#Eleksyon2016: The VP gambit


ONE of the more offensive, because arrogant, things I’ve seen on social media has nothing to do with Rodrigo Dutere’s foul mouth and lack of platform.

It had everything to do with the Liberal Party. And no, not even about Carlos Celdran revealing his elitist privilege and telling a nurse in Makati Medical Center to remove her Duterte baller ID. Though this was quite despicable, and absolutely unacceptable. Especially for a party running on notions of decency and the right path.

LP ruins Leni
What is most offensive, I find, is the Liberal Party’s arrogance of power – it’s belief that what this nation needs is another six years – or 12? – of an LP-run government.

Yup. The delusion is 18 f*cking years all in all including the past six with Noynoy Aquino.

But this is getting ahead of myself. What I’ve happened upon often enough on Twitter are LP followers, stalwart-supporters and troll-like accounts, repeating the idea that all they want at this point is for Leni Robredo to win.

One might say this proves how humble they are about a Roxas loss … but no. Because the idea of a Robredo win is embroiled in the idea that whoever beats Roxas to the presidency will be impeached.

You read right. Impeached. That whoever is elected as President, the Liberal Party will find a way to unseat that person, never mind that if we are to believe in fair and credible elections, then this person is the President people voted for.

It is the height of arrogance for anyone to speak of unseating the next President, just because it looks like their candidate is not going to win. It is offensive that we are being told that there is only one person, and one Liberal Party, that must run the nation. It is the height of elitism and privilege that anyone at all would imagine an impeachment to be in the cards right now, for a nation that is reeling from hunger and want, and needs a leader, pronto! (Because certainly we haven’t felt like we’ve had a leader the past six years with Aquino.)

This also ruins Robredo, making her seem like a puppet of the Liberal Party. In the age of social media where these thoughts are percolating and articulated, she cannot feign ignorance. In fact, it behooves her to respond to this news, to the idea that this is what her party is planning right under her nose. I want to know where she stands on impeaching whoever beats Roxas to the Presidency; I want to know what she thinks of this bit of news.

I hope I’m not disappointed. Because it was bad enough to find Robredo standing with Kris Aquino, doing an endorsement video. Her defense of Kris made things worse: “Sino ba naman ang aayaw – ay, Kris Aquino iyon – number one endorser sa ating bansa, kilala na hindi mag-eendorso ng hindi niya pinaniniwalaan, whether tao o produkto? Kaya malaking bagay iyon para sa akin.”

But, of course, a Kris Aquino endorsement means being on a shelf alongside whitening products and beauty clinics, fakery and raising women’s needs, shallow discourse and a stand against farmers, women, workers. Robredo could have said no to Kris but she didn’t. Instead, she said yes based on a very superficial reading of what Kris stands for.

This woman is disappointed. Robredo knows better.

Ah, but it gets worse for the rest of us. The purported plan is not only to impeach the next President and install Robredo. It’s also about making sure that the Liberal Party wins (again!) in 2022.

The candidate-of-choice? Bam Aquino.


The anti-Bongbong dead-end
Robredo’s rise, to me, is borne of whatever fear there is against Bongbong Marcos becoming Vice President. And yet if I were to look at the ways in which various camps have tried to discredit Marcos, it leaves much to be desired.

After all: what is another organization, another group, that posts anti-Marcos memes? What is another rally, another statement against the Marcoses?

I tend to think that if we didn’t want another Marcos in government, then we should have been working on it all these years. We’ve had five Presidents and 30 years: yet our textbooks remain kind to the Marcoses, refusing to discuss Martial Law for what it was – a time of darkness for nation, no matter the good it brought as far as infrastructure, culture, development are concerned.

It’s all too little, too late. It is difficult to discredit Bongbong, for example, if you’ve been to Ilocos Norte. Where streets are clean, public toilets work, a museum has been spent on, heritage and historical monuments are respected, infrastructure and development are felt by the populace. It is difficult to look down on him, given his body of work as senator, bills authored in relation to education, the environment, energy. Which reminds me: those windmills in Ilocos? The ones that are also tourist destinations because they’re such a rarity in this country? That’s a Bongbong project. Yup, clean energy.

See, this is what we are up against when we think #NoToBongbong, and it is sadly an uphill battle. Because between our failed education and our lack of a sense of history, we seem to have written Bongbong into this moment ourselves.

And for whatever reason – probably a delusion? – I don’t think Bongbong would stand for the impeachment of the next President, even if he stood to gain from it. He would, as he has, wait it out.

2022 is his next battle. We should all be ready for him.


