• #Eleksyon2016: The final spin


    Surprise, surprise. In the final stretch of campaign season the Liberal Party has concocted the greatest spin to save itself: there are only two candidates now, we are told, and it’s Duterte VS Roxas.

    They couldn’t be more wrong. The Duterte-Poe-Binay race is a tight one if you’re looking at the bigger picture of mainstream surveys combined with barangay and city level door-to-door surveys, and even those questionable newly-created D’Strafford surveys with Roxas in the lead.

    All surveys to me are questionable, so other than taking them with a grain of salt, I take them collectively and look at the bigger picture they paint, that bigger sampling of nation that these offer, and where nation seems to stand based on that. That is, surveys as indication not so much of election outcomes, but of what they fail to capture.

    And then imagine the machinery and groundwork of one Jojo Binay, and of bloc-voting as promised by Makabayan to one Grace Poe, and you’ll find that this is still a pretty close race to the presidency.

    Regardless of what the LP and Roxas say.

    #TheSilentMajority spin
    What they say at this point is all spin.

    First it tried to convince us that a #silentmajority actually exists for Roxas – an ironic assertion when one considers that those who support Roxas have been far from silent, given the LP machinery, not to mention the advantage of access to government’s resources as well as captive media coverage.

    Though they are actually silent about the LP’s use of public funds for this campaign, where government programs like the 4Ps and Bottom-Up-Budgeting for barangays are seen as being employed to gain supporters, if not inadvertently then legitimately (?) to “buy” votes.

    They are also quite silent about stories like the one on the UP Medicine Student Council being invited to participate in a medical mission only to find that it was an LP event – and when they refused to participate because of the political color, the medical students were judged for walking out (April 24, UPMSC FB page). Or what about that Sayaw Kabataan concert in Araneta Coliseum, which many scholars posted about on social media (May 1, check out @ChiliMedley on Twitter) as a “required” event that turned out to be an LP-rally of sorts? For their attendance, they were purportedly given P150 pesos.

    Now is this silent majority truly a majority? Well, if they are, why this fear of Duterte at all?

    The Good VS Evil spin
    And then it became clear that #thesilentmajority was really only setting the stage for the next level of spin: the good versus evil one.

    After one or two questionable survey results, we heard it said: this is a fight between Duterte and Roxas and no one else, as if there weren’t five people running for President, as if it was enough to frame it as a fight between (one) Good and (one) Evil.

    But so many got carried away. This period in the spin machinery had Roxas followers going on the offensive, doing pretty much what Duterte followers were doing vs. the anti-Duterte, taking on and pointing self-righteous fingers at Roxas critics, no matter how valid the criticism.

    It’s a horrible and unproductive way to view critics and criticism. Even more so during an election where no candidate is as clean as a whistle, and even Roxas himself carries the burden of his social class, his Liberal Party’s mistakes, and his own mishandling of many-a-national-crisis.

    It was also something else watching the educated classes going on the offensive. One realizes that while Duterte followers might threaten and hurt and offend us because of the crassness, the Roxas followers offend us, too, by presuming that if we are not for Roxas, then we are for Duterte. Which is of course not true.

    There’s nothing worse than believing your own spin, don’t you think?

    The united front
    As I write this, today, May 6, three days before the elections, Roxas, PNoy, and the LP do a final spin.

    After Poe dismisses the idea of stepping down in favor of Roxas, PNoy comes out to speak to all the other candidates: let’s form a united front against Duterte, he said, let us come together against him.

    This is the same President who has gone on stage in various provinces in this country the past eight months, putting down these same candidates that he now calls on to unite with him. This is the same President who has actively spoken against both Binay and Poe again and again throughout the campaign.

    This is the same President, of the same Liberal Party, that has been dismissive not just of political rivals but also of critics, calling them a noisy minority – the same critics who are now taking a stand, saying no to the Liberal Party, and will pick instead one of the four other candidates for President.

    We are being told now by this same Liberal Party that we must all unite against Duterte, because we must stand for democracy and freedom.

    But it seems important to remind the LP that democracy and freedom mean being given the right to choose who to vote for without fear of being dismissed for thinking beyond spin, without fear of an election where votes will not be counted correctly by a government institution like the Comelec that has yet to make us all feel secure about this election.

    There are five candidates for President in this election. Vote for whom you must. Demand that PNoy and Comelec ensure our safety, and ensure honest and credible outcomes. And then let’s guard the vote. It’s going to be a tight race.


