FEARING the expected power shortage in the country by 2015, Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito is pushing for the restoration of the Bataan nuclear power plant to help avert the country’s energy crisis. In a press conference held in Bataan province on Friday, Ejercito said operating the nuclear plant will help solve the expected power shortage in Luzon. He said that the nuclear power plant must be operated “provided it will adhere to all government policies that would not result in any environment-related problems.” Ejercito said he visited the plant recently and he confirmed that all equipment are properly maintained. The senator said his technical staff is now in the process of gathering more data and studies before he makes an official recommendation through a legislative action asking Malacañang to consider the full operation of the Bataan nuclear plant. However, the senator admitted that pushing the operation of Bataan power nuke plant will be opposed by other independent power companies. The nuclear plant was built three decades ago but has never been used and now only serves as a tourist attraction. The plant has lain dormant since it was completed in 1984, during the Marcos regime at a cost of US$ 2.3 billion.


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  1. Very obvious tactics of those who despise former Pres. Marcos. Bet some of those in the government are probably shareholders, part owner, etc. on those independent power companies. I’ve seen a video on Youtube before, on there was the message from former Pres. Marcos to former Pres. Cory Aquino. Saying to utilize BNPP, or Philippine economy will suffer 20yrs from that time he gave that advise.

    I’ve admired Pres. Marcos. A genius man like him will not invest on a facility only to server as tourist attraction. Its just so frustrating to think that our country wasted such leader. He was the only leader in this country I see as “more than fit” to have the title. Go Nuclear Power! The intensity of “corruption” in the government has far more devastating effect than of the strongest earthquake measured by Richter scale.

  2. Alvin M. Cacut, ECE0048592 on

    FAR FROM FAULT: On its being near Mt. Natib, Cojuangco shows a letter of Director Renato Solidum of the Philippines Institute of Volcanology and Seismology saying that “the buffer zone against rupturing recommended by Phivolcs is at least five meters on both sides of a verified trace or from the edge of the deformation zone.”

    Solidum pointed out that since the BNPP is at least 64 kms south of the Iba Fault in Zambales, 78 kms northwest of the West Valley Fault System in Marikina and 83 kms south of the East Zambales Fault, “the BNPP is safe from the hazard of ground rupture related to fault movement.”

    Cojuangco said the casualties in the vicinity of the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan were killed as a result of the tsunami that swept the area, not because of any radiation leak.

    He added that Fukushima was designed for a seismic acceleration of 0.18G, while the Bataan plant had a higher threshold of 0.4G.

    Citing technical assessments that BNPP is safer than Fukushima, Cojuangco said BNPP is younger than 70 percent of nuclear power plants operating in the United States.

  3. It is more wasteful on the part of the government not to use this asset. This seems to be an immediate solution to the power shortage of Luzon. Politics should be set aside and make use of this source of power. Whatever are the circumstances related to the acquisition of this nuclear plant, the government should set aside politics and solve the immediate power problem of the Philippines.

  4. adnimdangminda on

    That will be the best thing to do if they (government) agreed to it… Then that will be a big help to all.

  5. Michael B. Cuanzon on

    How right! Studies have proven the site is sitting on faults which could bring more chaos (darkness than light). If necessary why not in areas which do not sit on faults in the rim of fire?

    • Mario Manzanero on

      I think President Marcos is not that stupid to build that nuke plant on a fault. That fault story might just be all BS to stop it from operating for political and financial gains of Marcos oponents.

    • Charlie V. Sabado on

      Mr. Michael Cuanson, if you can substantiate your claim that the plant is standing in a fault line, we the filipino people will listen. But if you got your comment during the anouncement of the issue during Cory’s regime, better research first before you post anything. Check the comprehensive geological survey of the Unites States of america and compare it to that of Philvolks and you might learn something from it. Your data was a propaganda from the last few regimes. Stop being selfish!! We need power resources that are sustainable and the nuclear plant is one of the candidates.