Election day a work day for judges, court clerks



Judges and clerks of court have been ordered to report during the barangay elections on Monday to resolve election related cases.

In a two-page circular Supreme Court Administrator Justice Jose Midas P. Marquez ordered executive judges nationwide to attend to cases that might reach the court on election day.

As head of the Office of the Court Administrator, Marquez has administrative supervision over all judges nationwide and the office investigates and disciplines judges.

In remote areas, any urgent election matter can be brought to the nearest court or station, Marquez said.

“In case of the Metropolitan Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts in Cities, Municipal Circuit Trial Courts, to the Presiding Judge of the nearest court or to the Executive judge, whichever is nearer,” he added.

The Clerks of Court are also tapped to have a skeletal force during the election day.

“The Clerk of Court of the Office of the Clerk of Court shall maintain a skeletal force in the office to attend to the collection of court fees and to receive cash bonds or any other bonds that may be posted for any election offense,” Marquez added.




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