The enemies of President Duterte’s enemies are themselves



THEY could not simply wait for 2022.

In fact, they have a blueprint on how to grab power and install Leni Robredo.

Former US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg has already drafted a masterplan.

Unfortunately for Goldberg, and the political opposition, the plan was outed by no less than Dante Ang of this newspaper.

The plan was so typical of US interventionism, a remnant of the imperialist heyday when the whole world was just like a game board for the Americans to mess and rearrange according to their interests, except that they forgot that things have changed. Goldberg should have read the writing on the wall when he was kicked out of Bolivia for trying the same trick of plotting a regime change there.

The man just simply doesn’t learn.

This time, he planned to even use our Southeast Asian neighbors such as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and even Japan, against us, where he urged the US to isolate us politically and economically by undermining our image and relationships with these countries. This is to punish Duterte for disturbing the balance of power in the region, by showing more openness to China, and even Russia.

Goldberg forgot to brush up on his realist international politics. Had he done so, he would have realized that such pivot is the one that could just insulate the Philippines from US machinations. China is now an option for us, an alternative, whereas in the past it was a constraint, or an adversary. The bold positioning of the President vis-à-vis China has also impressed upon neighboring countries that it is foolish to be held hostage by US interests, and one can only but surmise that no sovereign country would allow itself to be used as a pawn by a distant bully to simply punish a neighbor who is now a close friend of the neighborhood bully. Laos and Vietnam share borders with China, while Cambodia has always been China’s ally.

Goldberg was counting on Filipino expats in the US, people like Loida Nicolas-Lewis, to provide the moolah to finance destabilization, through a massive PR campaign. Evidence suggests that such is in fact already in motion, with the incessant negative publicity being done on the President in both local and international media. This, even as political opposition figures such as Leila de Lima and Leni Robredo, and even Edgar Matobato, are getting extraordinarily unusual positive coverage.

Goldberg and Lewis may have overplayed their hand too soon. Goldberg was outed by this newspaper, even as Loida outed herself when she called on the President to resign. And both did not anticipate the election of Donald Trump, which has thrown a monkey wrench on their plans. Obviously, luck was on the side of President Duterte, and it did not harm him that he was more politically astute than the regime-change peddler Goldberg, and financier Loida, who is so used to funding winners that she is at a loss on how it feels funding losers, not only once with Mar Roxas, but twice with Hillary Clinton.

Goldberg would like to put his hopes on the political opposition, or whatever is left of it. He is hoping that they could, in his words, “change the political landscape by dividing the core leadership of Duterte” by “sowing discontent among (his) partymates.” He forgot that there is no such thing as party politics in the country.

What prevails in the country is a political landscape in which Duterte thrives.

It is not just the President’s authenticity and disarming familiarity with the people that are Goldberg’s problems.

The political opposition is a motley group of detached elitists, unable to relate to the people who trusted them in 1986, but whom they betrayed. People are not willing to risk their hopes for change even if it means placing such in the shoulders of a cursing, undiplomatic President, just to go back to the 30 years they have just escaped from.

The tragedy of Goldberg’s plan is that it places a lot of hope not only on spent, detached political forces, but also on political personalities that are so diminished by their own flaws.

Leila de Lima is practically reduced to a political joke, and is now just a firecracker one should say goodbye to.

And what Goldberg offers to the Philippines is Leni Robredo, one who has very little record to show and whose greatest presence in the political landscape is her absence at a time her people needed her most. Typhoon Nina did not just wreak havoc in Bicol. It may have also practically blown to smithereens Leni Robredo’s political future.

The greatest enemy of Goldberg is not President Duterte, but the people whom he trusts to be implementing or benefiting from his planned regime change.

Goldberg, Loida, Leila and Leni should all realize that it is because of them, and what they represent, that the people are willing to die for this President.


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  1. pinoy socrates on

    Leni should change her name to Marion . . . as in Marionette. Loida’s marionette. Hand puppet would be more picturesque, but “Marionette” sounds better.

