• Embattled de Lima appeals to Duterte for chance to defend herself


    AN EMOTIONAL Sen. Leila de Lima faced the media on Thursday and appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to give her a chance to defend herself from his personal attacks and spare other people from public humiliation.

    De Lima, in a prepared statement, urged the President to listen to her side with an open mind before he continues his tirades.

    “A chance for me to defend myself is the only thing that I’m asking for, especially in this situation where the President himself has admitted that he is my enemy and has been personally accusing me,” de Lima said in Filipino.

    On Wednesday, Duterte blasted de Lima, a leading critic of his war against illegal drugs, calling her an “immoral woman.”

    Duterte accused the lawmaker of having an illicit affair with her driver, who also allegedly collected money from drug syndicates to finance her senatorial campaign.

    De Lima called on Duterte to spare her family, friends and former colleagues from attacks because they had done nothing wrong.

    “If you are bent on destroying me, please have a decency to spare my colleagues, friends and family. Wala po silang kasalanan [They did nothing wrong],” the embattled senator said.

    De Lima said words could not express what she felt after Duterte publicly linked her to illegal drugs.

    “How does one defend oneself when the attacker is immune form suit, and has all the backing of executive power to support him in his personal attacks? This is no less than abuse and misuse of executive power,” the senator said.

    De Lima however said that if the President thinks his attacks will convince her to stop next week’s Senate investigation into the extra-judicial killings of hundreds of drug suspects, “he can try until he finally silences me or the Senate.”

    De Lima also revealed she knew of cases being prepared by the Duterte administration against her, and expressed readiness to answer all allegations.

    The senator appealed to the President to put an end to “scare tactics” and “ridicule” and help bring back order through the observance of the rule of law and respect for fellow human beings.

    “I have always been loyal to my oath as a public servant. I’m not the enemy here. Stop portraying me as one,” de Lima said.


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    1. Soon it will not be DU30 alone but the People of the Republic who will be against Leila De Lima.

    2. Who did abuse and misuse once position for his/her personal interest ?

      Is solving the problems of our Country by exposing ( hopefully convicting ) CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS an abuse or misuse of once position ?

      I personally believe that the President is in the right track in performing his duty .

      At this time , let us TEMPORARILY set aside the phrase “PROBE IN AID OF LEGISLATION” to hinder or stop the President’s way of solving the DRUG PROBLEM in our Country … after all , we already have a LOT OF LAWS and adding another law would only give some Lawyers more laws to circumnavigate in favor of their CORRUPT CLIENTS.

      As far as the “Vigilante Killings” are concerned , let the proper authorities investigate them .
      If a few innocent people were victimized , we just pray for the repose of their souls.
      In all kinds of war (personal or global) some innocent people were victimized … C’est la vie !

      Let us support the programs of President Rodrigo R. Duterte for the betterment of our Country !!!

    3. Closely going through social media clips, former Justice Secretary and now Senator De Lima, has been shown “partying” with known druglords. That means colluding with these drug lords.

      Come to think of it, it is not a joke to vie for a senatorial seat unless you have the financial capabilities to boot! It is a quandary as to how she financed her candidacy. Given that she was an administration backed candidate, she would still need money to fund her candidacy. And so far, none of known political financial backers had claimed to have supported her in the last election.

      Besides, whatever happened to the Mancao case? Where is he now? And how come he escaped when the lady senator was still Justice Secretary and no massive manhunt was ever launched to bring him back to detention. Funny to think that the guy was also rumored to have been romantically involved with her.

      The non winning 13th senatorial candidate in the last election should contest this 12th senatorial winner! It would strongly support the issues raised against her by the President himself!

    4. where there is smoke, there is fire… when living in a glasshouse don’t throw stones… kaya yan inabut mo… senador ka na ginamit mo pa senado against your favorite whipping boy… problem is presidente na sya ngayon kaya tagilid ka talaga sa ganyang labanan… when you become president it may be too late to shout “bring it on”…

    5. It appears that Senator Laila de Lima will go to jail for being a drug-pusher. The independence of the Senate had been undermined by the cowardice of the Senators. When Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. ordered two grenades to be thrown at the rally of the Liberal Party in Plaza Miranda on the fateful night of August 21, 1971, Liberal Party Senators were too terrified to conduct an investigation on the incident. The culprit behind the Plaza Miranda bombing got away with his crime because Liberal Party Senators refused to conduct an investigation to bring that culprit to justice — whoever that culprit may be. Because of the cowardice of these Senators, the culprit behind the Plaza Miranda bombing got away with his crime. Throwing a grenade at a company of Senators is not a joke to be laughed at. The Philippine Senate again had their chance to do things right but the Senators again showed their usual cowardice and ineptitude. When they impeached Corona, they sold their souls to the devil. President Benigno C. Aquino III just paid the Senators to impeach Corona with money that he stole from the people. Corona was only fighting for freedom and the constitution, but the Senators were blinded by their love of money. Now, our last eminent Senator-fighter Laila de Lima will go to jail for being a drug-pusher. When will the Philippine Senate finally decide to do things right — when all of them are in jail for being drug-pushers?

    6. Now you experienced what Corona felt when he was ganged-up by you, the corrupt congressmen and senators and your yellow cohorts at the behest of your moron president then. At Pnoy’s behest also, the yellow print and broadcast media tarnished and demonized the name, image and family of the late Corona that is was so effective that it deeply ingrained in the minds of some of the people. I don’t know if the Corona family will ever regain their dignity again. There is really truth to KARMA…