• Elections 2016: A chance for change (2)


    Second of two parts

    (We continue today with Reader Hector’s analysis of the 2016 elections.)

    The mainstream media [with the exception of this paper]have also played its role in our country’s demise as it panders to its masters, and no longer serves the public by asking the “tough questions” and have abandoned ethics in favor of “brown manila envelopes.”

    It’s a mutual pact of corrupt self-interest between the elite and establishment at the expense of national interest, international respect, and individual dignity.

    Nothing is further removed from a genuine democracy than the sham and hypocrisy that currently pervade Philippine elections and underpin the political system.

    The economic inequality in the Philippines is one of the worst in the world, and elitism has created a divide which is more pronounced than even the dying caste system in India.

    Discrimination has replaced unity, collectivity in place of individuality, and subservience instead of expression.

    Modern-day slavery and human trafficking reflect a 3rd world society which is both isolationist and protectionist, but which will become a dinosaur, and an international irrelevance to all but the US multinationals, which happily pursue their policy of hegemony and extract excessive profits from the country, and ensure that competition remains excluded. For the US it is like taking candy from a baby!

    Come 2016 the reality is that Mar Roxas will very likely become president – not because he deserves it, far from it, – but because with such a weak and unpopular candidate the LP will resort to any, and all, means – mainly foul – to ensure a victory, be it legal challenges, blanket advertising, black propaganda, outright lies, survey manipulation, vote rigging/buying and the Smartmatic PCOS or OMR machines.

    But that does not have to mean that all hope is lost.

    A Senate of the great and good
    It simply becomes all the more critical to ensure that the Senate does not become populated yet again by corrupt and unethical re-electionists, populists, celebrities, or once again acts as a paid rubber stamp, and that it starts to act as it should – a genuine check and balance, independent of the executive, representative of society at large, and composed of the “great and good.”

    It also provides an opportunity for the electorate to send a strong message that enough is enough, to show unity, and to achieve a foundation for future change by not considering dynastic families/rule, which more than any other single factor drives the malaise, and which will always be the primary barrier to progress, opportunity, and greater equality, let alone a more democratic system.

    And certainly no current senator seeking re-election is worth a moment’s thought, with each of them having filled their bank accounts by prostituting their duty and integrity during the Corona trial. The reelectionists have shown disrespect for the institution, and disregard for the people. The people now need to show their contempt for such political pariahs.

    Yesterday’s men have created the current problems, and it is time to think differently and give the young turks a chance, particularly those not ensconced in elitism and dynastic thinking. They will do far less harm, and may even surprise people, and potentially become agents of real change, in addition to representing diversity, and a shift in the balance of power.

    If people want change then it is pointless voting for the same people – that is insanity personified.

    The vote for Pacquaio will represent an interesting national barometer of stupidity. Even AlDub would be a better choice!

    Among the morass of candidates there are a few who deserve serious consideration.

    Overall, the best that can be done is to vote for candidates who are capable and committed, who carry no baggage, who are not part of the dynastic elite, and who would provide the requisite checks and balance, together with greater independence and integrity, and who also would be more representative of the electorate.

    The country needs to achieve unity through diversity, inclusion not segregation, and opportunity from equality. The right foundations will spur innovation, growth, progress, and prosperity. A new paradigm needs new people. Tomorrow’s world will not be built by yesterday’s men who helped tear down the fabric of Philippine democracy, and weakened the political institutions.

    Those without dynastic affiliations represent the best chance for change, and a counterweight, if the presidential election is tainted/manipulated.

    Meritocracy to replace mediocrity
    Leadership/politics is not just about filing numerous irrelevant bills but about focusing upon the big issues which create a cascade effect on change.

    It’s time that meritocracy replaces mediocrity, and time that corrupt senators, personalities, and absentee politicians are given short shrift.

    It’s time to be serious, and to be seen to be serious – no more “the clowns of Asia,” and the butt of jokes.

    The country deserves better, but at least Millennials are beginning to demand better (they are interested in solutions for present problems, and future plans, not to be stuck in the past) – so should OFWs, farmers, the unemployed, those on minimum wage, teachers, students, mothers, and nurses, not to mention SAF 44 who will never get justice under the current Aquino administration which has total disregard for justice – and De Lima is running for the Senate! That is an added insult to Filipinos when she has epitomized selective justice and selective prosecution under the Aquino administration.

