Encourage your companies to take action for biodiversity


Companies are now planning where to hold their summer vacations and outings. Instead of spending on extravagant getaways, why not bring the whole company to a worthwhile activity? This will compensate for its environmental impact (its carbon dioxide emissions, its site along a watercourse, etc), and even increase its commitment to biodiversity.

The company may finance conservation programs, set up a foundation dedicated to safe-guarding biodiversity, or involving employees, and sending them to field so they’ll experience, and be one with the environment.

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Save the earthworms
Earthworms are an indispensable link in the food chain. They ceaselessly recycle organic matter, such as dead leaves and other decomposing plants. By so doing, they collaborate in the production of good humus and maintain the fertility of the soil in which the fruit and vegetables that we eat are grown.

In addition, their tunnels loosen the soil, which makes it possible for roots to develop well and for water to infiltrate deeply and rapidly, down to where it can be absorbed by plants. This also limits run-off and erosion during periods of heavy rain.

Protect these invaluable partners by refusing to use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and by working the soil with a broad fork or grelinette.

SOURCE: 52 Actions for Biodiversity. The original version of this document was published in 2009 under the title “366 gestes pour la biodiversite” and “366 tips voor de biodiversiteit”. Copyright 2009 Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.


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