Egg-citing Easter treats and surprises


Part of the fun this season is discovering how Easter eggs, chicks and bunnies have come to symbolize the abundance of new life rooted in Christ’s resurrection as well as the coming of spring.

In the 13th century, ancient people believed that eggs symbolized the rock tomb of Christ while the chick hatching out of the egg symbolizes his resurrection. Eggs were also forbidden food during Lenten season thus people started painting eggs and consume them on Easter day to celebrate Christ coming back to life.

Easter bunnies have long been associated with new life

Easter bunnies are also associated with new life and the start of springtime. They say the Easter bunny first arrived in America in the 1700s with German immigrants who brought “Osterhase”, an egg laying tradition.

Since then, the tradition spread across the United States and eventually included baskets with colorful eggs, chocolates and candies.

Eggs used to be forbidden during Lent, so people started painting and consuming them on Easter to celebrate resurrection

Easter traditions continue to prosper and be cherished around the world with families celebrating a Sunday mass together followed by fun and exciting egg hunting activities with colorful baskets, lots of chocolates and candies for kids.

Continuing these traditions, Easter is made even more fun and egg citing for kids what with Toy Kingdom and Snack Exchange’s toys, treats and surprises for kids of all ages.

Sweet treats and egg-shaped lollipops make perfect Easter treats

An amazing Easter hunt awaits at Toy Kingdom with the bunny, chick and flower inspired pails filled with pastel colored eggs in different sizes. Kids will also have a new friend with the fluffy and huggable bunny plush toys that you can hug all day.

Meanwhile, at Snack Exchange, there are Kinder Joy and Zaini milk chocolate eggs that come with cute toys inside, Dutche chocolates as well as egg shaped lollipops in sweet colors. Boys would also be thrilled with the dinosaurs inside the Jurassic inspired eggs that come with colorful candies.


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