    “The trouble with political jokes, is that they get elected.”

    And the joke is ultimately on the electorate, and elected politicians are laughing all the way to the bank!



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    1. Since immemorial time I’ve been hearing this word change, change for the better, but how would we do it? A real change would take years, centuries perhaps, an evolution but can we wait that long? An effective change is to change the whole political and social structures of this country including the 100 million people living in it. To let this happen, all of us would have to die first and then be reborn flawless. Again the question how? I say let the Almighty work on it. Nothing impossible for Him.

    2. i agree with marco polo. isa itong media na brain washing sa mga mangmang na mga pilipino. ang akala ng ABS-CBN mang mang na lahat ng Filipino lalong lalo na ang kabataaan na walang nalalaman kundi ang mga artista nilang wala ka nmn makukuhang kapakipakinabang..para sa kinabukasan ng bansa.. at ng mamayan. its time to change a REAL change and we must work hard to in this coming election. Wag iboto ang mga manok ng elistang dilawan, tulad ng ABS CBN, GMA, at the same time, iboycott natin ang mga network na ito.. mind setting ang mga mediang ito…akala nila lahat ng tao mngmang tulad nila.

    3. No amount of source code auditing can detect any malicious or erroneous PCOS softwares that will be used. Since the use of the SMARTMATIC PCOS machines cannot be stopped, I recommend that all the accredited political parties and national organizations advocating for a clean election should urge the COMELEC to adopt this resolution: THAT ALL THE SOFTWARES NEEDED TO OPERATE THE SMARTMATIC PCOS MACHINES INCLUDING THE OPERATING SYSTEM SHOULD NOT BE INSTALLED UNTIL ELECTION DAY. FURTHER, DISTRIBUTION OF THE PCOS SOFTWARES SHOLD BE DONE ONLY BY COMELEC. This is one effective way to prevent any advance modification of any PCOS softwares. If this will be implemented, SMARTMATIC or any programmer will have no capability to add malicious code to each voting equipment. All the public school personnel deputized for this election should be given training with start-up procedures especially the installation of the PCOS sofwares on election day. If the foregoing resolution is not adopted by COMELEC, advance manipulation of votes cannot be prevented. We did never have a clean election in our country. COMELEC has to adopt counter-measures to assure our people of their resolve not to allow cheating in the 2016 elections. Further, COMELEC should make it clear that results produced at the COMELEC CENTRAL COUNTING STATION in Metro-Manila should only be informational and are not the official election returns.

    4. Very good. Please pass to other section of society and be part of “gabay halalan” education for voters.

    5. Yes, a Pacquiao vote would be illogical, but after Jaworski and Webb, there is no worse vote than one for comedians, action stars, putchists and pseudo televangelists specially those who partook of the DAP/PDAF.

      • Go for it Laurence ! Pronto ! You know me from some years back and I believe you. I know you know a lot of sordid things behind the PCOS esp the ballot printing (and post-election re-printing?) ! The timing can’t be any better than NOW ! Go !

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Please open up for the good of the country before it comes too late. We shall appreciate and consider such a patriotic act. God bless the Philippines.

      • Do you have any articles regarding the PCOS machine or anything about it. Anything that we can prevent Hocus Pcos in the 2015 Elections. Thanks.

    6. The situation is hopeless. The country is going to the dogs. A very painful revolution will redraw the lines, rearrange everything, redistribute the wealth and reduce the population. War/revolution has always been an ingredient in the rise and fall of nations since time immemorial. Why do you think, Babylonia, Persia, China, Egypt and Roman empires rose and fell? It will just be a matter of time before it explodes.

    7. Ang ABS-CBN ang isang sample na doble kara,panay promote ng pagbabago daw at may sinasabi pang magparehistro,kung panonoorin mo ang mga palabas nila akala mo totoong para sa bayan ang ginagawa, pero may mga manok silang inaalagaan at pinoprotektahan para sa sarili nilang pakinabang. pati religion ay kanilang pinakikialaman at pinopromote ang diyos,diyosan.