  2. Still, we have to be vigilant. Foreign meddlers are very patient. They weaken their prey by barrages of hostile media coverages until everybody believes in with their half truth stories or total lies. Then they strike. They strike because they like controlling the natural resources underneath the sea and the water passage ways.

    If they succeed, chaos will come. We will be like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan; more deaths and more miseries.

    Our neighboring countries should be concern too because if they let themselves to be used by the “external forces”, our woes will spill on them just like in the Middle East.

    Could this happen? It takes only imagination, reading past and present events, analysis, and predicting the future. It did happened in the Middle East by the way.

    Nobody believed to the warnings because they were muffled by the big powerful players? Did the Commission of Human Rights saw who started it all?

    Our yellow hypocrites should realize this might be scenario before they dwell to their righteousness. Will they?

  3. The only one to be installed at this point is BBM, since that may be the best way to take advantage of his ‘utang na loob’ to the Marcoses so when he passes into where people his age proceed to then the one to take over will be a Marcos … his debt will then be repaid … politics at its’ Filipino best and then ‘they’ will be able to collect all the kakulangan ng mga Pilipino sa pamilya nila starting w/ “Tabako” kaya nga si Ponce E. nagmamalapit na uli sa kanila as he has to make sure his progeny isn’t targetted … think about it will you people, okay ?!?

  4. Goldberg’s ego was trampled upon when Duterte snubbed his request for a tête-à-tête in the early days of Duterte’s election triumph. This is his way of avenging his hurt feelings. What a cry baby.

  5. Greetings Contreras readers,

    Thanks for your comments, here are my replies…

    To Gus, great to dream partner; it’s too bad if you can’t — just have a question, who is oil and who is water? I know my choice.

    To Kelly, am glad like most analysts, your words don’t mean much in the final analysis — and certainly you can be wrong.

    To Irene, re: your comment that she’s more concerned with publicity (my reply: to some extent she has no control over this, ask media) — and that she’s under the puppet of those who financed her (my reply: didn’t she say she would support initiatives of Pdu30 that benefit the nation?)

    To Cris: on stabbing the back of her team mate (she was the one stabbed in the back by the “coaching staff” unceremoniously & the team is 6 months old and it’s the “coach” responsibility that teamwork is present)

    Happy New Year!

  6. Bull’s eye, Mr. Contreras. You made the great article. Go on seek for the truth and balanced criticism against those Zionist-Imperalists-Selfish political system to overthrow our Democracy and Patriotism.

  7. Liberals should reflect on this article for their survival. Otherwise, the people who are already filled to the brim with LP’s ouster plans A to X, will have an excuse to lynch them all, starting from Noynoy, Robredo, De Lima, etc. down to oligarch who supported them.

    • Do you really think the LP and USA are such goody-two-shoes that are competent? Repeated incidents, down to Goldberg’s eviction from Bolivia shows he can do what he’s done before.

      I don’t need to explain Leni’s competence. It’s everywhere in the wall, and it’s not pretty.

      There’s this thing called espionage and spying which seems to be an alien concept to you.

    • Once kicked out in Bolivia if that is not so-so. Dear, a journalist will never put in public a document that was entrusted because that is in violation of journalistic ethics. Think before you click!

    • Whether or not Goldberg hatched this masterplan, it isn’t anymore much of a big deal: many of it has already taken place.

    • nasaan ka leni on

      and how stupid are you to believe that it is a hoax? he already did that in Bolivia fyi.

    • jaime dela Cruz on

      To answer your question, YES. He got ousted from Bolivia, remember? If a banana republic can oust him, what does that say about his smarts?

    • Yes. He was proven to be stupid. Thats why he was kicked out from a latin american country that he was trying to sow chaos.

  8. Ha ha ha ha! I love this, Sir Antonio! “Leila de Lima is practically reduced to a political joke, and is now just a firecracker one should say goodbye to.” My husband has just blown one!

  9. “I wish to cite parts of the official reply of VP Leni Robredo. The VP is crystal clear, she did not join any rally that called for the Presidents ouster. It is not in her nature to do so. She took a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.”

