EMOTORS Inc. (EMI) announced it recently launched its Zum e-trikes, as well as its flagship branch and first dealership in the Visayas, located at Mandaue City in Cebu.

“This important milestone marks the start of our nationwide business operations,” said EMI Chief Executive Officer Beth Lee. “It also marks the beginning of our longstanding advocacy of poverty alleviation, livelihood and job creation, and climate change mitigation.”

EMI said it aims to “serve the needs of Filipinos for an affordable, low-cost, low-maintenance, innovative and easy-to-use vehicle” that can help increase people’s income while at the same time helping clean the air.

The company added that the use of clean, green, zero-emission e-trikes to shuttle Cebuanos and tourists will not only create jobs and yield increased income for owners, but also serve as a clear commitment to sustainability.

EMI said it is the country’s first and only Filipino-owned manufacturer and assembler of three-wheeled zero-emission electric vehicles to be registered with the DTI/BOI Motor Vehicle Development Program and the Investment Priority Plan. The company said it is also accredited with the LTO.


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  1. How much to purchase new?
    How long the batteries live?
    How much the replacement battery?
    Maximum distance before recharge?

    We live part time in Visayas – Samboan down the south end of Cebu Island