Effortless style and understated elegance


There’s something alluring about a woman donned in subdued palettes and polished patterns, not to mention some touch of thoughtful details here and there. It’s classy, comfortable, and timeless. And it speaks of volume and substance.

This year’s Spring/Summer collection of Lady Rustan pays homage to the sophisticated lady, staying true to her roots yet still paying attention to details that highlight feminine silhouettes.

Designed by Pia Regala-Hebron, Lady Rustan’s latest collection was inspired by mellowed hues of the sky, sand, and sea. The result is fresh and unobtrusive, reminiscent of cool summers in the fields or the beach at sundown. Hebron’s creations vary in textures and materials, yet each piece makes for a perfect summer pick.

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From jumpsuits to asymmetrical tops, tie-front culottes, sleeveless tops, flowy skirts and functional dresses—it’s all about a summer vibe that’s both effortless and chic. Whether it’s for a casual outdoor wine date with friends, a workweek attire, simply running an errand or anything in between, this collection is a go-to pick for those who love the relaxed and minimalist look. But really, it’s for the Rustan woman of varying ages who embodies its ideals, someone who prefers subdued elegance and trend-enduring ensembles.

It’s in the way Hebron marries functionality with aesthetic elements that give the designs a fresh and covetable vibe, items that stay long in a woman’s wardrobe, even long after one has outgrown a particularly loud and provocative piece.

For the recent Lady Rustan Summer 2018 Fashion Show, the designer worked alongside Silnag Horn Jewelry for the lovely accessories that completed the look of the models who sashayed down the runway. The Silnag pieces are usually made from Philippine water buffalo horn, cow bone, acacia wood, sheep leather and semi-precious stones.

Lady Rustan is exclusively available at all Rustan’s stores.


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