    She was there. It was one of the Marcos rallies about LNMB that eventually became oust Duterte rally.

    “VP Leni on the other hand through her pro-poor, good governance advocacies will empower the governed by giving them greater access to services they have been deprived of for so long and harness other means they need to move up the next socio-economic level.”

    BS! Please stop this nonsense. She can’t even fix the housing problem in Tacloban or even say a few words after the Typhoon in her laylayan home. She is very, very incompetent.

    • Gabby Moraleda on

      You are confused on which rally the VP attended.She went to the gathering at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani not the Edsa rally. I suspect you’re simply guessing your facts and unsure of them.

      On incompetence, if I recall someone distinctly promised he will solve the drug problem in 6 months. Didn’t I hear him say he seriously mis-calculated the problem. Factor in the unsolved traffic and mass transit problem, Endo no end in sight yet — you define this competence? Please….

      Yolanda is the first of its kind damaging several thousand homes. Implementation was too bureaucratic and the VP was addressing these red tape issues to exponentially speed up delivery of houses when she stepped down.

      Nagiisip hindi bara bara kagaya ng iba.

    • jaime dela Cruz on

      I believe “very very incompetent” is not the adjective you were looking for. Hypocrite is more like it.

    • Agree. Leni is seriously incompetent and lazy. She rather go for pictorials and photoshoots. She has zero achievement to show.

  10. You took the words right out of my mouth,sir. Kudos to you,more power and kick some more Yellow butts!!?

  11. I pray and hope that journalists really go after the truth and continue to print stories such as this. The common pinoy doesn’t know the machinations of our elite and I hope you continue to expose what they do in the present and future!

  12. the noisy few losers should first accept the fact and face the certainty of dying if they have to hatch the ouster plot. if they are not ready to die, they better not start another EDSA. a really good revolution has to be bloody, and it will be a good one more so if it is the yellow losers’ blood to stain that favorite highway of their masters. they put a million yellow people there we will match it with a million from our ranks. and we will start a bloody revolution. or maybe just the thought of dying on EDSA people like drilon, mar, bam, kiko, leni, etc will have second thoughts leading it. best is for them to field a strong candidate in 2022, if their party is still around by then. they should learn from mar’s two in a row losses. i thought they have the numbers in the lower house, how come they dont control it? maybe they should field the fat ilongo drilon in 2022, he is a seasoned politician, will make a good lechon.

    • An EDSA mob this time will not result in a regime change but a Civil War that will end with a massacre of the Liberal Loyalists ,oligarchs and their henchmen,the Bishops with their constantly interfering “militant” religious. The end will be the ceremonial dynamiting of the EDSA Shrine the rubble of which will be powdered to dust and forced by spoonfuls into the mouths of the surviving Liberals every EDSA anniversary in lieu of a communion.

  13. Greeting, once again, Mr. Contreras,

    I trust you had a wonderful and meaningful New Years Eve celebration with family. My well wishes.

    I just read the response of your chairman Dr. Dante Ang entitled “The US Journalist, the Goldberg “blueprint” and the Manila Times” and I must say I was inspired by the article.
    Dr. Ang clearly articulated his point against a certain American journalist (with unsavory journalistic practices) to quote him “It would seem he had already made up his mind as to the identity of my source even before he could talk to or hear from me.” – or in my book “bias” (or prejudice,partiality and favoritism).

    It is in this context I write this reply.

    I wish to cite parts of the official reply of VP Leni Robredo. The VP is crystal clear, she did not join any rally that called for the Presidents ouster. It is not in her nature to do so. She took a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.

    Any such thoughts are innuendos from those who have evil motives promoting self interest (and not the nation) or whose “existence” (economic or otherwise) are threatened by a strong non-partisan teamwork between the President and Vice President – and I would not be surprised these unscrupulous persons sowing confusion are “found” on both ends of the aisle.

    Pdu30 and VP Leni will pursue with passion, in different form and fronts but a shared dream – a safe, strong republic.

