Elementals: Four Short Poems


Gentleness is also strength,
the persistent drip of season
after season of patient coaxing,
the long yet purposeful suffering
of chance, of choice,
a taking in without cavil,
a restraint, a truth,
for surely as time accrues
downriver, anything solid
and invincible
will break, will bend
to water’s grace.
Your stillness is dauntless, and I
partake with you your cause
for I am also flesh, your offspring,
one among many who reveres you
by your gifts, your steadfast beauties;
you are ancient before you are young,
then to your bosom we, your children,
will return in time, will morph into
beauty, dauntless and steadfast,
and be re-casted into other versions,
other earthen vessels.

The wind is a teller of tales, of truths,
a singer of primeval songs whose music
resembles the mirth and anguish of men;
it is restless movement, an undying dance,
wandering the world in man-given names,
never revealing its true name; it is
the primary witness no one believes in,
no one takes counsel from, for the wind speaks
of wondrous and grievous things,
that above all, the work of human hands
is ephemeral, and life is
also wind, a gust of borrowed breath

They perch
on the branched sky and throb,
cold, white fire, brilliant only
from a certain distance,
these sudden rages of liquid sun
unchaining fireworks to the earth.
Consuming intimately, completely,
ominous flashes
birthed from burdened cloud
bring awesome fright
coursed through various bursts,
and we are left astounded, agape,
utterly fascinated with distances.



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