• Electric vehicle group bats for higher e-bike use


    The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (Evap) has announced that they are pushing for the implementation of electric bicycle (E-bike) sharing programs in the Philippines.

    Evap President Rommel Juan said that under the program, Evap will tie-up with E-bike manufacturers-partners, to make E-bikes available for rent to the public at various stations at a reasonable rate for a fixed period of time.

    Juan mentioned that the China Bicycle Association (CBA) recently visited the Philippines and agreed to make Evap its Philippine partner.

    The Board of Investments also briefed CBA on the country’s policies and incentives regarding light manufacturing including bikes, e-bikes, and other policies that support the electric vehicle industry.

    Early this month, Evap will attend the Asian Bicycle Alliance Conference to chart out the direction for bike friendly cities in Asia and the Pacific.

    “We have talked to several cities and private community developers who have expressed interest in Bike Sharing programs and the implementation of bike friendly initiatives in their areas.

    “We have talked to several cities and private community developers who have expressed interest in Bike Sharing programs and implementation of bike friendly initiatives in their areas. This very timely because a study by the World Bank estimates that some 5,000 annual premature deaths in Metro Manila, or 12 percent of all deaths in the metropolis, are due to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases from exposure to the city’s pollution,” said Evap Executive Director Bodie Pulido.

    Evap’s project gained support from real estate developer Filinvest: “Filinvest is very supportive of such endeavors that would promote ecological balance. In our community in San Rafael Estates in San Rafael, Bulacan, we have installed two e-trikes for our homeowners to use and these units had been passed on to the subdivision association,” said the real estate firm.

    It added: “In our Timberland Heights and in Filinvest City, there are big biking communities there. And we are sure that this initiative will continuously be replicated in our other projects.”

    It is important to note that the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has piloted several Bike Sharing programs in Metro Manila, which is being supported by Evap.

    CBA Chairman Ma Zhong Chau also met with MMDA and visited Bike Lane centers along EDSA last July. Evap wants to push the initiative further by promoting electric bikes or e-bikes to be used for these programs to encourage more usability.

    E-bike sharing schemes have been very successful in many parts of the world, especially with government and policy support . One such scheme is the Motitebike sharing scheme in Barcelona, Spain.

    In China, there are different types of bike sharing programs – some are private-operated but government-led, while others are purely government-operated and government-led.

    On the business side, Evap hopes to develop the Philippine bike and e-bike sectors by integrating local parts and accessories manufacturers and assemblers in the global value chain with cost-effective international manufacturers like China.

    In the long term, EVAP believes that the Philippines has huge potentials to export bikes, e-bikes and possibly other electric vehicle parts and components because of our robust electronics and semiconductor supply chain in the country.

    Evap said the electrification of transportation is something that the country should be taking advantage of because the EV system is less complicated, unlike traditional vehicles or petrol-fueled cars.

    The Evap is embarking on a Green EV Transport Mission to China from October 19 to 24. During this trip, the group will visit manufacturing plants of EV-related parts and components. Evap will also meet with municipal governments and bike/e-bike program operators to learn first-hand about China’s top three bike/e-bike friendly cities, which are Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing.


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