    President Duterte is set on his priorities — to fight the drug problem, corruption and criminality – serious ills that has put a stranglehold on the entire country and threatens the internal security of our people. They have compounded over time. His tough fighting stance and methods, which will raise eyebrows, is understandable and really meant to empower the state and impose order.

    VP Leni on the other hand through her pro-poor, good governance advocacies will empower the governed by giving them greater access to services they have been deprived of for so long and harness other means they need to move up the next socio-economic level.

    He will empower and equip, she will engage. He will govern, she will inspire.

    It is unfortunate that the President (or those close to him) have misinterpreted or misread her pronouncements. By their action, they allowed partisan (dirty) politics to get in the way of good governance. Their actions (including provocative articles) simply heighten the ongoing divisiveness–something we do not need right now.

    He (or they) over reacted thereby missing an opportunity for (creative) dissent – the foundation of a civilized, free and democratic society (or progressive corporations) – be a part of the normal process of conducting business.

    The test of the President’s adaptability is on the line. Teamwork is what is needed now – all inclusive — even from those with divergent (or opposing) views.Let us discuss and debate issues not personalities. When we do so it no longer becomes objective — but partisan in nature. In the end the nation loses.

    It is still early in the game and for the sake of the nation, I wonder if both leaders will consider hitting the “Reset” button and pick up the phone to talk or have afternoon coffee? You’ll be amazed — a lot of major things can be accomplished by these simple acts.


    • Wishful thinking, this guy! You can not mix oil and water! Robredo is a mouthpiece, a pawn of the Yellows! The elitist Yellows have only themselves in their mind, not the masses. Duterte is for the majority of the Filipinos. Dream again Mr. Gabby. It is start of the year anyway!

    • A long reply but for me, you just puff a not so lovely perfume on fake VP Leni. She’s never a help, mark my words.

    • I am always amazed at how Mr. Contreras present his topic with such balance opinion.Your idea that the two leaders should sit down and talk is a good one. However i dont think the VP is equipped with a strong desire to serve the Filipino people.She seem to be more concerned with publicity and under the puppet of those who financed her candidacy.

    • Your ideas is simply…ideal. That’s the direction but we’re very far from it yet, maybe 2 or 3 generations more. That’s not the best approach now, people are not yet ready for that.
      Thank you.

    • Really, she will inspire and govern! kidding me while Naga city was hammered she is in New York.

      Ah!Snow must be nice to watch and fell, and the New year celebration in Times square wow the holly wood stars and the boxing week sale in Macy`s branded bags like couch, Michael kors, Daniel leather half price…life is g right Leni real good.

    • She has been given a chance to prove herself to be an advocate of change, as a Part of Duterte’s cabinet who works for the people, but she failed to do that.. at first it was only the President and his supporters who were disappointed, but after NINA, now even those who voted for her and those who fought for her feel that they were forsaken and left on their own during the time they needed her most.. and so again disappointed by her.. so this ‘Reset’ button you are talking about just wont work, coz how can you reset the whole country full of disappointed people?

    • Ma’am Leni , during her brief stint in the cabinet , played very much like the evil devil.
      It is a fact well known to everybody that the Devil is a creature of good and evil. And he play the game of hide and seek in the tree of knowledge of good and evil so as not to be found. But that was her own undoing because living like a serpent or the devil is an abomination to Christ. Christ curses those who live like vipers—you brood of vipers , how can you speak good when you are evil!
      So that is Leni Robredo.

    • jaime dela Cruz on

      I like your optimism. I, however, doubt that you figured Robredo correctly. I suggest that if you look into who paid her tickets in her recent trip to the Japan and US, you’ll change your belief about her. I suspect that those trips are not exactly vacations or social trips.

    • Leni has done nothing from day one except trying to be cute and trying to portray herself as doing some real work but the reality is she has nothing worthy to show. She even had the audacity to say that the relief goods for Bicol were coursed through her office but DSWD already said not true. Why should she be paid any salary at all if she is not doing anything except go for photoshoots? I applaud DU30 for firing her. And even that she tried to change it appeared that she was not fired.