• End of the Communist rebellion…Not


    HIGHLY significant as the capture of the two topmost leaders of the Communist Party of the Philippines is, the fall of Benito and Wilma Tiamzon will not spell the end of the New People’s Army and the communist rebellion.

    One cannot even say that this development is the beginning of the end of the Communist movement much less of its armed struggle. Rather than weaken the Communist-led National Democratic Front, it will even most likely give its lately flagging spirit an injection of moral resolve­—and adrenalin—to wage the struggle more zealously.

    An immediate proof of this is the press statement Anakbayan released yesterday. Anakbayan is a member of the National Democratic Movement and celebrates the triumphs of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). Anakbayan is probably the most effective of the youth groups in the national democratic movement (which to many, not just those in the military and the police, but also objective observers, is a code for “the communist movement”).

    Titled “Aquino, AFP highlighting ignorance of peace process in gloating over NDFP consultants’ capture—Anakbayan,” the statement goes:

    “The arrest of NDFP consultants Benito and Wilma Tiamzon is nothing to be proud of. Instead, it exposes Aquino’s ignorance regarding the roots of the country’s armed rebellion and his lack of interest in pursuing just and lasting peace.

    “For one, they are covered by the Joint Agreement on Immunity and Safety Guarantees (JASIG). This is the latest in a long list of violations of the JASIG by the Aquino administration. It only highlights the insincerity of the Aquino regime when it comes to peace, as it willfully ignores these basic principles and agreements.

    “Aquino has shown that he is quite willing to violate agreements signed upon and honored by previous administrations, as well as file fabricated charges against people, just to be able to attack groups and movements critical of his anti-poor, anti-Filipino policies. He misguidedly believes that the arrest of the likes of the Tiamzons will bring down a movement which has outlasted Martial Law, four other administrations, a countless number of AFP chiefs of staff, and hundreds of billions of pesos in military funding.

    “We recommend that Aquino, during his ‘Noynoying’ time, watch, study some history and do some reality checks. Unless the root causes of armed revolution in the country are addressed, there will be more Benitos and Wilmas. Didn’t Marcos predict the fall of the CPP when Jose Ma. Sison was arrested back in 1977? It’s been more than 33 years, and that prediction has yet to come true.

    “What are the roots? To Noynoy and the AFP: look into the mirror.

    “While the Tiamzons, at great personal risk, went to Yolanda-affected communities to personally direct relief operations by the underground movement, Aquino was clueless as to what was happening in Samar and Leyte for days. The latter even hoarded relief goods until they became rotten.

    “As for the AFP, when will it arrest the real ‘big fish’: human rights violators like their very own Jovito Palparan, land grabbers like Aquino’s relatives in Hacienda Luisita, pork barrel officials, etc.? When will it apologize for being the institution which served as the Butcher of Martial Law, the institution responsible for the murder, abduction, and torture of hundreds of thousands?

    “We demand that the Aquino regime free all political prisoners and sincerely pursue a just and long-lasting peace.”

    PNoy also wants to go to the roots, but. . .
    In fairness to the government military and police, no one in the AFP and PNP high command has gloated about the Tiamzons’ capture. In fact, the news reports said the arresting team in Cebu admitted that luck played a big part in the arrest.

    And, speaking to Malacañang reporters, President Aquino—uncharacteristically—spoke wisely, saying: “I believe it does deliver a serious blow and it shows you also the competency of our security forces.” But he hastened to say that to end insurgencies, the government must address “the root causes of the problem.”

    “That’s why we are focused on empowering our people especially in trying to move them out of poverty in the various interventions that we have been doing from education, to health, to livelihood, to housing, to disaster preparedness and so on and so forth,” he said.

    Yet, in his words, one can see why his administration is far from beating the communist rebellion.

    Injustice, humiliation and the oppression of the poor, the landless, the peasants, the ignorant and inadequately schooled, the unemployed, the falsely accused, etcetera are realities of our society that do not loom large in the President’s and his Cabinet members’ minds and consciences. They have these hurts in the “so on and so forth.”

    These are, however, the notions that drive desperately suffering and morally maltreated people to join the NPA. And bright children in high school and colleges to feel that ours is a nation led by unjust, cruel and Godless people who must be punished.


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    1. warm greetings from Migrante Taiwan!

      we would like to clarify and correct the wrong statement and perception…on this column.

      ANAKBAYAN is a ligal organization of comprehensive youth organization and not affiliated and not a member of National Democratic Front sa stated above….

      Kabataang Makabayan or known as KM is the one affiliated and member of NDF…

      hope your can publish a corrected column tomorrow…

      thanks you very much!

      we are hoping for your immediate response..

      longlive the peoples struggle for a just and lasting peace!

      for the migrants and their families,

      Dave Chang – chairman
      Migrante Taiwan 0955-639154

    2. It is not exactly right to say that the national democratic movement is a code word for the communist movement. National Democracy and Communism are two different things. Any group or person who are not communists can wage a national democratic struggle for the country against imperialism and colonialism. According to the Program of Action of the CPP-NPA-NDF the revolution they are waging is a two-stage revolution, the first phase is the national democratic struggle and the second phase is the socialist construction and then eventually communism (if that is at all possible !!!). That is what I conclude from the above mentioned document which I read a long time ago. The national democratic struggle (which is currently on-going) aims to rid the Philippines of US imperialism and colonialism. According to them the Philippines was given a fake independence in July 1946 and replaced American officials in the country with their pampered Filipino puppets (which is currently the ruling elite). The economic, political and legal policies and laws of all past Philippine governments and presidents (except probably for Garcia) has been to serve the interest of US imperialism at the expense of the Filipino masses. That is why there is so much joblessness and poverty in the Philippines today. To rid the country of US imperialism and their local ruling cohorts of elitists is the aim of the first phase of the revolution. The aim of the second phase is socialist construction. This is important because they do not want the Philippines to become a capitalist state. The problem with a capitalist state is, if successful, will eventually become an imperialist state (like what happened to the United States). The reason behind this is that capitalism is based on the profit motive (no matter what !!!) and history has shown this clearly. Capitalism breeds wars and rebellions because of its inherent inequality and defects. The collapse of the USSR was not because socialism was a failure but because the USSR was a revisionist state (meaning it deviated from the basic principles of Marx and Lenin). The USSR was also an imperialist state (but not a greedy and as exploitative as the USA and other G7 countries). The failure of the Soviet experiment with socialism was not a failure of the socialist idea. Socialism is the anti-dote and cure for capitalism. If the the medicine fails it doesn’t mean that the disease is good. You just need to improve the medicine.

    3. The CPP Vs. The RP Gov’t. when will it end..as long as there is that advocacy of “EQUALITY”. This advocacy is inert to everyone..anyone can freely advocate it in any way or form he wanted to. The most accepted form in this modern civilization is by “ELECTION”.

      CPP should advocate equality through participation in election..and GOV’T must recognize CPP as a legal political party that can field its own candidates in all form of elections ( e.g. INDIA )…then let us all Filipinos exercise our freedom of suffrage…

      Armed struggle is a thing of the past…unless you cannot part with the gains from it (revolutionary taxes they call it)

    4. The capture of Benito and Wilma Tiamzon (are they the big fish BS Aquino was bragging about?) will not end the communist rebellion in our country. There are dozens more revolutionaries willing to fill up the vacancies left by the Tiamzons.

      For as long as we have what Senator Santiago calls idiots and thieves running our government, rebellion and lack of peace will always be with us.