El Niño to cost 1 million jobs -Binay


Is the Aquino administration prepared for loss of jobs of an estimated one million rural workers within the next six months as a result of El Niño?

Vice President Jejomar Binay does not think so, saying the administration is resorting to “band-aid” solutions to the problem instead of drawing up more concrete measures to protect the workers to be affected by the weather phenomenon.

According to him, the budget set aside for emergency employment programs will only benefit 70,000 rural workers.

In the first half of the year, Binay said on Friday, agricultural losses have been pegged at P2.19 billion by the Department of Agriculture.

Yet the administration, he added, has apparently a wrong sense of priorities, as it set aside P13 billion for irrigation in Metro Manila.

A candidate for President in the 2016 elections, he vowed to improve infrastructure and give additional incentives to farmers to increase productivity in the agricultural sector.

To entice more investors, income and corporate taxes should be lowered, and some economic provisions of the Constitution should be amended, among them the restriction against foreign ownership of certain businesses. This is a way to stimulate competition and improve quality and lower prices of products and services],” he said.


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  1. Rigoberto Tofu certainly knows what he is talking about. After all, “give additional incentives to farmers to increase productivity in the agricultural sector” is not specific, although it is so much more specific in terms of solution than a 13Billion peso allotment for irrigation in an urban metropolis… (wait, is that for parks, perhaps? because i doubt if Manila is already doing rooftop farming… But then again, I understand that there are farmer sectoral representatives in government who claim to own farmlands inside Metro Manila, so, well, maybe its for their benefit..). So, yes, Mr. Tofu really, really knows what he is talking about… Besides, if he was present during cabinet meetings (because how else would he know that the VP “did not even mince a word” (does he even understand the context of that word, mince?!?!” hahahaha), he should really be in a position to know, right?

    Also, we (as in everyone) should agree with his statement “the Filipinos will feel embarrass with the kind of personality that Binay has”, kasi nakakahiya naman sa kanya if we don’t. He claimed it in our name, so we should at least make an effort not to shame him by our disagreement. I don’t agree with him, but for his sake, I will be gracious, hospitable, and nod my head pleasantly, and say nothing. After all, my parents taught me to say nothing to people who are so intelligent their family is named after an organic vegetarian food.

    Now, I am a UP graduate myself, and my colleagues in my work says I also do not mince words when I join intellectual discussions, (I had a nice lively argument about Lacan, Derrida and Habermas yesternight, actually… it was fascinatingly interesting!). I also do not make extemporaneous speeches (although i did win in a high school extempo speaking competition. three times actually. But i always kept a logical format in mind). And I really, really do not get into debates, as much as possible… And I think there are also thousands of other UP grads who are in the same way as I am. So i guess that does not make the Vice President something unique… in all probability, Mr. Tofu is not a UP graduate, that’s why he wouldn’t know exactly how a UPian lives… :)

  2. Rigoberto Tofu on

    The national treasury is the next target of Binay to steal more money. He is looking at all problems but not offer any solutions. The same thing as what he did during his 2010-present as VP. A UP graduate who did not even mince a word to join the intellectual discussions during cabinet meetings. A UP graduate who can not even make any extemporaneous speeches. A UP graduate who cannot even face the challenges of his debates to non-UP law graduates. Line up Binay among the APEC leaders and the Filipinos will feel embarrass with the kind of personality that Binay has. In short, no world leader will listen to a corrupt and ugly Dedemon Binay.