Elections in all metro jails ready, says NCR chief


All Metro Manila jails under the supervision of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) are ready for Monday’s barangay elections.

BJMP-National Capital Region director Senior Supt. Romeo Vio said that preparations are all in place as to whether voting is done on-site or off-site.

Definitely, all facilities are under the red alert status on election day, he added.

If voting is done off-site, jail personnel should not lower their guards since they have to escort inmates to where they are registered.

As agreed, facilities with more than 50 registered voter-inmates need not go out since polling precincts will be set up inside.

Manila City Jail and Quezon City Jail are the two largest jails in the NCR. The MCJ under the leadership of Supt. Baby Noel Montalvo will have an on-site voting with 400 registered inmates.

QC Jail Warden Supt. Joseph Vela said he has 51 registered voters and will use the medical room at the second floor of the facility as voting place.

Voters who are already enjoying freedom but registered at the QCJ can still cast their votes and are welcomed inside.

Vela said he also reserved an area for observers like Human Rights personnel and political watchers.

Meanwhile, Region 3 Director Senior Supt. Arnulfo Obias said that security measures are also in place for inmates scheduled for an off-site voting.

“Kaya lang yong iba nagsasabi na ayaw na nilang bumoto kapag sa labas dahil nahihiya sila dahil nakaposas,” Obias said in the phone.

Jing Villamente


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