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BlueWater Day Spa president May Simsim and vice president for operations Nancy Go (second and third from left) is congratulated by The Manila Times Chief Operating Officer Bianca Mercado; with them are brand ambassadors Harry Morris (leftmost) and Fabio Ide (rightmost)

With the prevalence of equal opportunities, technology and the Internet, among other developments in the world, today’s generation is empowered more than ever to juggle various and multiple endeavors. As such, gone are the days when pursuing a career meant nine-to-five jobs within the four walls of the office. Instead, stories of multi-slashies dabbling in diverse projects, possibly unrelated to their main profession, are quite the norm today.
Celebrities Christian Bautista, Ariella Arida, Michelle Dee, Fabio Ide and Harry Morris are only five glittering examples of this new normal.

Christian Bautista, singer/actor/businessman
Even within showbiz, Bautista is already considered a multi-slashie: he is a singer, a TV and movie actor, and now an experienced thespian.

The 2003 “Star in A Million” semi-finalist went from singing contestant to platinum recording artist with such albums as the self-titled “Christian Bautista,” “Completely,” and “Captured.”

More impressively, Bautista was able to create a huge following not only in the Philippines but also in neighboring countries Indonesia and Thailand where his hits “Hands to Heaven” and “The Way You Look at Me” were even translated to the local languages.

Thereafter, the singer branched out into acting and ably starred in ABS-CBN’s “Kampanerang Kuba” and “Princess and I,” as well as movies “Mano Po 5” and “Kimmy Dora.” When he switched to crossed over to GMA Network, his acting skills were further honed in numerous soaps with the Filipino adaptation of hit Koreanovela “My Love from the Stars” as his last outing.

Besides a jam-packed career in showbiz, the 35-year-old is also a thriving businessman, having wisely invested in real estate development in his hometown of Cavite. Quiet about this side of his life, Bautista humbly says there is no need to talk about it when his interviews are about shows and movies.

Ariella Arida

Ariella Arida: beauty queen host, actress
While Bautista began his career in showbiz, Arida came to public prominence when she was crowned 2013 Bibining Pilipinas-Universe.

With the Philippines on a winning streak across the world’s biggest beauty pageants, she did not disappoint her fellow Filipinos when she emerged 3rd runner-up in Miss Universe 2013.

Four years since her reign, Arida finds herself in the field of hosting, after shining as backstage host for Miss Universe and co-host of Binibining Pilipinas.

Nowadays, the 28-year-old is a staple in Filipino homes as Willie Revillame’s co-host for variety show “Wowowin.”

And besides bagging beauty endorsements left and right, the beauty will debut on the big screen via Metro Manila Film Festival official entry “The Revengers.” In good company with 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach in the cast, Arida is further thrilled to be working with comedian Vice Ganda, Daniel Padilla in her latest venture.

A busy beauty Arida is indeed, she says she she is Arida shared that she is savoring every new experience in her multi-faceted career.

Michelle Dee

Michelle Dee: model/philanthropist
A fresh graduate of De La Salle University with a degree in Psychology, beauty pageantry is just as much in the horizon for Michelle Dee as it was for Arida. Perhaps even more in fact as Dee’s mother is no less than 1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez.

The 5’10” stunner, however, evades any questions on plans of joining beauty pageants, and is focused on her career as a professional model for now.

Admirably, Dee is also using her influence, given 44,000 followers on Instagram, to raise awareness on Hepatitis C. A liver disease that afflicted her father years ago, Dee actively informs netizens on the causes of the disease and promotes fund-raising events together with her dad who is living proof the dreaded disease can be treated.

Her concern for other does not end there as Dee is also actively raising autism awareness. Again, her reason is personal, as two of her siblings had been diagnosed with the neurodeve­lopmental disorder.

The 22-year-old thrives in her advocacies just as much as modelling and is grateful to have a platform to get her messages across.

Fabio Ide

Fabio Ide: actor/ racer/ businessman/ father
From one admirable daughter to an equally admirable father, it’s a wonder that Fabio Ide can still spend quality time with her two-year-old daughter amid a very hectic schedule.

For one, the Brazilian-Japanese model regularly appears in GMA Network sitcoms and is also busy with projects for Sari-Sari and Viva cable channels.

He is also serious in his chosen business—food and beverage as well as clubbing —since he co-owns popular night spots Revel and Valkyrie among others.

On top of showbiz and his investments, Ide recently joined the squad of celebrity drivers in the Vios Cup Race, alongside racers Gretchen Ho, Aubrey Miles and Jasmine Curtis Smith.

Definitely, this guy knows how to live in the fast lane.

Harry Morris

Harry Morris: National rugby team player/biologist
Finally, Harry Morris provides a great example of a professional who excelled in a totally unrelated field.

The 32-year-old Britton is a familiar face to the expat community and sports enthusiasts as a member of the country’s national Rugby team. Fresh from their Southeast Asian Game stint where they placed fourth, Morris and the rest of the team are gearing for another tournament.

Training is therefore hi stop priority these days but he continues his work as a marine biologist working as consultant to several resorts and organizations. His most recent project is the restoration of 100 hectares of underwater seascape.

For Morris, the extreme diversity of both his interests is truly what makes life exciting each day.

The Manila Times by the way met these five successful multi-slashies during their launch as the newest ambassadors of popular sanctuary Blue Water Day Spa.

Indeed, they have been well chosen by the company as Bautista, Arida, Dee, Ide and Morris agree that they cannot live out their busy and diverse lives without taking care of themselves.

With the demands of this multi-slashie age, eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly are lifestyle tips they swear by to accomplish their mountain of task.

All five also agree however that in this day and age, the eat well-sleep well-get active trio is no longer enough to keep them going. Spa treatments—especially massages—are already a necessity in their routines. After all, research has proven time and again that a good massage helps lower stress levels, increase immunity, boost energy and improve physical fitness, among other benefits.

The multi slashies agree that spa treatments are a necessity in their daily routines

Sharing their personal picks at Blue Water, Bautista says he has always been a fan of the spa’s Therapeutic Colonic Massage.

“It’s a great detoxifier. It helps you relax and it can tone your body at the same time. After a few sessions you can instantly see the results. I guarantee too that it will make you feel so relaxed after,” the singer recommended.

Arida, meanwhile, enjoys the Y Lift Treatment–a combination facial and skin care treatment—regularly.

“I swear, it makes you look so fresh and younger after the treatment,” enthused the beauty queen, who is not spared from the effects of bright lights on the set and late night shootings.

For Dee, the Combo Herbal massage that uses a soothing blend of essential oils, is an energizer.

“I do feel more relaxed and looser after, like I could take on the day’s tasks,” Dee, who requires a massage once a week to get through her commitments, shared.

Finally, Ide and Morris were proud to say they are fans of the Athlete Massage.

“After a grueling training day, I get this massage and I notice that recovery time is cut in half,” Ide related.

“This massage does incredibly well in making sure we stay at the top of our game and enjoy the motions painlessly,” Morrris seconded.

So besides the list drawn up at the beginning of this article—the developments that allow multi-slashies to exist today—an addition clearly has to be made. Massages are also important in empowering achievers to do their thing.



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