Elderly couple held for bullet at NAIA


A septuagenarian couple leaving for Los Angeles in California, USA was held at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal 1 after a live bullet for a .38 caliber gun was found in their carry-on bag on Tuesday afternoon. Esteban Cortabista, 78, and his wife Salvacion, 75, both passengers of Korean Air flight, were prevented to the boarding lounge after Office for Transportation Security (OTS) personnel stopped them at the final security check. The couple denied owning the bullet saying it was their second time to travel to the US and knew that carrying bullet in the airport terminal is prohibited. The couple was later brought to the medical clinic after Salvacion complained of difficulty in breathing as her blood pressure shoot-up. Police Aviation Security Group said that the couple was brought to the Department of Justice for further investigation.


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  1. These corrupt syndicate in the airport should be targeted for liquidation by the Death Squad. After the liquidation their remains should be place in container of acids so there will be no trace of their deaths.

  2. These OTS personnel are scumbags. Of all people, they had to victimize an elderly couple. I hope karma will take it toll on them.

  3. Oh boy, another victim of tanim bala ….. nag palamig lang pala. mga hinayupak na taga OTS. sayad na ba ang tuka kaya kailangan rumaket.

  4. Very Stupid Government that allows very incompetent people running DOTC, MRT AND NAIA. Duterte can definitely resolve this in one day. Interrogate all personnel present during the incident. Let’s see if no one will start to talk. Drastic approach is needed in this long and irritating problem. The way this government address simple problem bec of “due process” is what makes us suffer and humiliated here and abroad.And what makes these criminals continue on what they do bec they knwo that they can run around the process.

  5. Tama. The
    Bullet should be first seennor detected in the initial screening and not on the final one. Kc mtigas ulo ayaw alisin ang manager na incompetent. Poor filipinos kelan pa tau uunlad pag lging ganyan ang sistema.

  6. Juan Delacruz on

    Firs and foremost, the Office of Transportation Security (OTS) personnel stopped these two 78 and 75 years old couple at the “final security check” and were prevented from boarding on Korean Airline flight to Los Angeles California.

    Question no.1. Why the .38 caliber bullet was not detected on the “initial security check”, upon entering the airport that head towards the airline ticket counter, where boarding pass is issued?

    Question no.2. The “initial security check” is where the X Ray machines is located and at the same time, the hand carry luggage are checked by going through X Ray machine as well. Was the bullet detected on the carry-on bag during this process?
    If NO, why not?

    Here is my unsolicited opinion on this episode and I hope Mr. Honorado is reading Manila times today and he should:
    1. The alleged bullet found on hand-on bag did not come from outside, but rather an “internal tanim bala”, orchestrated by the ugliest person that have ever lived on this planet earth, the NAIA General Manager, Mr. Honorado.
    2. Consider the ages of this couple; people with a little bit of intellect and have the ability to think rationally, should consider that these retired couple would not even think in bringing any live bullet, going to the U.S. on vacation.
    3. The Department of Justice should do an “Honorable Decision” to drop the charges against this retired couple, and let them go on to their journey. The DOJ should conclude that this was a SHITTY job orchestrated by NAIA GM Mr. Honorado.

    • some pinoys carry a bullet as some sort of crazy good luck charm, they believe in voo doo, black magic you name it they believe in it, just like their airline PAL the only airline i know in the world that has no row 13 seats, but yes watch your bags very closely at the airport I do.