts against the government.

    “Makati teaches us that political will, transparency, compassion and the unfettered support of the people can move a community forward. We have seen the fruits of people power in Makati through a government that serves its people well. We did it in Makati. We can do it for the entire country,” he said.

    According to Binay, a host of social services and programs has also addressed poverty in Makati, where government data placed the number of poor residents at around 2,000 individuals or 0.5 per cent of the population as of 2012.

    “More important, we addressed the poverty of our people,” he said.

    “After 30 years, the ideals of political and economic freedom are now a reality in Makati,” the Vice President added.

    The Makati experience can be done for the entire country, he said.


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    1. I wish Binay to win the Presidency, because I believe that he accomplished a lot of good work for the common people of this country. I wish that all the Cynical people against him can eat their words.

    2. laking pakinabang talaga ng mga binay kapag nanatili tayo sa napakahabang bangungot. tatlong dekada na kayo…kulang pa ba?

    3. Binay is a perfect example of good peeson turn bad. No doubt that he is a good person before but he was too attracted with wealth and fame which destroyed this good man. When a person unknowingly little by little slides to the dark side, he just cannot recognized that he is gone bad.

    4. Cojuanco’s and cronies lang naman ang nakinabang sa EDSA…looking back 30 years…sinisira nila ang mga marcos to justify their act of crumpling the constitution by declaring the “revolutionary government” and made the 1987 constitution that benefits the cojuanco cronies…divisive and vindictiveness ang umiiral ngayon… kung pakinggan mo ang mga anti-Marcos ay parang sila lang ang tama… LET US ALL STOP THE BLAMING AND UNITE. LET THE HISTORIANS SA TAMANG PANAHON MAGHUSGA SA MGA PANGYAYARI SA EDSA REVOLUTION. THE GERMANS DONT WANT TO TALK WHAT HITLER DID DURING THE HOLOCAUST SO THEY CAN MOVE ON… LOOK AT GERMANY…LOOK AT OUR COUNTRY…

    5. Tama si VP Jojo Binay na unfinish pa yon EDSA Revolution kasi kulang pa yon kinita niya, Kung sila Cory ay dalawa sa pamilya niya na dalawa ang naging pangulo at nagmumunini ngayon ang pamilya niya sa kayamanan nakulimbat nila, ay dapat lang na maging pangulo din si Jojo Binay ng kahit man lang pumantay sa yaman nila Cory kasi naghirap din naman siya sa pagbuo ng EDSA,

    6. Yes, the Makati experience is good for him. He was poor when he took over but became super rich while in power the the poor remained poor because he pocketed the people’s money. Check with the Ombudsman.

    7. Si VP Binay napaka gong-gong nito. Abogado panaman. Hindi niya alam na kaya maraming filipinong mahirap ay isa siya ang dahilan. Pag ninanakaw mo ang pera nang taong bayan maraming mag hihirap. Sa panahon ngayon siya na ang numero uno na nagpapahirap sa mga filipino. Kailangan isaoli niya ang mga pera nang mga tao.

    8. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      24 Feb. 2016

      This peroration of presidential candidate JEJOMAR BINAY on poverty as the greatest challenge of the country would sound just empty political rhetoric from one who wants to be President.

      The difference is that it is VP Jejomar Binay who is saying that, and he happens to speak the truth about his success in extirpating poverty as the long-time successful Mayor of Makati City.

      And so, there is reason to believe him when he asserts that what he did successfully for Makati City he can extrapolate on a national scale. There will be those, of course, who will pooh-pooh what he promises he could do as President. The proof of the pudding, as that trite saying goes, is in the eating.

      What Mr. Binay does not make clear is how he could and will do it. Lifting 2,000 poverty-stricken people in a city like Makati is not the same as lifting 30 MILLION Filipinos out of the quagmire of widespread and chronic poverty, living lives of extreme degradation and dehumanization. President Aquino tried it with his CCT program, to which he has already thrown the humongous sum of around P300 BILLION in the five years that the program has run–but, unfortunately, the incidence of poverty, far from abating, has only worsened during his 5-year watch.

      And that, paradoxically, when the country’s Gross Domestic Product has been spurting at the impressive annual rate of around 7%, which is one of the highest in Asia, but has uniformly been JOBLESS.

      From where I sit, the main CULPRIT is the the country’s population which has been exploding at a rate which doubles it every 35 years or so. Thus, any annual increase in GDP will only be canceled out by the increase in population also annually. Given a certain level of population x, and a certain level of GDP y, GDP Per Capita will be y/x. Increase x and y/x will be lower. Reduce x and y/x will be higher. In time, the Philippines will surmount its pejorative distinction as “The sick man of Asia.”

      I assume that Jejomar Binay who is not a neophyte politician or administrator knows this by heart. And so, if he expects to succeed as President, he will need to tame the country’s population drastically: he will advise fecund Filipino couples to exercise what’s inside their skulls called “brains” more than they exercise their groins–and should be content with 2-3 children, rather than 6 to 8. In short they should not “multiply like rabbits–a phrase attributed to Pope Francis.


    9. Common, Binay, for 30 years! Other Asean countries hold for that long like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, became strong economically, infrastructurally, peacefully & happy peoples. But what you had done was downward trends from what you grabbed from Marcos! Shame!