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  1. Very well said! Really admire how you’ve created such a beautiful masterpiece- a true pleasure to read.. While admittedly we are pro Marcos– youve sum it all up and more in just a few words what our country lacks– leadership, a vision and a genuine love for our country!

  2. Charly Duterte on

    Pag natatalo talaga ay pumuputok ang butse. He he he he…ampalaya pa more.

  3. If I would rely on my instinct right now,i think Bongbong will be our next President in due time but not merely saying that such due time will be on 2022…who knows it will be earlier….just saying…

  4. Sorry, but by 2022, BBM will be the next President. You are correct, anti-Marcos are way too late to quack. After all, history has already unfolded that the EDSA Revolution is a revolution of the unfavored oligarchs and the Delusional REDS and YELLOWs combined. The Philippines was ruined as a result of the deposed of the Marcoses. For now though, BBM’s fight is to win the VP seat and we are all in full support – OFW here in Riyadh.

  5. No more Liberal Party at the political arena sa buong bansa na puro pambobola at kahirapan ang ipinadama sa mamayang Filipino. Time now to eradicate this LP in our History. All Liberal Party were corrupt and greatest thief of the nation.. No more yellow elitist government controlled by yellow businessman corroborated with our political people. Ginawa na nilang negosyo and gobyerno, instead na magserbisyo sa mamayan, kinuwartahan pa ang mamayan…CIAO LIBERAL PARTY….MARCOS FOREVER….the only political people who have compassion and love with our people and to our nation…

  6. bonbong marcos will say “no” to impeachment. ang tatlong senador na bumoto para hindi ma-i peach si ex chief justice renato corona ay sina bongbong marcos, joker arroyo at miriam defensor. nakarma ang nag diin ke chief justice corona: jinggoy estrada, bong revilla at enrile… nakulong sila. umamin si jinggoy na sa naganap na suhulan using DAP.

  7. The Marcoses are back because palpak ang 2 Aquino ! Napalitan Lang ang corrupt! Corrupt pa rin!

  8. Dont you realized the Puppeteers of the group of Yellows always use women and not men to GRAB Powers? And why? Just think about it. Its a good topic of why so many women now are so empowered, so manipulative by portraying the specie of men is abusive,drunk, nambubugbog, etc, etc. but did you hear any one of the opposite sex argue/defend themselves against women in public concerning that stereotype? Its part of our culture na to be chivalry. Palagay mo kung pinatulan ni Macoy at Erap yung 2 babaeng naging Presidente, what will happen?

  9. Poor Pinoys on

    actually, you’re no different than carlos celdran. pareho lang kayong feeling mataas.

  10. Renato Galang on

    LP is a political party. As would any other political party, their ultimate goal would be to take control of the government for as long as they can. And if they make their intent known to the public, why do you call it arrogance? What do you want them to say? That they will rule for six years or 12, and then let other parties take over? Of course, they will not do that!

    • that is arrogance when you are publicly showing that any president who is not an LP will be impeach. Kayabangan bakit sure ba sila na ma impeach nila ang mananalo na presidente na hindi LP? Trillanes is also an arrogance personified. The same with those LP candidates. Kung tunay sila tahimik na lang sila at gagawin nila pag manalo ang kandidato na hin LP. That is why they are arrogant.

  11. Tama kayo madam si Leni ay ginawang pawn ng LP at ginagamit lang siya ng kanyang partido. Ginagamit lang siya para sa simpatya ng pagkamatay ng asawa. Ano bang nagawa niya sa 3 years na congresswoman? Napakalayo kung ikumpara sa mga nagawa at kakayanan ni Bongbong mamuno at bilang congressman at senador napakaraming batas na naisulong. Ang Ilocos Norte na dati ay isa sa pinakamahirap na probinsiya ngayon isa na sa mga nangunguna at lowest unemployment rate sa buong bansa. Mahirap ang magbulagbulagan sa mga nagawa at kakayanan niya bilang mambabatas at executive, malayo sa kanyang mga katungali sa VP. Ang taong bayan ay mulat na sa katotohan at d na basta maniwala sa mga balita at paguudyok ng mga elitista at mga hindi kaalyado at mga kontrang grupo…Ultimo mga kabataan ngayon ay namulat na sa propaganda ng Daang Matuwid kaya gusto ay pagbabago at tama na ang pagdurusa sa sinasabi nilang Daang Matuwid. Na kung walang corupt ay walang mahirap. Anong nangyari at ang dami pa ding mahirap at dumami pa? Kailangan talaga ng pagbabago sa lalong madaling panahon at tama na ang 6 years sa LP!…No more extension and better luck next time Mar-Leni…Bye-bye Pnoy!…