• Elections post mortem


    By Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

    Initial reports say 70 percent to 75 percent of the 52 million registered voters trooped to the polls last May 13. That’s roughly 39 million deciding the fate of our almost 100 million population for the next three years. That’s more than a third. Just a third!

    The newly elected ones will battle it out with the veterans. One thing is sure, we can expect business as usual in the government and in the private sector, where the same rulers hold sway. Don’t expect any progress. There will be no check and balance in the different branches of the government. How sad can that be?

    Elections are held every three years precisely to weed out the non-performing and bring in new ones who can improve the lives of the people. But how can you do that if the result is questionable because the machines used in the automated elections are defective? How can you trust the results of this recent electoral exercise if the PCOS break down, transmissions are disrupted if not completely failed. More troubling of all, CF cards are corrupted, and these cards are at the very heart of the automated elections.

    In the precinct where I voted, a man slipped a thousand pesos to the voter behind me, quite casually. He was even heard bragging to the next voter saying how easy it was to earn. Meanwhile, next door in the other precinct, the voting had to stop because the PCOS machine stopped working. Oh yeah, I had to wait for more than three hours to vote.
    With the elections over, it is back to normal for most of us, back to the business of eking a living. Congratulations to the winners and we pray you truly deserve it. To those who lost, there’s always a next time. If you dare.

    God is Great!


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