Eggs-traordinary toys and treats for Easter


Well-loved traditions continue this Easter to enjoin children in celebrating Christ’s resurrection through delightfully decorated Easter eggs, and other symbols of new life.

Since ancient time, eggs have been used to represent the coming of spring as well as the rock at the tomb from which the Lord emerged when he rose from the dead. The chick hatching out of the egg also symbolizes new life or rebirth, while the practice of decorating eggs is said to date back earlier to the 13th century.

Although non-Biblical, another prominent secular symbol of Easter is the bunny or rabbit, reportedly introduced to America by German immigrants with their stories of egg-laying hares called “Osterhase.”

Modern additions are the consumption of Easter candies and chocolates, gifts and decorated baskets in egg, chick and bunny shapes.

Today, many families around the world celebrate Easter with Sunday Mass and lots of sweet treats for kids, including fun egg hunts.

To make the holiday more enjoyable for children, check out these suggestions from Toy Kingdom for Easter tokens big and small.


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