Elenita Binay refuses to enter plea


The Sandiganbayan’s Third Division entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Vice President Jejomar Binay’s wife, former Makati Mayor Elenita Binay, after she entered no plea at her arraignment on Thursday.

Mrs. Binay, a medical doctor, and several other former Makati City officials are facing charges of graft (two counts) and malversation (two counts) in connection with their alleged anomalous purchase of medical equipment and supplies amounting to about P45 million.

Her daughter, Makati Rep. Abigail Binay, was present at the reading of the charges.

The arraignment, which has been cancelled twice (in November and last January) because of pending incidents in the case, finally pushed through on February 26.

Read charges were Mrs. Binay who was then Makati Mayor, former General Services Department head Ernesto Aspillaga who was a member of the Committee on Awards, and Luz Yamane-Garcia who was the City Treasurer and also a member of the Awards committee. Their respective lawyers accompanied the three.

After the anti-graft court’s Third Division Clerk of Court, Dennis Pulma, read the charges, Sandiganbayan Presiding Justice and Third Division Chairperson Amparo Cabotaje-Tang asked the accused how they plea.

“No plea, your honor,” Mrs. Binay said to the last of the four charges read. She likewise did not enter any plea to the first three charges read. Meanwhile, Aspillaga and Garcia entered their respective not guilty pleas to all the charges.

In November 2014, the anti-graft court reset the arraignment to January 29, 2015 after Binay expressed her intention to appeal an earlier resolution of the court setting the arraignment date.

In January, the arraignment was reset anew to February 26 because of pending incidents in the case.


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  1. Concerned Citizen on

    MANILA – Commission on Audit (COA) Commissioner Heidi Mendoza confirmed to the Senate blue ribbon sub-commitee on Thursday that there was a break-in at her home earlier this year.

    “Pinasok po yung bahay tapos nilaglag lahat ng cabinets tapos yung lahat ng papel tinaktak sa sahig. Pero wala naman pong nawalang importante,” Mendoza said.

    She said she does not want to point fingers at anyone, but noted that the timing of the incident was suspicious.

    She said the incident came as she was testifying before the Sandiganbayan against former Makati Mayor Elenita Binay, wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay, and other former Makati City officials.

    The case is in connection with the purchase of allegedly overpriced medical equipment for the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak) back in 2000 and 2001.

    Mendoza told the senators she even received a call this morning (October 2), threatening her. She did not give details, however.

    Mendoza said COA officials and personnel frequently face threats for doing their job.

    “Tinatakot kami, kami po’y pine-pressure… Sana po makita ng publiko kung gaano kahirap ang buhay ng isang auditor,” she said.

    ANC, October 2, 2014

  2. Sa totoo lang po, bakit po kailangan kasuhan ang mga Binay? Dapat po kasi para sa aking hindi po eh. Kasi po ang daming natutulungan ng OSMAK, isa na po yung tatay ko dun kaya nakakalungkot na kinakasuhan nila sina Binay samantalang tinulungan lang naman niya yung mga tulad kong sakto lang ang sweldo sa pang araw araw. Kaya po ako at ang pamilya ko, kay Binay pa rin po boboto. Para sa kanya po ang boto namin. Salamat po. Ako po si Va T. galing Taguig.

  3. Francheska Mendoza on

    I hope that these charges against mrs Binay and the other Binay will soon be cleared…. and that people, especially those who are in the senate, should stop using the Binays for their gains. They are deliberately and purposely airing the allegations and accusations to Binay so that they would look clean and good. Tsk tsk, what shame…I still believe in the capacity of Binay to lead our country and make it a better one.

  4. Violeta Andres on

    It’s such a shame that these kind of allegations and cases are charged against Elenita Binay. She just did something good for Makati and for it’s people yet people dared enough to twist it and make it something evil… what kind of country are we living in? Prosecuting those who are doing something for us while defending those people who are not serving us well.

    Well, it’s your choice though… but for me, I rather have someone like the Binay family to serve me because I saw what they have done for their people.

  5. What is wrong with these people. They think they are so important they are above everyone else. Also recently cj corona wouldnt enter a plea. Its so strange, if you are innocent say not guilty, if you are guilty say guilty, by not entering a plea is an insult to the rules & laws of this country. Am i wrong or is there a good reason for not entering a plea, but thats how i see it.

    • You are absolutely right Dustin, these people in government are only good so they can steal and enrich themselves. The Binays are a rags to riches story compliments of the Philippine Government. Let this Elenita Binay case be an example to all those who intend to steal. Maybe they don;t know the meaning of “MAGNANAKAW”