• Election system vulnerable – Monsod


    Former Commission on Elections chairman Christian Monsod on Wednesday said that the people behind the changing of the script in the transparency server of the poll body during the height of transmission of unofficial and initial results of the May 9 election should be held accountable.

    “It may be just cosmetic change. But it just shows that the system is vulnerable. We have known that for a long time that there is no system that is not vulnerable. The Comelec did not have tight control or safeguarding. It may just be cosmetic but it just shows the responsibility and accountability of the Comelec,” he said in a news forum.

    Monsod also denounced the Comelec for allowing Smartmatic to yield so much power in the conduct of the elections.

    “The biggest lesson in automation is to never let the supplier control the operation. Never give them control or access to all critical and important points. They do their jobs, they supply the software but (when it comes) to the operations, the supplier must not operate.

    This must be purely the responsibility of the Comelec and the Filipino experts in technology,” he said.

    Monsod said many areas failed to hold elections and electoral fraud were reported in some areas in Mindanao.

    Meanwhile, Bassir Uto, who ran for vice mayor under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) at Datu Saudi Ampatuan in Maguindanao, said many of his supporters were prevented by personnel of incumbent Liberal Party Mayor Samsudin Dimaukom from entering their precincts. LP supporters, they alleged, also engaged in ballot shading in favor of the party’s vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo. He claimed to have in his possession a video to show the wholesale vote shaving in favor of Robredo in his province.

    Victor Abillo, provincial coordinator of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte in Basilan, said his watchers also reported that many voters were prevented from casting their votes by armed men.

    In some areas, he said the presidential and vice presidential candidates except former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd and Rep. Leni Robredo had zero votes.
    He urged the Comelec to look into the incidents in Mindanao.

    “We could be killed when we return to our place all because we want to correct our system of election,” he said.


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