• Enemies of the republic



    AFTER the Senate went into an executive session to hear a confidential briefing on Proclamation 216 declaring martial law in Mindanao, the opposition senators, led by Senator Antonio Trillanes, broke protocol, and committed a major breach of confidentiality, by disclosing to the public the admission by Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana that martial law was not needed to address the problem in Marawi.

    However, the opposition senators disclosed only that part of Lorenzana’s testimony that would be beneficial to their agenda, but did not disclose the part where the defense secretary affirmed the need for martial law to solve the problem of the entire island of Mindanao. Considering that martial law was declared for all of Mindanao, and not only for Marawi, the selective and highly unethical disclosure by the opposition senators reeked of malice and was deliberately misleading.

    These senators questioned the factual basis of Proclamation 216, and raised the specter of a Marcosian type of martial law. They painted the President as trying to solve a minor political problem with a draconian sledgehammer.

    As it turned out, the revelation made by the Associated Press, showing a video of terrorist leader Isnilon Hapilon, together with the Maute brothers, plotting to seize Marawi City, occupy major highways, bomb strategic areas, and attack schools and hold students hostage, was in fact shown to the Senate during the executive session. Senator Panfilo Lacson revealed this, and admitted that it was this video that convinced him to support the martial law proclamation.

    The video is damning evidence of a rebellion. After all, the intent of the terrorists was to occupy a territory of the republic and remove it from the control of the government. With well-documented intelligence reports confirming that Isnilon Hapilon was the anointed emir tasked to turn Lanao into a wilayat, or a province of the Daesh or the Islamic State, what was also established was the onset of an invasion by a foreign terrorist force implanting itself in our territory.

    The conditions to declare martial law were therefore all there.

    And yet Senators Trillanes, Hontiveros, Aquino, Drilon and Pangilinan who attended the briefing chose to selectively highlight the admission of Secretary Lorenzana, and made it the cornerstone of their public disclosures. Instead of focusing on the danger that lurked in Marawi, the opposition senators chose partisan politics.

    Senator Hontiveros, using a ridiculous definition, even insisted that what was happening in Marawi was not a rebellion.

    Their allies in the House of Representatives echoed this line of argument, when seven of them filed a case at the Supreme Court challenging the sufficiency of the factual basis for the martial law proclamation.

    They argued that only the threat of and not an actual rebellion was present, and hence declaring martial law was overkill.

    What is enraging in the petition filed by Representatives Lagman, Baguilat, Erice, Alejano, Daza, Billones and Villarin is their audacity in claiming that the carnage in Marawi was more of a defensive move by the Maute terrorists triggered by the attempt to arrest Hapilon, thereby making it sound as if it was even the fault of the state.

    Anent to this is the argument that the flying of the flags of the Daesh by the Maute terrorists should not be seen as invasion, but as simply a symbolism associated with propaganda.

    One has to wonder where the loyalty of the political opposition is.

    Confronted with evidence of a plan to seize Marawi and turn it into an extension of the Daesh, the political opposition chose to misrepresent Secretary Lorenzana.

    Informed of the seriousness of the threat, Hontiveros opted to mangle the definition of rebellion.

    Faced with the horrors of terrorism in the present, the political opposition chose to privilege the specters of resurrected and imagined horrors of a martial law from the past.

    Instead of expressing support for our troops battling the terrorist forces, they even blame them for creating the condition for the carnage.

    Instead of looking at the flag of the IS as a horrifying specter that represents beheadings, they saw it simply as a propaganda symbol, even as they continue to wallow in the symbolisms of the Marcosian martial law.

    While fighting is ongoing in Marawi, Senators Trillanes and Representative Alejano travelled to The Hague in the Netherlands to file a supplementary manifestation in pursuit of their case against the President at the International Criminal Court. They added as a key argument against the President his proclamation of martial law in response to the Marawi attacks.

    Unaware of the inconsistency, cheering them is the same crowd who went into a frenzy of hashtag activism to express sympathy with France which declared a state of emergency, its own version of martial law, in 2015 in response to the Paris attacks.

    Meanwhile, 300 lawyers are forcing the Supreme Court to collide with Congress in a petition asking the former to order the latter to perform an act which is not required both in the plain text of the Constitution as well as in the intention of its framers.

    Members of the political opposition hate this President so much that they unwittingly end up serving the interests of terror.

    One has to ask who the real enemies of the republic are.


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    1. Bernie Reyes on

      Government should seriously look into the intent of these politicians snd validate if they are committing serious crimes against the state and should file charges at the earliest.

    2. They are the traitors in our government. I don’t understand why they keep on making noises regarding the Martial Law. It’s sad to know that they are not helping to solve the damn crisis here and they even make things worst. They are stupid and dumbasses people. They are very selfish. It’s pretty obvious that they want to oust Duterte and they want to rule the Philippines.
      People from Luzon kept on complaining about this Martial Law thing, yet they are not living here in Mindanao. We the people here in Iligan(45 mins away from Marawi), didn’t even complain even a single word because we feel SAFER since Martial Law was implemented. The Martial Law in Mindanao is not the same like the old times. In my own point of view, Martial Law now is a lot better and we even want to extend it if the conflict is not yet resolved in Marawi..Because of this Martial Law, it’s so easy to identify and arrest these terrorist.

