• Elizabeth Warren backs Hillary Clinton in push to unite party


    US Sen. Elizabeth Warren has kicked off her field-test as a Bernie Sanders surrogate and potential veep candidate for the Hillary Clinton campaign, stumping beside the presumptive Democrat nominee in the swing state of Ohio. The progressive darling’s presence onstage and her loud statements of support for Clinton are seen as a key strategy to win over disgruntled Sanders voters still smarting after the heated Democratic primary. “The people who are still nursing their wounds on the Bernie Sanders front had to be happy,” said Scott Ferson, a Democratic political consultant. “In terms of bringing the Bernie Sanders portion of the party back, it was an important move.” Warren offered a rousing endorsement of Clinton’s presidential bid on Monday (Tuesday in Manila) at a campaign event in Cincinnati. The two most influential women in the Democratic Party posed for a made-for-television moment, clasping hands and holding them overhead like boxing champs. “She just remembers who really needs someone on their side and she gets up and keeps right on fighting for the people who need her the most,” Warren said.



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