• Eight ways to xiao long bao at Paradise Dynasty


    Singaporean restaurant franchise Paradise Dynasty is making waves in the ever-competitive food scene since it opened in Manila back in November 2016.

    “The response of our diners has been fantastic. Every item on our menu is a blockbuster from our eight-flavored xiao long bao to our Szechuan cuisine and La Mian dishes,” Paradise manager Jonathan Ko happily told The Manila Times during a food tasting visit.

    Located at the second floor of S Maison Conrad Hotel in the Mall of Asia, Paradise Dynasty’s façade exudes elegance and provides a luxurious fine dining experience, especially with its front row view of the Manila Bay sunset. It can accommodate 105 guests with a dedicated function room.

    Ko explained that the S Maison branch realizes the very mission of Eldwin Chua, chief executive officer of Paradise Group Holdings: “To provide diners with a valuable dining experience that comprises affordable food in a mesmerizing setting in a prime location.”

    What is constant, however is Paradise’s menu. “Whatever taste you experience here at the Manila branch, our founder also sees to it that it’s the same taste the customers experience in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan,” Ko ascertained.

    What then should a first timer to Paradise Dynasty make sure to try? Below is a list The Manila Times recommends for a delectable experience.

    Unique appetizer
    The imperial meal starts with steamed glutinous rice stuffed in red dates. The sweet glaze prepares the palate for the peculiar taste of the eight-flavored xiao long bao.

    Colorful xiao long bao
    The Xiao Long Bao or soup dumpling is a traditional street food from Shanghai that is delicately hand crafted with 18 pinches to form the spiral knot. Some xiao long bao lovers eat this special dumpling in one big bite while others poke a whole on the thin wrapper to release the juices first before eating the rest.

    What makes Paradise Dynasty’s xiao long bao different are the restaurant’s innovative versions, namely original (white), ginseng (green), garlic (brown), black truffle (black), cheese (yellow) crab roe (orange), foie gras and Szechuan (red).

    Originally concocted by the founder himself and his team of chefs after many rounds of tasting and testing, this colorful eight-flavored soup dumpling is a must at Paradise Dynasty.

    Szechuan dishes
    Another Paradise Dynasty favorite is the spicy Szechuan crispy chicken made from chunks of crispy fried chicken mixed with spice, chilis and peanuts.

    Szechuan cuisine (also called Szechwan or Sichuan) is a Chinese style of cooking that originates in the Sichuan province of southwestern China – a place known for unique and bold flavors, resulting in generous servings of garlic and chili peppers.

    Hand-made La Mian
    La Mian with braised pork belly and pork bone soup is another best-seller. La Mian is a type of Chinese noodle made by twisting, stretching and folding the dough into strands, freshly made in Paradise Dynasty kitchen every day.

    These hand-pulled noodles become tastier with braised pork belly, sauces, vegetables and egg. It is served with poached marbled beef in spicy Szechuan soup, simmered over slow fire for 12 hours before being served.

    Scrambled egg white with fish and conpoy
    A perfect option for crab meat lovers is scrambled egg white with fish and conpoy. Ko related that one of the cooks of the emperor of China had a shortage in crab meat and experimented with egg white, fish and conpoy (dried scallop) to imitate the taste and texture. He succeeded as an order of this dish will prove.

    Exquisite raddish pastry
    This raddish pastry—made from shredded radish in a light and flaky pastry shell —tastes heavenly especially for health-conscious individuals.

    Lea Manto-Beltran


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