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    1. Karylle Gipaya on

      Gusto ko manalo si duterte kasi para mapatay ang mga mahihirap at para matulungan ang mga mahihirap at mag karon ng mga gamot n libre para sa mahihirap at wag mangurakot at libreng paaralan sa mga bata na katulad ko at sa matatanda 10 years old lng po ko at may kaya lng kmi

    2. cynthia manuel on

      actually, sistema ang bubuwagin dito. sistema kung saan ang mga nakikinabang sa bsaquino admin ay nagtutulong tulong para walang mabago sa gobyernong pinakikinabangan nila. onerous contracts, sovereign guarantees, tax breaks, blah blah blah even to the detriment ng mamamayan na dapat nilang pagsilbihan. kailangan nilang i-maintain ang sistema hence the spin doctors, the trolls, the fake everything to make them look legit.

    3. Wrong! Miriam Santiago-BongBong Marcos will win this elections. Majority of the youth are backing Santiago and they are potent force to pull for Miriam’s win. Why, they can influence their family, neighbors and community. They are the silent majority! Santiago-Marco for the win!!!!!

    4. Minsan nasabi ko na sa pananaw ko, ang eleksyon na ito ay between “good and evil”. Evil in the form of Duterte. Nasabi ko rin na dapat mag-kaisa lahat ng kandidato sa pagka-presidente laban kay Duterte, kung hindi malamang na manalo ito.Huli na ang lahat para mag-usap pa kayong apat.

      Mga kabayan, kung mahal pa ninyo ang ating bansa, mag-kaisa po tayo. Ordinaryong tao din po ako tulad ninyo pero sa nakikinita ko po, kung di tayo mag-kaisa ay malamang si Duterte ang manalo. Kita nyo naman ang karakter ng taong ito…lahat ng katangian ng masamang tao ay nasa kaniya na. Ang masama pa,ay isa itong NPA sympathizer.

      Sa mga supporters nina Binay, Poe at Santiago, magkaisa po tayo…harapin po natin ang katotohanan.Isang kandidato lang ang iboto natin para solid vote tayo. Huli na kung pag-usapan pa natin kung sino ang iboboto natin, pero sa tingin ko ay si Mar Roxas lang ang pwede nating iharap kay Duterte.

      Pag-isipan po natin ito. Salamat po.

    5. Sana po sa darating na halalan, tayong lahat ay mamulat sa katotohanan,
      Ilang administrasyon na ang nakaraan, mga magagandang promisa ang ating napakinggan,
      Pero ngunit hanggang ngayon tuloy pa rin tayong nahaharap sa kahirapan,
      Mga pulitikong mayayaman, walang alam kundi ang ibulsa ang laman ng kaban ng bayan.
      Huwag na sana ipagkait ang gusto ng mga tao kung sino ang kanilang iboboto,
      Tayo’y sama-sama na kahit ika’y kontra partido, dahil sa huli ikaw ay isa ring Pilipino na ang hangad ay umasenso.
      Inang Bayan na matagal ng kinalimutan ng karamihan, dahil sa kahirapan nangibang bayan
      Ibalik ang dating sigla sa Pilipinas nating minumutya, noong mga nakaraang dekada tayo’y tinitingala
      Dapat wag maghangad ng sobra para sa sarili, isipin mo rin ang nakararami,
      Mga kandidato wag matakot na kayo’y matalo, suportahan nyo ang gusto ng mga tao
      Huwag na kayong magkasiraan pa, na gamit ang iba’t-ibang estilo
      Suportahan nyo na lang ang mananalo
      Isa man siyang probinsyano sa mata ng ibang tao, siya’y iboto, dahil sya man ay isang taong disente
      Si Mayor Duterte ay sana inyong mahalin at respetohin na bagong Presidente.

      God bless

    6. Armi del Mundo on

      There is an old saying, ” you deserve what you get” so lets stop complaining about our leaders. We are responsible for putting them in their positions. One infamous and hated past leader once said, ” it’s a politicians dream to rule over a non-thinking electorate” or something to that effect. Hated or not, that leader was right.

    7. Thanks for your article. I am now convince that Pnoy has lunatic intervals.. The nuero report about Pnoy’s psychological make up, which was then circulating in the 2010 presidential elections should have been pursued. Now we are paying the price..

    8. Wrong. Over one million people who turned out last night for Duterte in 3 cities say it is not a tight race. The message to Aquino and his minions is plainly: don’t try to cheat on Monday or there will be consequences.

      ## 53 more days until the end of Hypocrisy, Plunder and Incompetence ##

    9. This is the same Neurotic President who let the 44 soldiers who let them die and did not save them and when the are about to be rescued by the military he said “STAND DOWN”. This the same President who Remove A Chief Justice by Bribing Congress with an UNCONSTITUTIONAL DAP.

    10. Ang sabi po ni Korina sa Ch5 interview, sila daw ni Mar ang good – si Digong ang kontra bida sa mga pangarap nila na 6 years of Vacation sa Malacanang

      Kaya spin-spin pa more is my clamor.⊙■▪◇??