Emergency/Disaster Management Award


    THE Emergency/Disaster Management Award was awarded to Laoag City. The city government of Laoag, led by Mayor Chevylle Farinas activates disaster response plan to ensure preparedness during calamities in coordination with the different government organizations.

    As a confirmation of its readiness, Laoag City was also given the Gantimpala Agad Award for their commitment to public interest, dedication to duty, responsive service and demonstrated teamwork in the conduct of water rescue operation that successfully saved the lives of six persons rescued at the middle of Padsan River during the height of Typhoon Ineng in 2015.

    Dante Francis ang II and Blanca Mercado of The Manila Times present the award to Laoag City Mayor Chevylle Farinas, Vice Mayor Michael Farinas,(7th and 8th from left) and other officials of Laoag.

    Mayor Chevylle Farinas admits that The Emergency/Disaster Management Award is “A welcome surprise in a sense that on a very large scale as The Manila Times giving body, we are included in the first Philippine Model Cities awardees of the oldest English newspaper in the country.”

    Farinas also added, “It’s a blessing because everything stems out from being prepared so it’s good to be recognize for being prepared because it’s an assurance for our people that we are always prepared for any eventuality. At the same time it’s tough especially in the province when there’s a storm and we have to ask them to vacate their hard-earned properties.”

    “It helps to be very persistent in letting them know the pros and cons of not leaving because we have to inculcate in them that the most important thing is their lives. We taught our people that their lives are more important than the material things they acquired,” she added.

    The lovely mayor of Laoag City also shared that the city is also into tourism. “We claimed that Laoag is the gateway to the north because of our international airport. We’re near China and Hong Kong. It’s the next best place to visit because we are considered the Sunshine City of the North. The people are very warm and optimistic because we find blessings in every trial that comes our way,” concluded Farinas.


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