El Nino threatens graves in Peru


LIMA: Lawmakers in Peru warned Tuesday that the extreme weather system El Nino is threatening to wash hundreds of corpses out of a graveyard, and ordered the bodies to be moved. A legislative commission ordered authorities in the northern town of Trujillo to move about a thousand corpses out of the Mampuesto cemetery to prevent them from being washed away when El Nino hits in the coming months. “During the El Nino phenomenon in 1998, rainwater gathered in this cemetery and finally overflowed, causing coffins and corpses to be washed away beyond the main square in the town,” the president of the special commission on El Nino, Virgilio Acuna, told AFP. Sparked by a warming in sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific, El Nino wreaks havoc on world weather patterns every two to seven years, causing floods and droughts.



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