    3. Evidences acceptable to court. Give us evidences of any claim. Not opinions please.

    4. Enemies of the state should be charged with Treason! This political opposition’s motive (LP, trillanes, hontive, etc) is not just political. It’s their way of revenge to the masses for the loss of their candidate and for electing a popular president. They really want all the people get punished from within and without until they climb back to power again.

    5. The biggest supporter and financier of the Maute rebels is no less than ex-President Benigno C. Aquino III.All; those protesting martial law is just his pawns. It was Aquino III and his mother who financed the mayhem of the Maute group when the administration of Arroyo managed to ink a peace deal with the MILF. To stop the peace process. Aquino III and his mother used the billions that they stole from the people to finance the trouble of the Maute group. The Maute group received a vast sum of money from Aquino III and his mother to abort the peace process. Thus President Arroyo was forced to cancel the peace deal with the MILF.

    6. I have always liked trilanes but he is wrong here in selecting a part of evidence ( or whatever you want to call it ) that will make people see something different to what is really there. I usualy call this using smoke & mirrors. Its wrong with whoever uses it. Be careful antonio as people will turn against you if you are not honest & that also includes using smoke & mirrors.

    7. Is it possible to arrest all of them and line them up against the wall?
      We have a civil war going on for crying out loud!
      And these people are out to topple a duly elected govt. and encourage rebellion.
      In my book, that’s TREASON!

    8. Sadly, the opposition party and its supporters are still dreaming that they can take or grab power from the duly and popularly elected President of the country. God sees everything, their heart, their intentions and even their secret maneuvering. Everything will come to light at the proper time. To these people, we say DO YOUR JOB WITH INTEGRITY AND RESPECT THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, THE VOICE OF GOD!

      • I wish you people would stop foolishly using god. Tell me is it the catholic god, the christian god, the islam god or any other god. Goog god man how many gods are there in this world. If god was there we wouldnt be having these problems throughout the world. Look at all who say they believe in god like senators who steal money from the poor to fill their bank accounts. They will say god blessed them with a good life. When the west fought in the middle east in recent years the west said god was on their side, the muslims said allah ( god also ) was on their side. When suicide bombers act they believe god is with them, yet still you all foolishly keep saying god is on your side.

      • Marilu RodriguezScheich on

        it is normally not my style to write people who badmouth and yet are not courageous enough to show their identity..I am a Filipino and i shall always protect my country and its people for if i have no sentimentality and loyalty for my country and people than i am not human but someone that generalizes a nation and its people is worst than an arrogant animal.The Philippines is a beautiful country, not rotten at all,its people are warm and giving and they are positively energized..they are not bad people. In any young country, we still have spills of westerrn democracy,with a ixture of spanish aond chinese ,we have habits that may allow corruption and therefore dirty politicians but we are now facing another phase of history..Sad, when people like you are not well versed on its geography, culture and therefore being unable to relate to compassionate and Humane understanding.Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

    9. I don’t care if this administration declare Martial Law in the entire island, or at least a revolutionary government and effect censure of bias media, some political figures, voices of dissent who won’t tow the line for the majorities welfare, but for few personal motives. Back to the basic…of getting back to basics of respect rule of law to curb out lawlessness and inordinately place criticism (negative) in guise of upholding the Constitution which only shows blind loyalty to a few personalities, personal gain/preservation to power and money subverting the real essence of Democracy, good order and discipline. Those scholarly argument (if they could be considered as such) of some should be left in the 4 corners of air-conditioned rooms, boardroom and not on the field, on the ground where the real battles for “survival” (from crimes, drugs, poverty, and other social injustices) are fought. Simply I don’t see the wisdom of these some personalities, even asking myself to whom, what they pledge their allegiance!

    10. Well, for all their noises, they are showing themselves for what they are, thinning their rank of supporters more and more.

    11. The fact that those opposed to martial law in Mindanao are former traitors and activists who colluded with the communists even before the Marcos martial law speaks volumes on their motives. Do they want peace in the country or do they just want to be in power again even if the majority of the population despise them?

    12. Agree with the writer. How can Pilipino who loves his country get mad at these traitors?

    13. Pray that the oppositions don’t make a stupid move to call it treason against the state. I will be one of the happiest beings alive.

    14. I think it’s crystal clear to most Filipinos who the real enemies of the Philippine Republic are. There’s nothing wrong with expressing an opposing opinion – that’s what democracy is all about. But when common sense and genuine concern for the citizens of your country are sacrificed for political ideology, isn’t it any wonder why most people are appalled, revolted and suspicious of every move by the Liberal Party. Our soldiers in Mindanao are fighting a very dangerous battle against any country’s worst nightmare, the IS and radical terror groups, and here is the Liberal Party throwing ever road block they can muster to block the government. Seriously! Like what the car navigation system says when you are lost – “recalculating”. I think that’s what the Liberal Party should do – recalculate. For once put the welfare of your country first.

    15. Lea Hetherington on

      My hope is that all these unpatriotic senators will be stymied before they will do more damage to the country. Risa Hontiveros is selling her book “Batas Militar” so she is only interested in brainwashing people’s mind about the Martial Law. It is so sad that there are some people like them who are so selfish and cold, cold heart.