• Energy cost savings drives management decisions in PH


    In a survey conducted during the Schneider Electric Xperience Efficiency event last September of 2013 in Manila, it showed that companies operating in the Philippines are becoming more mindful of the implications and importance of energy management to the success of their business; with 73% percent of respondents saying that cost savings is the biggest driver that impacts energy management decisions.

    The survey includes 400 representatives from facilities management, engineering and finance department of various industry players in the country. It was done to gather information on current and future plans for energy management as well as the challenges being faced by the different organizations.

    “Intelligent energy management has a significant contribution to economic growth,” said Philippe Reveilhac, Country President for Schneider Electric Philippines. “It doesn’t only lead agencies to environmental stewardship, but it also helps them lower energy costs and also increase profit,” he added.

    The recent findings also show that funding is the largest barrier to meeting energy efficiency goals in organizations; answered by 39% of those surveyed. Return on Investment came in second with 32%. Companies usually perceive longer waiting period before return on investment because of the significant amount of investment that they have to provide for energy efficiency upgrades. This causes some of the companies to push investment to energy management aside in favor of other investments with quicker returns such as increasing market share or expanding production.

    ‘Companies that do not prioritize investment on energy management for the reason that it involves a substantial amount of capital are missing out on the higher long-term earnings potential for their businesses,” said Reveilhac

    Although some of the companies are hesitant to invest in energy management, the increase in amount of data being produced and used by the companies as well as the intention of reducing costs are just some of the compelling reasons why many choose to continue to invest in energy management. 35% of the respondents reported that they will increase investment on energy management for 2014; a mere 11% said that their investment will be the same as 2013, and 9% reported that it will be less than their current year’s investment.

    “The decision of several organizations to invest more on energy management opens up a lot of opportunities,” said Reveilhac. “Schneider Electric aims to explore these opportunities to further improve the energy solutions we provide and to help companies meet their energy efficiency and cost savings goal.”

    With the increase in data volume and the evolving process management, the innovation of different infrastructures, and other trends that come with constant changes and expansion in technology, the respondents were asked to share their forecasts on what energy management approaches would gain the most traction in the next 5 years. The majority 25% surveyed answered building automation followed by 14% efficient lighting and 12% data center efficiency.


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