‘Election results pre-programmed’


Comelec employees manually count ballots. File Photo

MULTI-sectoral groups led by Tanggulang Demokrasya (Tandem) on Tuesday called on the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to manually count ballots in 78,000 precincts as they claimed that a “template” appeared to have been used across the country, making the results of the May 13 elections “good as trash.”

Adolfo Paglinawan, a political activist and Convenor of the Solidarity for Sovereignty, said the 12 senators who have already been proclaimed by the Comelec were “digitally-elected.”

He maintained that massive poll discrepancies included the pre-programming of the election results.

“The startling revelation towards the end of May 2013 that the sixteen canvasses for the 2013 senatorial elections revealed a 60-30-10 linear pattern throughout the country started a nationwide debate that could not be confined among IT [information technology]practitioners and professors of mathematics and bloggers,” Paglinawan said.

The pattern meant that 60 percent of the votes went to administration candidates, 30 percent went to the opposition coalition United Nationalist Coalition (UNA) and 10 percent to independent candidates.

“That nine Team PNoy and three UNA candidates were winning was not at all alarming because that was what the final Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia surveys suggested.

What was controversial was that it was a most unlikely event considering the ethnic fractiousness of the Filipino voting population and the archipelagic nature of the country’s geography,” Paglinawan said.

According to him, for the first time in the history of Philippine elections, from Aparri to Jolo, the votes appeared like a template. The national pattern was also observed in the regional level, with most provinces having the same numerical behavior.

While monitoring the incoming canvasses during the wee hours of May 14, Paglinawan said the standings of the 33 senatorial candidates were showing what he called a “linear pattern much like a flatline”, remaining substantially the same from the first canvass to the latest canvass.

For his part, Jun Estralla, an information technology (IT) expert, said that based on their observation, the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS] machines were already loaded with a program that was transmitted to the transparency server from the municipal, provincial and national level.

“There is only one program and those who are behind the program did not consider the landscape of an area since it can’t be denied that every politician has his or her own baluarte (bailiwick),” Estralla said.

Paglinawan, who came home from the United States to vote, said the respective bases of the 16 canvasses released by the Transparency Server through Rappler.com, indicate that data were coming from “batched” provinces, cities and municipalities and other areas.

“In fact, by sheer batching, a serious and glaring anomaly is already happening because the canvasses were not randomly being received by the Transparency Server but were being shortstopped somewhere, at the very least batched but as such already exposed to human manipulation,” he said.

The political activist said the process was an indication of an “insidious program defaulting the reception of raw canvass from the field, in favor of a pre-programmed 60-30-10 forward vote distribution relayed to the server.”

The group offered to deploy some of their “top people” to help the Comelec evaluate the canvass reports.

Tess Baltazar, Tandem chairman, said a manual count is the only way to appease the people’s “righteous indignation” since the results of the automated elections was inconclusive.

“The automated output is as good as trash. It is impossible for it to reflect even a hint of the actual votes of the people; the situation definitely demands for the need for a complete manual recount, at all levels; the perpetrators of this massive fraud, including the Comelec, that legislated the opportunity for the criminal act, must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law; and an entirely new method of election must be used for the barangay as well as the 2016 elections,” she said.


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  1. Be Aware:
    You forgot something that computer is not made only by softwares. For IT experts, hardware plays a critical part here too. Even if the source code is good, have to tried to look whats inside the PCOS? (hardware arraignment?). I’m asking because i want to know:)

  2. Kung ganyan pala, hindi naten totoong president si ABnoy, i mean Pnoy. Baka si Gibo pa nanalo. hmmm *thinking*

  3. Politicians who lost did not lose but were only cheated. This is the typical lament of those who who lost in the elections. Happens all the time like a broken record. If Tandem is sincere, will they spend for the recount that they are asking? Do they expect the people’s money to be spent for their allegations? Talk is cheap

  4. kung lahat ng candidates ng Administration ay nanalo, eh di mas naging kaduda-duda na? Come on! In my own opinion, manual recount is needed. Iba na talaga ang life pag may technology, easier daw ang life. :D Easier nga.

  5. nakausap ko ang isang ta smartmatic IT at natanung ko,ano ginagawa mo ngayun? sabi nya nag buburn ako ng CF cards para sa mga probinsya. diba pag nag buburn ka ibag sabihin nag lalagay ka ng detalye sa cf card,kung sinabi nya na nag forformat sya ,ibig sabihin inaalis nya ang detalye sa cf cards., tama ba ako?.

    • Burning may mean that he was placing the program to run the PCOS machines in the CF card. It may not mean that he was placing voting data.

    • I’m pretty sure burning is only applicable to optical disks. For flash based and magnetic based storage like CFs and HDDs, the term is writing. Though there are a lot of misused terms floating around so that could be it. Either that or he meant literally burning them to destroy the data permanently since you can still retrieve data even when it’s deleted or when the storage is reformatted.

