• Elha Nympha takes the world by storm


    ‘Little Big Shots’ segment viewed 54 million times
    Another Filipino talent is taking the world by storm in the person of The Voice Kids Season 2 grand champion Elha Nympha. Her appearance on US TV via Little Big Shots is hailed as a door opener for the new crop of singers from the Philippines.

    Produced and hosted by Steve Harvey and co-produced by Ellen DeGeneres, the show features “the world’s most talented and extraordinary kids.”

    Twelve-year-old Nympha flew to Los Angeles with her family for the show’s taping last year. In an interview with Harvey, she shared her life story as a former banana cue vendor who sang for her customers.

    Elha Nympha

    Her performance of Sia’s hit “Chandelier” commanded a standing ovation from the audience, earning praises as one of the “great young voices in the world” with the demonstration of her vocal chords to full capacity in the very challenging repertoire.

    Prior to the showing of Elha’s episode on March 6 on Diva Asia cable channel, Harvey – due to the demand after she was shown in a teaser – posted her performance on his Facebook page where it began circulating online.

    As of press time, the video garnered more than 54 million views and shared 802,081 times. Indeed, the former banana cue vendor did not only capture the hearts of the crowd during her performance but also social media users around the world.

    “This young lady has been touched by an angel. Her voice is so angelic it brought tears to my eyes. Baby stay focused, trust God and your blessings will flow. So amazing,” Facebook user Pamela Long commented.

    “She is phenomenal! I hope she is introduced to the right people that will guide her to a fulfilling career. What a treat to listen to her!” Peter N Jackie Ayala said.

    Kimberly Youngblood wrote, “Gave me goosebumps and brought me to tears, absolutely beautiful, better than Sia. Someone needs to sign this girl up for a record deal.”

    “Not only did she give me chills but brought me to tears. Oh that voice, that voice is straight from the soul, she is not just singing. Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice!” Christina Cloud posted.

    Meanwhile, “Chandelier” original singer Sia noticed and shared the video on Twitter with a caption, “Incredible.”

    The Voice US host Carson Daly, on the other hand, wrote his amazement on Twitter and said, “Wow! @IamSteveHarvey jealous” as he attached the video of Nympha performing.

    During the press preview of her appearance on the program, Nympha shared that it was a surprise and at the time honored to be invited to perform in such big show.

    “I was nervous at first but I really don’t want to let my fellow Filipinos down so I really gave my all during the performance,” Nympha said.

    “I was just worried at first. I was thinking, ‘What if they do not clap?’ I am used to performing here in the Philippines. But it was my first time in the United States, and I did not know how the people there would react. I was nervous about that,” she shared.

    Obviously, it was not how she expected it. She said her worries faded right after she was given standing ovation. Harvey even exclaimed, “This girl can sing!” while cheering beside her.

    When asked how she prepared for the show, she shared, “I made sure my voice was in good condition, just in case they make me perform a demanding song, like Mariah Carey’s ‘Emotions.’ I also practiced my English diction.”

    According to her, pursuing an international career and doing shows in other countries are two of her dreams.

    “Being in this show is a great opportunity. This is a way for me to be known and hopefully book more shows, and achieve what I want to accomplish. I also hope I can make it to Ellen DeGeneres’ show,” Nympha said.

    The young belter’s recording career indeed changed since she won The Voice Kids Philippines Season 2 but she assured the media that she balances her studies and work as she goes to a regular school.

    “I make sure that I do my homework right away, so I would have enough time to rehearse or do other projects,” she asserted.

    Asked for her advice to aspiring singers, “Just do what you love, keep practicing and be yourself. Do not be afraid to go for it. If you have God-given talent, do not waste it.”

    Nympha also guested at the finals of The Voice Kids Indonesia in December. She is currently a mainstay of ABS-CBN’s Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.


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