      Also, writing on a card shouldn’t be suspicious as that’s probably where they put the program for the PCOS

    • nung nakausap ko po yung IT e during election at nag tataka naman ako kung bakit election na e madami pa din inilalabas ang mga IT ng smartmatic na CF cards at almost 1week simula ng may 13 hanggang 20 ng may e may nilalabas pang mga CF cards.example(aga mulach lamang na sa kalaban ng malaki,nung me nilabas na CF cards para sa province ni aga,ayun biglang laki ng lamang ng kalaban ni aga)…..WTF?

  6. So what we have are Senators & Congressmen voted not by the people but by PCOS machines. That’s what I call PCOS Senators & PCOS Congressmen. Maybe we also have a PCOS President.

  7. This is crazy!

    What about the result of the random manual counting made to more than 250 precincts? Again, the selection of precincts was RANDOM and the result of manual counting is more than 99% accurate!

    An IT Expert who wants to go back to the old age of manual counting?


  8. christian f. dinozo on

    tama ang assessment nila duon.dito sa amin sa baras rizal ay ganoon ang system,out of 8 seats for councilors, 5 ang sa admin(60%),2 ang sa opposition(30%) 1 sa independent(10&).paano kaya nangyari doon.

  9. ryan rogelio on

    Mind boggling : Chiz Escudero was not included in the list of senators endorsed by Iglesia ni Kristo. Despite of this, the margin of votes from Loren Legarda is about a million or about two million from Poe. If INC voted for Chiz, allegedly there are more than 3 Million INC voters, he should have topped the election with a margin of about two million from Grace Poe?

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  11. joseph pereyra on

    I fully agree to a complete manual count of all precincts nationwide. Dapat talagang e-manual count ito from senators down to the municipal councilors. Dapat pumayag ang comelec sa panawagan na to in order to, once and for all maalis completely ang agam-agam ng electorate na may manipulation na naganap sa 2013 elections. The TRUE WILL of the people is paramount above all things in democratic processes. Let’s not care about the expenses to be incurred during the manual recount because ngayon pa lang marami ng nag vo-volunteer sa paggawa ng recount. If the comelec will not agree, i hope the supreme court will allow or will order the comelec to do a manual recount as petitioned. TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE!

    • I support a full manual recount; but by an independent and credible body. Comelec is part of the problem and has lost its credibility among the people!

    • pinoypanahonmona on

      If I were one of the administration elected Senators last May 2013. I will initiate a proposal for manual counting in order to clear the speculation of election rigging and to prove that i was elected by the majority and not a product of pre-programmed installed in the the memory of PCOS machine. Thus, it will also bring back the trust and confidence of Filipino people to our COMELEC as a trusted institution, credible enough to operate on 2016 Presidential election. It is a win or break for Pres. Aquino and his political party to show his sincerity in his commitment on TUWID NA DAAN. Good luck to the present administration. Addressing this issue as soon as possible will lead Pnoy to bring and lead the nation to his promise of TUWID NA DAAN even beyond 2016. PINOY PANAHON MO NA!


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  13. My observation is: while the conduct of last election may not be perfect, it is illogical to conclude that it was pre-programmed because GMA, Datu Arroyo and their allies won, while Mayor Alfredo Lim, one of President Aquino’s closest ally lost. I think if there was any cheating, the major allies of the President should have won.

  14. Aurelio Casillan on

    If your version is true 60 30 10 election result. Don’t stop find out the person or persons involved to protect your integrity. Maybe we to compare United States voting machines to that Philippines voting machines. In Florida Al Gore was proclaim a winner and the protest was established a reason of hanging chad.That incident is not intentionally done by voter. This 60 30 10 is intentionally done by who?

  15. Tandem should not talking like this… They don’t have evidence. IT practitioners don’t have any idea unless they touch the source code.. Besides, Administration bets did not won all the seats.. If the templates that they are mentioning is real then they have to prove it, they have to do their own program… we’ll see what will happen on their 60-30-10 issue.

    • “IT practitioners don’t have any idea unless they touch the source code”
      That’s the problem. They can’t touch the code. IT practitioners should have an idea of how pre-programmed voting works. If they ask for the source code, they’ll probably be given one that acts legit but wasn’t the one used during the elections.

      “Administration bets did not won all the seats”
      Well at least if it was pre-programmed we know that at least they have the sense to not make it a complete win for the administration

      “If the templates that they are mentioning is real then they have to prove it,”
      That’s why they’re asking for a manual recount.

      “they have to do their own program”
      How that’s supposed to prove anything is beyond me. With enough time, I can make my own program too but that’s the problem. It’s my program not theirs.
      It’s like saying to prove that someone broke into a house to steal something, the accusers have to steal something too to prove it. How does that work?